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Ello: Is it Good for Artists?  
9/29/14 Posted 9/29/14

We hate Facebook, but we use it anyways. Its distressing “real name” policy, emotional manipulation for research and the extortion of revenue from small businesses, magazines, non-profits, etc who now must pony up in order for their posts to show in more than 10% of their own fans’ feeds has compounded to make the behemoth social network universally reviled. Unfortunately, no new social media network has come along to take its place. Along comes Ello. Last week, ironically, Twitter... [more]

Showcase Winner: Iori Endo  
9/23/14 Posted 9/23/14

(Image: Iori Endo, Untitled - Lumière, 2014, mixed media on wood, 24 x 24 in.; © Iori Endo) Iori Endo (b. 1987, Tokyo) I am interested in the idea of what makes it a ‘painting.’ My current investigation is to go beyond the physical limitation of canvas, and challenge the boundaries of the traditional understanding of what paintings may be. With emphasis in materiality and physicality, my approach to materials is both controlling and liberated - using its flexibility... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Iliana Tosheva  
8/21/14 Posted 8/21/14

(Image: Iliana Tosheva, Close to Nowhere (Field 101), 13/07/2013, Oil on Paper, 12 X 12 X 0.1 Inches; ©  Iliana Tosheva)   Iliana Tosheva (lives in London) As a person and creator I dislike staying the same size. What has permanently inspired me over the years has always been a fleeting image of a less traditional shape, texture or colour or a blend of the three put together that will take my breath away on a sentimental journey ‘back to nature’ and, most importantly to me, on a journey ba... [more]

Mauro Perucchetti: Catalogue Edition  
Posted 8/6/14

Mauro PerucchettiMixed-media Lives/works in: London, UKWebsite: http://www.mauroperucchetti.comTo purchase contact: Mauro Perucchetti Mauro Perucchetti's body of work combines Conceptual, Minimalist, and Pop Art traditions. A pioneer in the use of resin, he incorporates a variety of mediums such as crystals, chrome, gold and steel, appealing to the eyes and the sense of touch; his work is a mirror of modern day materialistic desires. Mauro’s art takes a critical yet light-hearted appr... [more]

Iori Endo: Catalogue Edition  
Posted 8/5/14

Iori EndoPainting, Sculpture, Mixed Media Lives/works in: London, UKWebsite: http://ioriendo.comTo purchase contact: Iori Endo Iori Endo is a Japanese artist currently based in London, UK. She was born in Tokyo in 1987, moved to the United States at the age of sixteen. She graduated as an Advanced Painting Studio graduate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), where she completed her BFA with a minor in Photography. Endo won Travel Grant and Skyway Photo Contest Honorable Mention in 2008, Nippon Stee... [more]

20140709102918-caroline_jane_harris_-_limb Watchlist Artist: Caroline Jane Harris  
Caroline Jane Harris at Scream 7/9/14 Posted 7/9/14

Scream are proud to present the first solo exhibition by young British artist Caroline Jane Harris. The artist explores the complexities of nature through a labour-intensive paper-cutting technique. Harris is inspired by the natural world and is conscious of the strong yet subtle links between natural life forms and us. She explores the intricacy and beauty of nature, which echo human and man-made systems, by responding to visual phenomena such as geometric, linear and circular motifs found in a... [more]

ArtSlant Prize: Only Two Days Left to Enter Round 4  
7/2/14 Posted 7/2/14

Enrollment for Round 4 closes on July 3rd. That's only two days away! Showcase winners will be announced July 7th. Enter today! Learn more about the ArtSlant Prize 6 Rounds, February - September, 2014 $3 Entry Fee 6 Solo Exhibitions in Chicago Student Prize Track (see below for more details) Lots of exposure on our site and social networks throughout the application and selection process What is the ArtSlant Prize? The ArtSlant Prize is a year-long juried competition culminating in the ArtSlant Prize Exhibiti... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Dale Wilson  
6/10/14 Posted 6/10/14

(Image: Dale Wilson, Sixty Minutes Well Spent #1, 2014, Audio-tape on Board, 84 X 84 X 1.8 Cms; © Dale Wilson) Dale Wilson (b. 1985, Cape Town) My work explores tensions between the obsolete and the reclaimable, the digital and the analogue, the machine-made and the man-made. Strands of audiotape are arranged, overlaid and applied to wooden boards in industrial and decorative motifs, evoking the look of machine printed vinyl sheets. This machine-made aesthetic is at odds with the stea... [more]

