Lazarides Rath bone is pleased to announce Marking Shadows\, a major new body of reflective work and multidisciplinary installation by Lucy McLauchlan. Dist illing the beauty of visceral experience\, Marking Shadows consoli dates and extends McLauchlan&rsquo\;s practice\, developing her organic vis ual language whilst allowing her natural environment to steer a unique arti stic direction.


McLauchlan&rsquo\;s n ew series of architectural work continues her familiar textural aesthetic w hilst pushing conventional boundaries and embarking on an explorative mark- making journey. Displacing her studio practice into local parklands and woo ds\, amid her home city of Birmingham\, the artist allows environmental fac tors to both inspire and influence the way in which she works. Tracing the contours and surface of the landscape\, McLauchlan utilises found elements to dictate the method in which she constructs and experiments with her canv as and media.


Seeking to uncover flee ting moments of human intervention within natural surroundings\, the artist &rsquo\;s painterly abstractions represent intricate collisions suspended i n time whilst documenting permanent re-appropriation of areas in which we i nhabit. Transforming the most mundane moments into a soothing harmony of sw eeping brush strokes Marking Shadows presents a full-scale body of work reminiscent of McLauchlan&rsquo\;s engagement with the local communit y and intrinsic connection with the area. With a subtle nod towards current environmental issues Mclauchlan&rsquo\;s new body of work is poignant and eloquently provocative without appearing obtrusive\, illustrating the depth and breadth of her contemporary practice in both conceptual and stylistic realms.

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The Outsiders are proud to present Endless Summer\, a discerning and eclectic showca se of narrative studies by mixed-media artist Ian Francis. Endless Summ er comprises a unique body of intricate work created in response to th e ever-changing fragility of modern life and contemporary issues facing the human condition. The uniformed vignettes provide multiple windows into a s eries of events and suspended snapshots in time\, combining a myriad of ope n-ended narrative threads collectively displayed within the gallery space.< /p>\n

Endless Summer m arks the Bristol-based artist&rsquo\;s special guest appearance at The Outs iders London\, following his recent large-scale solo exhibition 10\,000 Yea rs From Now at Lazarides Rathbone. Continuing in his signature ultra-modern style Francis has carefully constructed alluring landscapes and unobtainab le vistas with a complex combination of both abstraction and figuration\, c ombining layered elements of both painting and drawing. The artist has meti culously depicted mysterious characters lost amid dramatic colour glazes\, seemingly suspended within ambiguous cinematic scenes and illicit encounter s.


Each manipulated story line is played out across identically sized panels\, highlighting a frozen point in time within each unique study. By creating a series of disparate c ontemporary moments Francis continues his fascination with the idea of ongo ing permanent utopia vs dystopian collapse\, whilst referencing both sensat ionalist media and oversaturated online imagery. Intrigued by the circumsta nces enabling random selected images and ideas to coexist\, the interdiscip linary artist questions the result of this fragile cross-section in time\, whether they align or fall apart and their reference point in history in re lation to our past and future.


In add ition to the gallery exhibition the artist will also be participating in th e globally acclaimed Nuit Blanche 2014\, unveiling a distinctive moving ima ge display in the front window of the gallery during the evening&rsquo\;s p rogramme across the capital.

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