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Jesse James ISN'T a Tough guy!

                    To be read after "It was like Glee had come to life" for continuity in - 96 hrs. to L.A. and back!-

  This "underground monorail" was so cool, we can just as easily walk down a flight of stairs, hop into this little monorail rig and be over to the Main House in about ten seconds flat! We'd already done this before except this time we were one down, so Meredith and i took the backseat this time while Sonya did the "driving", huh, all she really did was push forward a gear which engaged the magnets and we were off, moving on the monorail silently that is, and we were all MORE THAN OFF, "we were almost as fu*ked as you can get and still walk and talk"!

 We go by the "Half Way" and i look over and see someone who hadn't been there my last time by or i didn't see him, which was what i wished had happened this time around, as Jesse James, that clown and "really" tough motorcyle rider, mechanic whatever the fu*k he does i could care less, the more i find out about him the more comprehensively i understand what a completely scummy dude he really is!

 I'm NOT talking about the way he treated Sandra Buttock when he had that sex session with that fully body tattooed modern day circus freak, OH NO NOT ME, it's Jesse and this "outlaw" facade that this man persists on going to the point of a characiture with! Does he really think he's a BADA*S? Does he really think the hype of his more infamous relative and all of his thirteen robberies or attempts is something to be proud of?

 I'm not sure, if he is or was such a "tough guy" why didn't he ever win the UFC World Championship, or even fight Chuck Lidell or Ken Shamrock or the greatest of them all Randy Couture even once? WHY NOT JESSE?

 "The bandana across the forehead down over the eyebrows is "SO" fu*king nineteen eighty five it's not even funny"! I remember seeing Mike Muir, lead singer for the Suicidal Tendancies on Donahue circa nineteen eighty five wearing his bandana like that, with Jello Biafra,Dead Kennedy's, Wendy O Williams from the Plasmatics and some FU*KHEAD named Bob DeMoss, who swore on live television obscene words, from a Fundamentalist Christian group called "Focus on the Family", NOW THERE'S a fanatical bunch of Christian do-gooders if i've ever seen one! I hoped he (Jesse James) stayed there, at the "Half Way" that is, NOT in nineteen eighty five although that would be good know doubt!!

 We passed by then Sonya slowed down and asked this really well dressed guy with long sandy blonde hair who looked like an old rocker if he "wanted a ride" at which point he turned around and immediately recognized Sonya and gave her a big ole' smile with brilliant white teeth flashing.  Seeing this it was obvious they knew each other from sometime in the past as Sonya say's "hop on in Glen, i want you to meet two good friends of mine" We're introduced shook hands and as he sat down in the car with us he put his arm around Sonya's shoulder in a familial way. 

Glen has a very strong south London accent from what i'm hearing, maybe Greenwich area, very distinctive, and to see if my guess is correct i asked Glen where abouts in England he was born, (as this is where their accents are "native" too, he could live anywhere in the world but his "native" accent still retains sounds only spoken in his regional dialect), just for the hell of it as i tell him my mother was born in the U.K. aswell which is true.

 "Blackheath" he replied and started to talk to Sonya for all of about five seconds until we got to the main house "station". I was not far off in my guess as Blackheath is about a mile or so away from Greenwich. We get out and say goodbye to him as he went one way while we go the other, "ya know who that was don't you"? Sonya asks me, "Yeah,..... that was Glen" as i reply to her obvious question,  she says in an almost condescending way, "that wasn't just Glen, that was "Glen Tipton, Grammy Award winning Guitarist from Judas Priest,....... that Glen!" Well i didn't know, how was i to know that was Glen Tipton from Judas Priest"?Sure they were huge when i lived in America, but that was nineteen eighty four!

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