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I was like "walking on the Moon"!

                    To be read after "A Jackson Pollock like style in Beer and Faeces" for continuity in - 96 hrs. to L.A. and back!

  I was just about done with the doobie and feeling alittle more aware, focused maybe, but as soon as i was finished Sonya say's "there he is!" as she points we look and sure enough there he was alright, the only problem is we were up here and he was down there, surrounded by about three hundred people.

  The ladies and i quickly head off the same way we got up here and are through and down the building in what seemed to be five seconds flat, it couldn't of possibly been that quick but we, or should i say me, was so fu*king high at this point in time it felt like i was "moon walking"!

 This was radical, a feeling of being as light as a feather, and the colors of the attention drawing laser lights and their projections instantly grab my attention as soon as we step out into the night again.

  Now this is when the "trip" totally came on, i guess with the reefer and the excitement of running through and down the building, my heart rate increased and pumped more blood through my body again, "ya gotta move when your on these you just can't sit and do nothing" this is exactly why you see so many people continuously dancing at "dance parties", their just keeping the drugs circulating through their bodies!

 Though truly wasted i'm still completely lucid, and as we go through what looks like an "after party" for the Oscars, there's famous people left and right, some who were more fu*ked than me, i was atleast still able to walk and talk somehow, but i felt like i was in a strange sort of Disneyland gone triple XXX!

 We were able to get a rough bearing on where Hef was from our position above, NOW all we had to do was somehow get to where he was last. We walked by a couple of older women, not quite Hef's age but not far off, who looked like they'd seen the same butcher, i mean "plastic" surgeon as Bruce "fu*k'in" Jenner, ........... these women really did look like aliens and weird old ones at that!!

  It always amazes me when i come here to see what some people will do to themselves by way of cosmetic surgery in a vain attempt to peel back the years and years in their life when they weren't or couldn't be what they desired too be, and in a final act of self mutilization they rid the old shame filled former self with a completely new "plastic" and shallow artificial self in the place of the old shattered former self persona,........... for these unfortunate people never will see who they were and what they were meant too be and look-like, Mickey Rourke would be the "Poster" guy for this kind of personality inversion in my opinion.

 He was not here, but Bruce Willis was, now there's a man who's really seen the WILD SIDE of life! From what i was told about Bruce was that he was "the" man in the seventies who had THE best drugs going, especially LSD, don't know why exactly, but he was the sh*t when it came to Acid in L.A. this is only "alleged", i'm not saying it's true for legality!

 The closer we got to where we thought Hef was, i began to hear accoustic, unplugged guitars and singing, i recognize the song but am not able to tell you which one although i do remember it's a song sung by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers(incredible name for a rock band). I can see my way over the heads of most of the guests here tonight and in doing so can see Flea, the bassist for the RHCP, who i might add was born in Australia, bopping away like he always does when he's playing his killer bass, and Anthony next to he singing, just the two of them, they were really having fun as was i for i was here, not just here,................ BUT was "totally fu*ked off my face as well"!



Posted by James DeWeaver on 12/2/12 | tags: i was like walking on the moon australian generation x artist James DeWeaver

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