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Playboy and Hef the "Monument" of American culture.

                       To be read after "Snoop Dogg was nowhere in sight" for continuity in - 96 hrs. to L.A. and back-

  Sonya,..............Meredith, would you mind, i'd like to talk to James privately, and on that they both exited leaving us alone. Please........... have a seat for me James and i'll just finish this up as we speak.

 "Have ya had some fun tonight James"?,........... "fun, would be an under-statement" i reply, "this whole day full stop is beyond my wildest dreams" i added. "Good, good, we were hoping the house and party would be suitable for your visit to see us",..........i was more than suited with the way i'd been treated as a guest i add, "the house and the Art in it are incredible let alone the cars" i relay to him, "did you like shooting the "Casull" he asks, " that .454 Casull was a real kicker"!,............ "yeah...laughing, it looked like you need some practice with that "beast"! That's funny, he referred to it as a beast just like i had when i had been firing it down in the shooting range.

 "So what DON'T you know about what i've been up to since i arrived at the house" i ask,   "hey it's a security measure,......... don't worry about it, have you not been able to do whatever you've wanted to do since your arrival",................ , he was right about that that's for sure, he may of known my location but what i was doing was info he didn't have which was fine with me,............i didn't really want him to know anyway as any right minded person would of wanted.

 "Come here, .... i want you to have a look at the next issue and tell me what you think" so i slowly walk over to where it was layed out, my torpidity of earlier on had vanished and i was virtually back to "normal", "wow,.... this looks sensational" was what first came out and i meant it,  as i carefully view what would be on the magazine stands soon enough!

 "He starting laughing, quite hard actually "i haven't seen a reaction as good as that in years James.....(laughing) you crack me up" continuing to laugh, i guess i was sightly more "out of it" than i had ever realized but i didn't care as i was having a good time and that was all that was ever asked of me the whole time i was staying there with him!

 My opinion was something that of course wasn't in the slightest bit required, i like to think he was being inclusive, which to me was as an Artist, was a very kind and appreciated gesture of goodwill and friendship, what more this great man could've done for me while i was there is nothing, he had all the bases covered that's for sure!

 I was fairly sure by the way he was talking to me about my "companions" Sonya and Meredith that he'd only wished he'd been my age, as these two were as i had found out already were "special" and he instinctively knew this, sh*t,....when you've met and seen nude as many babes as Hef had in his "lifetime",... let's just say he had "impeccable taste in the female of the species".

 " I'm having a few people around this afternoon for an "after-party" James can i expect to see you there"?, "sure, i'm gonna need to leave and get some shut eye now though as i'm feeeling the "jet-lag" pretty hardcore now" i reply, "good, .......i'm off soon myself and just want to make sure you'll be there so we can talk some business", "the three of us wouldn't miss it" i reply, "O.K. James.........................see ya tomorrow" as his head bowed down to the glow table and the  hand with the magnifying glass went up, i stood momentarily in the shadows of the brightly lit room before exiting and watched this living monument at what someday would never ever exist, this moment captured in time and in my mind will last longer than he.

"I dazed out when i did this and the next thing i know he asks "was there anything else James"? ................"Oh,............oh no,no, i was just in a daydream" i tell him as i turn and head for the door for the final time leaving silently. 


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