New Report Shows Most Artists in the UK Don't Get Paid  
5/26/14 Posted 5/26/14

Shaan Syed, The Cost of Living, 87.9 × 48 cm, 2014, via How many artists are starving? In the UK, probably most. According to figures released today by a new campaign called Paying Artists from a-n The Artists Information Company and AIR Artists Interaction and Representation, most artists in the UK cannot support themselves through their art, are not paid for publicly funded exhibitions, and have to turn down gallery requests that don't pay. Here are the exact numbers according to a survey of more than 1,000 UK artists: 71 percent of artists... [more]

20140518063019-smd0144_s Watchlist Artist: Shaun McDowell  
Shaun McDowell at Hannah Barry Gallery 5/18/14 Posted 5/18/14

"These works speak a language of colour and tell tales of passion ­ the heroics of desire" Shaun McDowell is an accomplished colourist and mark maker. In MOONS MASKS BIRDS DEMONS, he presents a series of seventeen paintings, the result of an extended stay in Tuscany over the course of last summer. There, Shaun was afforded the time and space to work on all the pictures simultaneously, making each individual mark instinctively and incisively. These paintings constitute a potent representat... [more]

20140409164959-08_subway_44_800_507_80_c1 Parts and Labor  
Moyra Davey at Camden Arts Centre April 11th - June 29th
Posted 5/12/14

Phillip Lai and Moyra Davey make a neat double act. At first glance their parallel solo shows at Camden Arts Centre seem worlds apart: Davey's practice is highly personal and heavily image-based, clinging to the walls; Lai's language is sculptural and industrial. Yet this formal disparity masks a shared thematic interest in processes of production, dispersal, displacement, interpretation, and decay. Davey's exhibition, life without sheets of paper to be scribbled on is masterpiece comprises mult... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Simona Ruscheva  
4/27/14 Posted 4/27/14

(Image: Simona Ruscheva, out, 2012, Oil on Canvas, 50 X 70 X 2 Centimeters; © Simona Ruscheva) Simona Ruscheva (b. 1989, Yambol, Bulgaria) I have always been fascinated by horned animals, especially goats, occurring mostly as part of occult rituals and for me they have always had some ethereal and peculiar radiation, as they belong to something slightly different from our world. So this feeling combined with my endless love to human body, as perfect as it is, comes out from me as an ete... [more]

GIFs Are Offish Legit says Saatchi (and it’s pronounced “Motion Photography”)  
4/18/14 Posted 4/18/14

Saatchi Art, the Saatchi Gallery, and Google+ just announced the winners of their first-ever Motion Photography Prize. “Motion Photography” is apparently the high-brow version of a GIF, those low-brow, low-tech repeating videos long enjoyed by Tumblr gurls and basement dwelling neckbeards, and more recently, everyone. They've also already been kind of a thing in the art world—the Pittsburgh collective VIA launched its intense 2014 T.GIF tournament last month and we hosted our own... [more]

Where the girls are: female filmmakers at the 10th London Short Film Festival  
Phil Collins, Rachel Garfield, Uriel Orlow, Larissa Sansour at ICA London May 1st, 2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Posted 7/19/14 [more]

Showcase Watchlist: Ben West  
4/1/14 Posted 4/1/14

(Image: Ben West, Processed ll, 2013, Collage on Card; © Ben West) Ben West (b. 1974, UK) Ben is a multi-disciplinary artist who creates work that is inspired by nature, and is influenced by environmental and ecological issues. His practice explores and defines the traces within the fabric of the natural landscape of mans technologic, economic, and political interaction. The work he creates is invariably encoded with the symbols of human development and intervention. Whilst the images he... [more]

20140313154726-bulltablepainting An Exercise in Looking Closely  
Louise Hopkins at Mummery + Schnelle March 19th - May 10th
Posted 3/26/14

In this exhibition, Louise Hopkins continues her exploration of everyday surfaces, including maps, magazine pages, and photographs. In each case, Hopkins manages to find a way to deal with each surface/object such that it becomes converted into a painting. Her works on maps are a case in point. For one work, she has painted over all the countries on the map with blue paint, matching the blue of the sea. On first seeing the work, you encounter a monochromatic painting. Closer inspection reveals t... [more]

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