A live reading of a speculative film script Scott produced during her re sidency. The text was produced in response to the unique architecture of Sw iss Cottage Library and is choreographed especially for the split-level mai n gallery at Zabludowicz Collection. \;The event will be followed by a screening of Ken Russell&rsquo\;s film\, \;The Devils \;(1 971).  \;

DTEND:200000 DTSTAMP:20140802T065209 DTSTART:190000 GEO:51.5457751;-0.1544284 LOCATION:Zabludowicz Collection\,176 Prince of Wales Road \nLondon \, NW5 3 PT SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:'Another Way of Reading' Live Event\, Frances Scott UID:348905 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DESCRIPTION:

Between 31 March &ndash\; 11 M ay 2014\, Frances Scott was artist-in-residence at Zabludowicz Collection a nd Swiss Cottage Library. During the residency she worked with the art coll ections\, archives and physical spaces of each organisation to produce Anot her way of reading\, an evolving research project made public through a ser ies of events\, screenings and exhibitions at both sites.


At the beginning of her residency Scott selected a sin gle work from both the Zabludowicz Collection and Camden Art Collection for display together. The two works provided an initial context for her resear ch\, and were first installed in the Swiss Cottage Library Gallery. They ar e now presented in the library at Zabludowicz Collection.


For the exhibition Scott has juxtaposed Derek Jarman's  \;Plague Street(1972)\, from the Camden Art Collection with A llora &\; Calzadilla's \;How to Appear Invisible \;(200 9)\, from the Zabludowicz Collection\, a single channel video projection. B oth artworks explore perceptions of place\, time and memory\; with a focus on the built environment\, and the cyclical nature of its construction and de-construction.


Another way of r eading \;borrows its title from a collaborative photo-essay book b y John Berger and Jean Mohr\, \;Another way of telling \;( 1982)\, which considers the fluid relationship between text and image\, whe re one might become the other. During the residency Scott produced a specul ative film script for Swiss Cottage Library and spaces beyond\, that drew o n this interplay between written and visual languages\, and combined archiv al documents with new material created during her research. Presented as bl ack and white prints\, the script was first exhibited in the Swiss Cottage Library atrium\, alongside a selection of archival material from the specia l collections.  \;This work will be restaged at Zabludowicz Collection to coincide with a \;live reading \;of the text in August.


Frances Scott&rsquo\;s res idency is a partnership between Zabludowicz Collection and the London Borou gh of Camden. The collaboration between the two organisations builds on the previous exhibition at Zabludowicz Collection\,Infinite City  \;(27 February &ndash\; 11 May 2014)\, which was developed in collaboration with the Kadist Art Foundation\, San Francisco\, and examined the city as material\, site\, and situation for the contemporary lived experience. The residency also coincides with the 50th anniversary of Swiss Cottage Library \, a Grade II listed building of architectural significance\, designed by S ir Basil Spence and opened in 1964.


< br />Biography: \;
Frances Scott&rsquo\;s work of ten takes form through moving image\, stills and texts\, presented as event s\, performances and installations. Her approach to making often binds rese arch and production together into one encounter. Recent work has explored t he trance state as a site of production\, drawing on the register of the pr e-emptive voice and the role of the script. Her recent projects include&nbs p\;NOCTURNES\, a two-month research residency working with night s hift workers in Finsbury Park\, commissioned by AIR Central Saint Martins a nd Islington Council. In 2012 she presentedTHE MIRACLE METHODS SERIES: Distance Readers\, film episodes transmitted on local council and BBC information screens for b-side festival\, Weymouth and which toured to cine mas and galleries including Nottingham Contemporary\, FACT Liverpool\, CCA Glasgow\, and the Whitechapel\, London\, and more recently cinemas in the U SA\, as part ofSelected III\, curated by FLAMIN and Jarman Award n ominees.

DTEND:20140810 DTSTAMP:20140802T065209 DTSTART:20140731 GEO:51.5457751;-0.1544284 LOCATION:Zabludowicz Collection\,176 Prince of Wales Road \nLondon \, NW5 3 PT SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:Another Way of Reading Exhibition\, Frances Scott UID:348904 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DESCRIPTION: DTEND:200000 DTSTAMP:20140802T065209 DTSTART:180000 GEO:51.5167654;-0.1378973 LOCATION:Art First Contemporary Art\,21 Eastcastle Street \nLondon\, W1 8DD SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:Natural History Africa - Finissage UID:348901 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DESCRIPTION:

Andrew Mummery is pleased to a nnounce Jyll Bradley&rsquo\;s first solo exhibition in London. \;


Bradley will present light-box works and d rawings which focus upon different concepts of friendship.

