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She had gotten off by almost getting me off!

                To be read after "Time and MDMA are strange companions" for continuity in-96 hrs. to L.A. and back-

  We stagger out of the limo after the door opens, Otis says he'll be right here as there's no need to move at this point in time, i take note and we head past the security guys we passed by no more than fifteen minutes earlier heading in the OTHER direction!

 The "ladies" need to freshen up abit as do i so we decide to go to the restrooms and atleast look as presentable as possible, they were looking fine no worse for wear at all, the "make-up computer" which Meredith had used back at the "house" had done its trick as she still looked phenominal ,...........were as i on the other hand looked "like a dog's dinner", but wasn't feeling as bad as i was looking i can tell ya!

 Sonya points me in the directions i need to go to get to the "head" and we agree to meet back here, the same spot in about five minutes, "no worries" i tell them and i'm off.

 Now this is the "main" house we're in, not as big as some people think, i mean it is big, really big, it's not huge is what i'm saying, so it shouldn't be too difficult for me to find the place right.....................wrong!

 I was really in another dimension in my head i guess, i followed the directions Sonya told me, it's just that i ended up walking into the wrong bathroom, i walked in and there was a woman in there washing her hands, i might add a well preserved woman i'd guess to of been in her early forties, I apoligize to her rather effusively as i was rather embarrassed, she tells me she's done and that this is a "unisex" bathroom anyway, "great i'm thinking", and then i suddenly recognize her from the tunnel ride on the monorail.

 SHE was a Playmate from the late eighties or early ninties, i don't remember exactly and i DON'T tell her this, she's NOT in a party outfit although there's was NO DOUBT she was there as she's still got some makeup on and a rich red lipstick. She was actually just wearing some rather ordinary white night lingerie, top was see through i might add,(stunning and rather large real breasts) as this part of the house is for the "special" visitors and she sure as fu*k was "special", the one thing she had over Sonya and Meredith was time, for her beauty was not surpassed by either of the younger women, this WOMAN really was one know doubt in my mind and in what i was seeing, and like a complete doll that she was asked me if she can "help me out " as i guessed in her eyes i looked like i needed it and as she came along side of me and placed my right arm over her shoulder, she was also a tall woman aswell which helped, i didn't really require her assistance but she so nice i didn't want to hurt her feelings in anyway, so we began to slowly walk over to the wall urinal in tandem, we reach the destination and before i can say anything to her for her help my zipper was down and my co*k was out i kid you not, "go ahead" she said to me as i willingly let her take aim for me now as she really did want to help me and i was all too willing i can tell ya!

 I finished and she gave me a quick few shakes, not so much shakes more like rubbing lengthwise which i thought was really for her own pleasure and enjoyment really as she practically masturbated me, i wouldn't say she took advantage of me when i was vulnerable and drug-fu*ked though, i knew the whole fu*k'in time what this "sheila" was up too! After her "fun time" she proceeded to grabbed a tissue to make sure i was dry after the piss which i have to admit was very thoughtful indeed, put my dick back into my underwear, zipped me up and walked me over to the wash area at which point she told me she was "off to bed now" wink wink, and that she was three doors down and to the left if i got "lost" again, i thanked her but never caught her name and she thanked me which was kind of strange i thought until i realized she had gotten off by almost getting me off!  


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