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Time and MDMA are strange companions!

                                     To be read after " Rolling a good joint is a real Talent" for continuity.

  Sonya starts to hand this five inch long joint in my direction but i stop and insist she do the honors of having the first tokes, a common rule in my books is, if someone makes it then they should naturally be the first to enjoy the rewards of their effort, both Meredith and Sonya were lightweights when it came to smoking weed so i knew it wouldn't be long before it headed in my direction. I was really hoping it would give me abit of a mental pick-up, i was alright though, totally toasted, but as long as i could sit down and have a spliff every now and again i was fine and soon enough i had the "trumpet", it tasted great, there must of been another bud mixed in with it as it had a different flavor than the first few "scoobie's" we'd already had during the night earlier on.

 I had two or three tokes on it when Sonya's phone rang, i was glad my phone was off for now i was in lala land and feel'in good and wanted to stay that way for now, i'd check soon enough for any new messages anyway.

 Sonya was done in no time and said "that was Barbara, Hef's P.A., she thinks we're still at the party", "ah....... you didn't tell her we left"? i reply, "no, we gotta turn around and head back, he's expecting us and i know right where he's at", Sonya had the call on this one, she'd been such a great companion as was Meredith incidentally, it was obvious the only thing to say was ....... O.K, let's go, the night's still youngish,............ alittle past two forty according to my watch, we hadn't really gone all that far in relative terms and FU*KING AGAIN the "Charlie Sheen" did it's thing and i was feeling totally cool again, buzz'in but styl'in,....the juice and the doobie in the limo along with some Lindor white chocolate which was the bomb i might add, so i quickly let Otis know that we've gotta return to the mansion and if he can get us there fast that would be great! Maybe a sign that i was more fu*ked than i could tell, as this was a forty foot? long limosine, maybe longer and driving a vehicle of these dimesions at speed are only for the pro's of which Otis was one NO FU*K' IN DOUBT ABOUT IT!

We were back i swear to God before i'd even finished the spliff, i couldn't believe it, time and MDMA are strange bedfellows, it (time) can literally go so fast that it seems not to be true but oh it was as we pulled into the driveway and head for the circular exit point close to the main door.

 There's only one limo there this time and this is NOT your ordinary limo, whoever owns this has some bulk money, i'm pretty sure i already know what it is but i ask Otis  anyway if he knows what type of limo that is and he tells me "it's a Maybach seventy two stretch limousine", "no sh*t,........ how much does something like that cost" i ask, "about seven hundred thousand dollars American"! Bulk money was required to have a four wheeled work of craftsmanship like this and as we pull up behind it i can see the licence plate and what it has as it's number is this, "dashizl"!

 Now there's only one person who i know of who could one, have the money for a Maybach and two, "dashizl", that's Snoop Dogg's street talk for "the Sh*t", and he said he'd be here when i spoke to him earlier on, ............ well this is gonna be fun, Snoop's out for abit of a "sniff" tonight, escaped from the dog pound maybe who know's, our main concern now though is to get to Hef before he pulls the pin for the night! 




Posted by James DeWeaver on 12/12/12 | tags: #SnoopDogg #charliesheen australian generation x artist James DeWeaver time and mdma are strange companions

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