A key work in the exhibition is \;Naming Spaces \;(1989)\, desc ribed by Bradley as a &lsquo\;personal prototype&rsquo\;. Incorporating bac k-lit images of her friends with text by Proust and white sculptural panels \, it establishes Bradley&rsquo\;s engagement with light as both protagonis t and metaphor\, as well as a dialogue with aspects of minimalism. Its incl usion in this exhibition allows for a consideration of friendship between a rt works over time. \;

In the years since \;Naming S paces\, \;Bradley expanded her practice into text\, radio\, and la rge scale public art works. She recently returned to the studio: developmen ts in LED technology have enabled her to explore the formal qualities of th e light-box. White panels once placed alongside are now folded round the im age\, creating a world for it. \;

In 2013 Bradley&rsquo\;s s olo show \;City of Trees \;at The National Library in Canb erra formed part of the celebrations of the centenary of Australia&rsquo\;s capital. Her major installationGreen/Light \;will be part of the Folkestone Triennial from 30 August 2014. In November Le Jardin Hospita lier &ndash\; a 100m long immersive back-lit installation - will be inaugur ated at Lille University Hospital\, France.

The friend I hav e/is a passionate friend \;will be accompanied by a reflective tex t by Liam Gillick\, a fellow student at Goldsmith&rsquo\;s College and the first person to write about Bradley&rsquo\;s work. A second text will be a conversation about the exhibition between Bradley and the show&rsquo\;s cur ator Gill Hedley. Both texts will be available from the gallery and on line .Jyll Bradley was born in Folkestone\, United Kingdom in 1966. She lives an d works in London. \;

Solo exhibitions include \;C ity of Trees\, The National Library of Australia\, Canberra\, Australi a\, 2013\; \;Lovers\, neighbours\, friends\, artconnexion\, Li lle\, France\, 2012\; \;Airports for the Lights\, Shadows and Parti cles\, the Bluecoat\, Liverpool\, 2011\; \;The Botanic Garden< /em>\, the Walker Art Gallery\, Liverpool\, UK\, 2008. \;

Gr oup exhibitions include \;Lookout\, The Folkestone Triennial\, Folkestone\, UK\, 2014\; \;The Negligent Eye\, the Bluecoat\, Liverpool\, UK\, 2014\; \;Recent Acquisitions\, the Walker Ar t Gallery\, Liverpool\, UK\, 2013\; \;Galapagos\, \;The Fr uitmarket Gallery\, Edinburgh\, UK and Centro d&rsquo\;Arte Moderna\, Lisbo n\, Portugal\, 2012/2013\; \;This Storm is What We Call Progress\, Arnolfini\, Bristol\, 2005\; \;The British Art Show\, Hay ward Gallery and tour\, UK\, 1990\; \;Interim Jeune\, \;Ma ureen Paley\, Interim Art\, UK\, 1989.

DTEND:20141004 DTSTAMP:20140802T065209 DTSTART:20140905 GEO:51.5253702;-0.0810779 LOCATION:Mummery + Schnelle\,44a Charlotte Road \nLondon\, EC2A 3PD SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:The friend I have/is a passionate friend\, Jyll Bradley UID:348897 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTEND:200000 DTSTAMP:20140802T065209 DTSTART:180000 GEO:51.5253702;-0.0810779 LOCATION:Mummery + Schnelle\,44a Charlotte Road \nLondon\, EC2A 3PD SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:The friend I have/is a passionate friend\, Jyll Bradley UID:348898 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DESCRIPTION:

Studio Voltaire 20th anniversa ry autumn programme: Marvin Gaye Chetwynd and Anne Collier to create major new commissions

Taking place during the gallery&rsquo\;s twentie th anniversary year\, Studio Voltaire presents concurrent exhibitions by Tu rner prize nominated Marvin Gaye Chetwynd and American photographer Anne Co llier. Both exhibitions will be the artist&rsquo\;s first solo presentation s to take place in a public gallery in London.


