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Snoop Dogg was nowhere in sight!

                 To be read after "She had gotten off by almost getting me off" for continuity in - 96hrs. to L.A. and back!

 I remember standing there thinking to myself after this angel departed well what the hell was that about? I reckon she was just horny as i look in the mirror while washing my hands and face briskly to try too liven up some more, that little brief interlude certainly helped "wake me up"!

 I also remember think that there was NO WAY i was going to tell anyone else, ESPECIALLY Sonya or Meredith, that was info not required to know for these two, this would remain unknown to them the entire time, sh*t if i had told Sonya for one she probably would of known her and two it was just something that they really didn't need to know, i knew one thing for sure though and that was i would not be seeing her ever again.

 I got back to our agreed point of meeting i they ladies looked "good as gold", not that they went in looking bad but when they came out they were looking even better! The memory of what happened in the bathroom instantly fades, as i know that two are ALWAYS better than one, and at the end of the night i'll be heading "home" with these two regardless of what i do.

 Sonya took my hand and i Meredith's and we were off, through the internal labrynith of the "Playboy Mansion", this is as good as it gets if you ask me, if people could really grasp the cultural significance of what culminated in and through one man's vision and dream come to life they'd realize aswell that this glorification and sexualization of women has come full circle with men in the culture today, and you don't see people complaining and marching and picketing and writing in letters to their Government reps both local and state as what happened when Hef's vision hit the streets. The religious right came out in full force with good ole' Anita something or other at the forefront, and of course Betty Friedan ............ what a piece of work she was! This all goes back before my time really, but i've seen alot of doco footage and vastly differing interpretations of this time period of the sexual revolution in American during the height of Playboy.

 All these radically religious middle-aged and barren hate filled hags who'd centered their targets over a bloke who probably saved more marriage's than harmed, couldn't do or say enough too damage Hef's vision and look where THEY are all now,.............. dead, or Institutionalized..................... NOT HEF

 "Where's he at" i ask Sonya, "viewing the negatives for the New Years edition" she say's "this is where the final picture of the shoot are selected to be in the edition", great, i get to see the latest issue before it's even out in the new year!

 We finally arrived after our little "attempted" bailout failed earlier, Sonya knocked................ we waited................... "come on in" was the eventual reply in a voice which i instantly recognize, and as we walk in i see why the hesitation, he's peering over a glow table with some of the prints being closely examined with a rather larged magnifiying glass, "Ah......... James, thought we'd almost lost ya there"! "you knew we left?" i say smiling, "James,........i know most things that go on around here and did you forget about the "bubble" around your neck, ah "the bubble", of course,  this was like an active RHF signal very easily traced and tracked, knowing this he's probably known the whole time where we were and what we were up to, not that it both's me, the security feature well outweigh any other use for this "bubble",........ shit, it's not like it had stopped me from doing anything i didn't already want too do! 






Posted by James DeWeaver on 12/15/12 | tags: Snoop Dogg was nowhere in sight James DeWeaver australian generation x artist

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