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MTV should get off the air!

                                  To be read after " I was totally pilled out and stoned again" for continuity.

  I remember NOT remembering much of the limo trip home, but i do remember MTV being on during the ride, the big LCD TV in the limo somehow got turned on and tuned into it, and for one i have to say what a complete and utter rubbish program it has become since my first memories of it's early one!

 In my opinion, MTV should get off the air, their time has well and truly run its course, not to mention the damage this Corporate Music mouthpiece has done to the creativity and independence of Artist's and Musicians around the globe who weren't Corporate sell-outs, their creativity and freedom would NOT be hemmed in by the restrictions both personally and Artistically and no amount of money would or could alter their ideas or ideals! For these bands unwilling to add to the dysfunction of an already corrupt and money driven machine like the "music industry", selling out was never an option, hell, they never even got the chance too sell out,........ the music and record industry had well and truly been all stiched up in America by the mid eighties by the Corporations and their tin-earred spreadsheet brained non creative pencil pushing accountants!

  I've often heard people say to me how music nowadays is...................... well fu*ked, sure there maybe talented people out there still and i'm sure as fu*k NOT saying there aren't, it's just pre MTV, the musicians didn't have to fit a certain social "ideal" in appearance, and talent was the first prerequisite for them being on the radio or whatever, we're talking well and truly long before the Internet as we know it today, just look at that manufactured Corporate "boy band" One Direction, five members, each with a completely different  and specific tailored and manipulated "image" for maximum identification and differention with the rest of the cast of this musical version just like The Village People did.

I don't know what or how much "Branded" sh*t One Direction has out there but i can only imagine it would be enough to fill the new Dallas Cowboys football stadium several times over!

 Just look at each one of them, just sickening, these pre-pubescent boys being held up to the world as role models of future manhood across the known universe, that's right, for these young twerps are being idolised worshipped and imitated all around the world even as i write this..........................scary eh!

 I'm SOOOOOO fu*k'in glad i'm not a teenager nowadays, with hideous and repulsive programs on television like GLEE, and MTV constantly playing a rotation of "girly-boys" wanting to be the epitome some kind of totally gay pop star, aswell as their programs like "Sixteen and pregnant"? like WTF is this sh*t doing on fu*k'in MTV, MUSIC TELEVISION was what MTV was, not some kind of program dishing out parenting advice and tips for teenagers dumb enough or stupid enough to be having ANYKIND of sex WITHOUT protection.....................are they fuck'in stupid or what?

  MTV's role should be to steer well clear of this, for this enters the realm of dictating personal religious and societal ideals onto people who never asked for it, and now can't watch MTV because it's become another mouthpiece for the religious right to impose their beliefs onto others once it airs, MTV has not got either the mandate or the approval of the society or parents to put to air such religious swill, stuff that is so bad and damaging to the American AND Australian youth turning them into the dumbest of the dumb! Real life walking talking imbeciles, learning about life through a television and MTV, what part of society are these people going to add to?

 Jails and the Military of course, this is where many of the social outcasts and poor end up, can't exist in "mainstream" culture so what options are left, well in America there are none, you've got the Military or the Military, the stratification of the population through forms of class distinction and education really do limit the options one has if one's born poor in American today and in the last thirty five years or so......................... well since Reagan and his regime took over in nineteen eighty i'll leave it at that!

Posted by James DeWeaver on 12/22/12 | tags: #MTV australian generation x artist James DeWeaver should mtv get off the air mtv should get off the air #onedirection MTVAUSTRALIA

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