Studio Voltaire has commissioned New York-based artist Anne Colli er in a two-part project \;Women with Cameras\, comprised of a n artist&rsquo\;s book detailing source material from her ongoing \;Woman with a Camera \;series and an associated slide projection p iece comprised of a selection of this extensive amassed material.


Combining still-life photography with techniqu es of appropriation\, Collier creates meticulously arranged compositions of found objects and pop culture paraphernalia. These items including magazin es\, postcards\, posters and record covers\, are photographed against the s tark surfaces of the artist&rsquo\;s studio in an exact and formal manner. Under these conditions\, the objects come under close scrutiny\, revealing a set of formal and psychological associations that frame recurrent tension s around power and gender. Collier revisits the subject of the objectified female in many of her works\, often appropriating European photography maga zines from the 1970s and 80s\, which frequently sexually objectified their female subjects. Collier&rsquo\;s works highlight the materiality of photog raphic reproduction and the deployment of images within print culture\, ope ning up a fertile dialogue between personal experience and our contact with culture\, cliché\; and stereotype.


Collier&rsquo\;s solo exhibition at Studio Voltaire will be the artist &rsquo\;s first presentation in a London public gallery\, and will give aud iences a rare opportunity to view Collier&rsquo\;s source material in her g allery exhibition and artist&rsquo\;s book. Designed and co-published by Ne w York-based publishers Karma\, and distributed by Walter Kö\;enig\, th e monograph will launch in Spring 2015 in London and New York.


Anne Collier (b.1970) lives and works in New York City. Collier received a MFA from the University of California Los Angeles \, and a BFA from the California Institute of the Arts. The artist has exhi bited internationally\, and is subject to a major survey exhibition that is touring across North America including CCS Bard\, MCA Chicago\, Aspen Art Museum and The Gallery of Ontario\, Toronto during 2014 &ndash\; 2015. Solo exhibitions include: The Museum of Contemporary Art\, Chicago\, IL (2014)\ ; High Line Art billboard commission\, New York\, NY (2012)\; Nottingham Co ntemporary\, Nottingham\, UK (2011) and Bonner Kunstverein\, Bonn\, DE (200 8).The artist is represented by the Modern Institute\, Glasgow\; Anton Kern Gallery\, New York\; Corvi Mora\, London and Marc Foxx Gallery\, Los Angel es.

DTEND:20141214 DTSTAMP:20140802T065209 DTSTART:20141012 GEO:51.4619465;-0.1343895 LOCATION:Studio Voltaire\,1a Nelsons Row \nLondon\, SW4 7JR SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:Women with Cameras\, Anne Collier UID:348896 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DESCRIPTION:

Frieze opening hours: 13 &ndash\; 19 October\, 10 &ndash\; 6pm or by appointment


Studio Voltaire 20th anniversary autumn programme: Marvi n Gaye Chetwynd and Anne Collier to create major new commissions

Taking place during the gallery&rs quo\;s twentieth anniversary year\, Studio Voltaire presents concurrent exh ibitions by Turner prize nominated Marvin Gaye Chetwynd and American photog rapher Anne Collier. Both exhibitions will be the artist&rsquo\;s first sol o presentations to take place in a public gallery in London.
Marvin Gaye Chetwynd: Hermitos Children 2 \;

Marvin Gaye Chetwynd&rsquo\;s new film \;Hermitos Children 2 \;is the artist&rsquo\;s largest commission to date. Chetwynd has be come well known for her carnivalesque live performances\, which feature hom emade costumes and a varying ensemble of friends and family. These performa nces share elements of the bawdy anarchy of sixteenth-century wandering tro upes\, foregrounding key moments from art history and cultural production. The film will be presented in the gallery within a large-scale installation incorporating a number of props and interiors.


Hermitos Children \;is an ongoing project that takes the form of an experimental telev ision crime drama. Each episode follows female detective Joan Shipman as sh e uncovers and solves sex-crimes. The film combines staged cinematic sequen ces with footage of live performances. Rather than documenting events chron ologically\, Chetwynd coheres both scripted and live elements into a single overarching narrative. Filming for \;Hermitos Children 2  \;will take place in London\, Nottingham\, Krakow\, Gothenburg\, Gozo\, Vie nna and Australia.

Studi o Voltaire is appealing to Chetwynds&rsquo\;s fan base to help with the fin al push of funding for this large commission\, with their first ever \; Kickstarter campaign. D onations reap rewards ranging from a character mug\, to an intimate dinner with the artist and a cameo in the final film.


On Saturday 6 September 2 014 a large-scale event will be held at Studio Voltaire. This live performa nce\, referencing Catwoman and Minoan bull-leaping will be recorded and ele ments will be included in the final cut of the film. Hermitos Children 2 fo llows a long-standing collaborative relationship between Studio Voltaire an d Chetwynd\, having worked together on multiple projects since 2005. This f ilm is a sequel to \;Hermitos Children\, the pilot episode (2008)\,which was first presented at Altermodern\, the fourth Tate Triennial (2009) and subsequently acquired by The Tate Collection.


Marvin Gaye Ch etwynd (b.1973\, formally Spartacus Chetwynd) lives and works Glasgow\, UK. Chetwynd studied social anthropology at University College London\, receiv ed a BA from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2000\, and earned a master&rsq uo\;s degree in painting in 2004 from the Royal College of Art. Chetwynd ha s performed and exhibited widely across the United Kingdom\, Europe and the United States. Solo exhibitions include Nottingham Contemporary\, Nottingh am (2014 &ndash\; also the occasion of the performance &lsquo\;The Green Ro om&rsquo\;)\; &lsquo\;Home Made Tasers&rsquo\;\, New Museum\, New York (201 1)\; &lsquo\;Odd Man Out&rsquo\;\, Sadie Coles HQ (London\, 2011 &ndash\; r estaged at Tate Britain in 2012)\; &lsquo\;Help! I&rsquo\;m Traped in a Muz uzah Factory&rsquo\;\, Le Consortium\, Dijon (2008)\; a large-scale exhibit ion at the Migros Museum\, Zurich (2007)\; and &lsquo\;The Walk to Dover&rs quo\;\, Studio Voltaire\, London (2005). In 2013\, the artist published two new monographs Some Canterbury Tales (London: Four Corners Press) and Bat Opera (London: Sadie Coles HQ / Koenig Books). The artist is represented by Sadie Coles HQ\, London and Massimo de Carlo\, Milan/London.

\n< p style="text-align: justify\;">Hermit os Children 2 \;is supported by Australian Council for the Arts an d Arts Council England.

Hermitos Children 2 \;inclu des film sequences shot for The Green Room\, commissioned by Nottingham Con temporary and funded by The Arts Council Catalyst Fund. Further sequences a nd footage are taken from CRICOTEKA\, Krakow\; Campbelltown Arts Centre\, S ydney and Weight &ndash\; International Biennial for Contemporary Art\, Got henburg\, Sweden.

DTEND:20141214 DTSTAMP:20140802T065209 DTSTART:20141012 GEO:51.4619465;-0.1343895 LOCATION:Studio Voltaire\,1a Nelsons Row \nLondon\, SW4 7JR SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:Hermitos Children 2\, Marvin Gaye Chetwynd UID:348895 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DESCRIPTION:


Stalls from local independent traders including Clapham Books\; The Clapham Society\; Carribe an food by Francesca&rsquo\;s Catering\; artworks by The Binnie Sisters\; c raft beers by Partizan Brewing\, and artists editions &\; homewares from House of Voltaire.

Artists from our 30 onsit e studios will open their workspaces to the public\, displaying a range of approaches including painting\, sculpture\, installation\, sound and film.& nbsp\;

EVENTS: Friday 8 August 2014
6 &ndash\; 9pm (Studio 3): Artist&ndash\;curated film screenings
6 &ndash\; 9pm (Studio 18): Exhibition &lsquo\;The Time Today&rsquo\;\, Studio artist Dave Hanger and G lasgow based Sue Thompkins present new text&ndash\;based works alongside He nri Chopin works from the 1970s
6 &ndash\; 9pm (Studio 25): Film scree ning of recent projects from ActionSpace
7.30pm (Gallery): A special p resentation by Carl Williams of Maggs Bros. Ltd. one of the world&rsquo\;s largest antiquarian booksellers\, established in 1853 \;

Sat urday 9 August 2014
12 &ndash\; 6pm (Studio 18): Exhibition: &lsquo\;T he Time Today&rsquo\;
3pm (Gallery): An in&ndash\;conversation with Ir ene Revell\, Director of ELECTRA and Althea Greenan\, Special Collections C urator at the Women&rsquo\;s Art Library
4pm (Studio 24): Film screeni ng of short films from Intoart&rsquo\;s Live Archive
6 &ndash\; 9pm (S tudio 3): Artist&ndash\;curated film screenings

&lsquo\;Rising&rsquo\; by New York-based Judith Bernstein\, her first solo presentation to take place in the UK. For this commission\, the artist has conducted a production residency in the gallery\, working on a new body of large-scale paintings and drawings\, including her largest painting to dat e.

Saturday 9 August\, 10am-4pm. \;

Studio Voltaire will be at Clapham&rsquo\;s celebrated Venn Street Market selling limited editions\, artworks and merchandise. Venn Street Mar ket is a fine food market open every Saturday. The market has a great selec tion of London&rsquo\;s best small independent artisan producers. \;

DTEND:20140809 DTSTAMP:20140802T065209 DTSTART:20140808 GEO:51.4619465;-0.1343895 LOCATION:Studio Voltaire\,1a Nelsons Row \nLondon\, SW4 7JR SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:Studio Voltaire Open House\, Dave Hanger\, Sue Thompkin UID:348893 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTEND:210000 DTSTAMP:20140802T065209 DTSTART:180000 GEO:51.4619465;-0.1343895 LOCATION:Studio Voltaire\,1a Nelsons Row \nLondon\, SW4 7JR SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:Studio Voltaire Open House\, Dave Hanger\, Sue Thompkin UID:348894 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DESCRIPTION:

IMT Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new video work by Sophie Lee. \; For her latest project Lee has created a two-part video work with individual parts shown simultaneously a t IMT Gallery and Gowlett Peaks\, with each part bleeding into the other like two sides of the s ame coin. \; The works use an intricate interplay of video\, text and s ound as collage\; collage being something Lee views as a fundamental method ology of many forms of contemporary art.


 \;Through Lee&rsquo\; s work writing and video are presented as a free space for the collision of cultural readymades and\, out of this\, the creation of new worlds or narr atives. \; These layers and juxtapositions of different materials and q ualities form mesmerising\, quasi-anthropological arenas of alchemical ciph ers and cultural detritus: footage of a local park\, super-real objects\, l ewd graffiti\, iPhone video\, a Palaeolithic thigh bone\, a domestic interi or\, R&\;B.


Using collage both as content and form\, Lee is inte rested in messages\, communications and the histories of language from earl y message making\, such as the painting and writing discovered on cave wall s\, through cuneiform and engraved stones to graffiti\, font design and mes sages encoded in DNA. \;


Sophie Lee [b. 1988] recently graduate d in 2012 with a BA in Fine Art Media from the Slade School of Fine Art\, L ondon. Recent exhibitions include \;M A K R A M I \;at PLA ZAPLAZA\, London (2013)\, Bread Show (in collaboration with Maxime Iten\, R obert Self and Will Robinson) \;at SPACE\, London (2013) and Young London 2013 \;at V22\, London (2013). She was the recipient of the Space/Bloomberg Studio ON Award in 2012 and was invited to produce Ori ginal Recipe Meal\, \;an Artist Dinner Commission for Bold Tendenc ies\, London. Lee lives and works in London.


Sophie Lee | Sugars\, Protein and Salt at IMT Gallery is supported by the Arts Council England.

DTEND:20141005 DTSTAMP:20140802T065209 DTSTART:20140905 GEO:51.5315021;-0.0565947 LOCATION:IMT Gallery\,Unit 2\, 210 Cambridge Heath Road \nLondon\, E2 9NQ SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY: Sugars\, Protein and Salt\, Sophie Lee UID:348742 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DESCRIPTION: DTEND:20140818 DTSTAMP:20140802T065209 DTSTART:20140729 GEO:0.0;0.0 LOCATION:Saatchi Gallery\,Duke of York's HQ King's Road\nLondon\, SW3 4SQ SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY: 'Hail to the Loser'\, Alo UID:348670 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DESCRIPTION:

Indian Summer
01 Aug - 23 Aug 2014

Albemarle Gallery is delighted to be again collaborating with Arts For India\, this time to present the Indian Summer exhibition.

Here we are presen ting a range of artists from India\, as well as Indian artists or artists i nspired by India. Arts for India is a UK-registered charity which supports the development of the Delhi- based International Institute of Fine Arts (I IFA). IIFA stands out in India as one of the few private sector providers o f art education in a country where public investment is very poor.

Over 375 students receive an education at IIFA\, many of them having the ir fees and boarding covered via the Four Year Scholarship Programme which sees future students sponsored through their studies by patrons from across the world.

A third of proceeds from the sale of the works from the exhibition will go to Arts for India in support of its objectives.

DTEND:20140824 DTSTAMP:20140802T065209 DTSTART:20140801 GEO:51.5080999;-0.1410338 LOCATION:Albemarle Gallery\,49 Albemarle Street \nLondon\, W1S 4JR SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:Indian Summer UID:348394 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DESCRIPTION:

Filmarmalade are proud to present The Mode rn Language Experiment&rsquo\;s Imagining a Re-Synchronizing (The Phant om Twin)\, a new video installation of existing and new video work


The Modern Language Experiment&rsquo\;s one day installation takes as its starting point their recently published f ilm\, Imagining a Re-Synchronizing (The Phantom Twin) and attempts to deconstruct it by revealing the various slippages of time and space tha t remain hidden within the original work\, so revealing the many inconsiste ncies that lie deep within the facade of the play of narrative and image.\n

It will end\, Childan thought. Som eday. The very idea of place. Not governed and governing\, but people. And yet he trembled with fear&hellip\;
The Man in the High Tower \, Philip K. Dick\, 1962


The Mod ern Language Experiment have recently exhibited work at the Arnolfini\, Bri stol\, Angus-Hughes Gallery\, London\, Garis and Hahn\, New York\, the Berm ondsey Project\, London and at the Sluice Art Fair\, London. The Modern Lan guage Experiment where formed by Keh Ng and Matthew Stock in 2007 and are b ased in London.


The event is free


Filmarmalade is an artists book work pub lisher and DVD label specialising in contemporary artistsʼ film and video w orks. Every year Filmarmalade publish a series of works\, selected through both invited and open submission\, with the aim of encouraging wider access to the moving image. Filmarmalade also specially commission interviews to accompany each publication to provide a greater understanding of how video and film artists situate their work in relation to the history of art and c ontemporary fine art practice. Filmarmalade is a project by the artist Gord on Shrigley. The entire Filmarmalade collection is held at the British Artistsʼ Film & \; Video Study Collection.


DTEND:210000 DTSTAMP:20140802T065209 DTSTART:120000 GEO:51.5315021;-0.0565947 LOCATION:IMT Gallery\,Unit 2\, 210 Cambridge Heath Road \nLondon\, E2 9NQ SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:Filmarmalade presents The Modern Language Experiment UID:348393 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DESCRIPTION:

Gagosian London is pleased to present recent work by Richard Serra.


The Gagosian Gallery on Brita nnia Street will exhibit four monumental steel sculptures:


Backdoor Pipeline (2010)


Ramble (2014)


Dead Load (2014)


Lo ndon Cross (2014)


The Gagosian G allery on Davies Street will exhibit a single large-scale work on paper\, < em>Double Rift #2 (2011).


Richard Serra was born in San Francisco in 1938. He studied at t he University of California (Berkeley and Santa Barbara) and at Yale Univer sity. He has lived in New York since 1966. His first solo exhibitions were held at Galleria La Salita\, Rome (1966)\, and at the Leo Castelli Warehous e\, New York (1969). His first solo museum exhibition was presented at Pasa dena Art Museum (1970). Serra has since participated in several Documenta e xhibitions (Kassel\, 1972\, 1977\, 1982\, and 1987)\, and in the Venice Bie nnales of 1980\, 1984\, 2001\, and 2013. Serra&rsquo\;s work has been shown in numerous solo museum exhibitions at Stedelijk Museum\, Amsterdam (1977) \; Centre Pompidou\, Paris (1984)\; Museum of Modern Art\, New York (1986 a nd 2007)\; and other museums in Europe\, the U.S.\, and Latin America. In 2 005\, eight large-scale works were permanently installed at Guggenheim Muse um Bilbao. A traveling survey of Serra&rsquo\;s drawings was on view in 201 1&ndash\;12 at Metropolitan Museum of Art\, New York\; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art\; and Menil Collection\, Houston. In April 2014\, Serra inst alled a major permanent landscape sculpture in the desert of the Brouq Natu re Reserve in western Qatar.

DTEND:20141220 DTSTAMP:20140802T065209 DTSTART:20141011 GEO:51.5302144;-0.1175396 LOCATION:Gagosian Gallery - Britannia Street\,6-24 Britannia Street \nLondo n\, WC1X 9JD SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:Backdoor Pipeline\, Ramble\, Dead Load\, London Cross\, Richard Ser ra UID:348391 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTEND:200000 DTSTAMP:20140802T065209 DTSTART:180000 GEO:51.5302144;-0.1175396 LOCATION:Gagosian Gallery - Britannia Street\,6-24 Britannia Street \nLondo n\, WC1X 9JD SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:Backdoor Pipeline\, Ramble\, Dead Load\, London Cross\, Richard Ser ra UID:348392 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DESCRIPTION:

Through an intuitive approach\ , which he compares to the rhythms of music\, Costa composes shapes and tex tures that are often subtle\, yet full of narrative possibility. The bounda ries between art and non-art objects\, and the distinction between the thro waway and the precious are actively questioned. While working in the lineag e of 20th century abstraction and installation such as Brazilian Concrete a nd Neo-Concrete art and Italian Arte Povera\, Costa pursues an irreverent\, and very current\, path.


In the inst allation From My Body Comes\, Through Your Body Goes\, 2009&ndash\ ;2012 materials such as brightly coloured towels\, bronze cast plaques\, bl ack umbrellas\, gold coated rubber and collaged tourist T-shirts are deftly combined to suggest unspecified symbolic meanings. Presented in the Middle Gallery\, Costa reactivates this group of works in relation to the traces of its past use.

DTEND:20140810 DTSTAMP:20140802T065209 DTSTART:20140626 GEO:51.5457751;-0.1544284 LOCATION:Zabludowicz Collection\,176 Prince of Wales Road \nLondon \, NW5 3 PT SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:Solo Presentation\, Adriano Costa UID:348390 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DESCRIPTION: DTEND:20141005 DTSTAMP:20140802T065209 DTSTART:20140804 GEO:51.531381;-0.0516313 LOCATION:The Approach\,47 Approach Road Bethnal Green\nLondon\, E2 9LY SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:Solo Exhibition\, Phillip Allen UID:348389 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DESCRIPTION:

Yellon&rsquo\;s 2nd solo landscape painting exhibition &mdash\; &lsquo\; London Street&rsquo\; series sheds light on the modern cityscape. \; In the paintings\, the simplified and symbolic human figures act as the rushi ng strangers setting in the well-developed\, well-planned city streets and refer to the realism of our busy modern living. \; By capturing the mos t common\, non-noticeable scenes that we encounter in our everyday life it intends to challenge us to re-vision\, re-think and reflect on the way we p erceive ourselves and our surroundings which we often neglect and forget.&n bsp\; \; It evokes us to search the inner desire beneath the material s atisfaction.

DTEND:20140928 DTSTAMP:20140802T065209 DTSTART:20140801 GEO:51.5075256;-0.1279496 LOCATION:St Martin-in-the-Fields\,Trafalgar Square \nLondon\, WC2N 4JJ SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:London Street\, Yellon Ran Huang UID:348388 END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DESCRIPTION:

Photographic exhibition by Peter Knight in conjunction with Hyderapals India Educational Trust and the International Committee of St Martin-in-the-Fields


In 2012\, photographer Peter Knight was invited by the trustees of Hyderapals India Educational Trust to visit a sc hool they support in the slums of Hyderabad. Expecting to be overwhelmed by destitution and poverty\, Peter instead found himself captivated by the be auty he found amongst the so-called &ldquo\;untouchable&rdquo\; Dalit Caste left behind in the wake of India&rsquo\;s economic boom. This photographic exhibition of some of the most disadvantaged and marginalised children in Hyderabad raises the question: can human beings ever truly be &ldquo\;untou chable&rdquo\;?

DTEND:20140831 DTSTAMP:20140802T065209 DTSTART:20140804 GEO:51.5075256;-0.1279496 LOCATION:St Martin-in-the-Fields\,Trafalgar Square \nLondon\, WC2N 4JJ SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:India’s Forgotten Children: Untouchable?\, Peter Knight UID:348387 END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR