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3/31/20 Posted 3/5/09

         Hello frends! I am an artist. My roots take place in St.Petersburg, which has great architecture, culture and history that influenced me once and forever. Today, in the times of technical progress, mass production and new artificial materials I search for inspiration in the foundation of the Arts - old Russian Orthodox icons, Renaissance and folk cultures. I seek out look for new shapes and images within my themes using different materials, but my favorite is glass for its plasticity and abi... [more]

The $140 Million Dollar Eulogy  
3/30/15 Posted 3/30/15

By Reed V. Horth for Robin Rile Fine Art 2015 Estate of Pablo Picasso/Artists Rights Society (ARS),New York A few days ago, my wife’s Linkedin Profile boasted this photo of Pablo Picasso’s 1955 masterpiece “Les Femmes d’Algers, Version O“, which is estimated to fetch over $140m at the upcoming Christie’s New York auction on 11 May. For me, it was like seeing an old friend. Her face had been drunk in and every nuance studied when I was a young art historian holed up in... [more]

Susan Scafati Shoots Portraits from SXSW 2015  
3/30/15 Posted 3/30/15

Many thanks to Photo District News online for their news coverage about the recent portraiture work I did during SXSW ! Austin, Texas-based contemporary art photographer Susan Scafati recently shot portraits during South by Southwest (SXSW) — the annual music, film, and interactive festival — from her hometown neighborhood in Austin, Texas. “This is one of my favorite experiences in Austin,” Scafati says. Scafati is drawn to the way that the city transforms itself into a mecca of fes... [more]

Opening reception - Jenő Eugéne Detvay Youtube channel  
Gábor Enikõ, Detvay Jeno Eugène, Kecskés Péter at MET Gallery March 21st - April 7th
Posted 3/24/15

A MET galéria Háromszög című sorozatának első kiállítása"PROCESS": Gábor Enikő, Detvay Jenő, Kecskés PéterA kiállítást megnyitotta: Nagy Zopán költő, író, fotográfus [more]

Final Weekend to Submit to The Figure, The ArtisTTable's Next Show  
3/13/15 Posted 3/13/15

This weekend will be the last chance you have to submit your art to the ArtisTTable’s Figure show. The Deadline for this juried online exhibition is 15 March. Cash Prizes will be awarded to the Juror’s top choice in each of 4 categories: Women that make ART of the Female Form, Women that make ART of the Male Form, Men that make ART of the Female Form, Men that make ART of the Male Form. Register online today: Contact Information: info@Ari... [more]

Call For Small Work for the ArtisTTable 2LITTLE Show at Richard App Gallery  
3/11/15 Posted 3/11/15

The ArtisTTable is seeking submissions for the Second Annual International Juried Small Works Show at Richard App Gallery - 2 LITTLE. Last year the ArtisTTable partnered with the Richard App Gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the response from was great from Europe and around the US as well as the expected local Michigan artist community. Grand Rapids, Michigan has been much more of an arts destination than anyone thought for years with its museums and festivals, but it was advent of ArtPrize t... [more]

Nothing like the real thing  
3/7/15 Posted 3/7/15

At least I can say I am in the stream. As careers go, "they" want you to have consistent showings. This adds credibility to your portfolio. It also insures that the flavor you are selling is something other people have already tried. So I am thankful, gratefull for these opportunities. Though I confess, I always am at a loss at these affairs. Again it is like speed dateing, What are you supposed to say? I should think of a script or just talk about each piece like it is one of my chi... [more]

2/28/15 Posted 2/28/15

PRESS RELEASE BY MARYSIA ZIPSER - ACT GROUP The exciting new “Ghost Bus” visual art project by Roberto Alborghetti – Italian journalist, writer and visual artist – is now touring the world wide web over the next two months attracting many admirers along the way. This itinerant “modern art gallery” is culminating in a special short films premiere and social gathering on Friday 27 March at 6.30pm at Bartons Plc, Chilwell High Road, Nottingham, to which... [more]

Andrea da Montefeltro riceve il Premio Critica 2015 – Accademia Santa Sara  
2/25/15 Posted 2/25/15

Critica presente sul catalogo Europart – febbraio 2015. A cura del critico e storico dell’arte Cav. Flavio De Gregorio. L’opera “Scienza 23.5° Religione” si aggiudica il premio della critica 2015 dell’Accademia Santa Sara. “In relazione ai fatti e alle reattive testimonianze grafiche da cui scaturiscono essenziali elementi plastici, nella scultura realizzata dal giovane Andrea da Montefeltro, sono sommate tutte le risultanze estetiche con... [more]

Allegorical Painting "Birds and Men"  
2/25/15 Posted 2/25/15

I don't consider myself as a colorist; yet, sometimes, I managed to utilize some vibrant colors to create paintings with vibrant colors, bold, striking, yet harmonious, such as my 2003 oil painting, Birds and Men. Birds and Men / 鳥與人 / Vögel und Menschen Oil on Canvas 30" x 40" 2003 With that painting, and several others made in 2003, I started my Apocalypse Series, intended to document human sufferings inflicted by reckless or repressive political, religious or cultural forces. The di... [more]

Art Exhibition Sa Francisco 2015. Fine Art Gallery. Arttitud San Francisco.  
2/11/15 Posted 2/11/15

Art Exhibition Sa Francisco 2015. Fine Art Gallery. Arttitud San Francisco. International and American artists - Mikhail Shemyakin, Sergey Konstantinov, Alexey Vladimirov, Victoria Kovalenchikova. Arttitud will be reopen at new location 1121 Howard street San Francisco. Bringing the world's most timeless designers and artists to lovers of art design everywhere. Breathtaking design makes the world a more beautiful place. Create your dreamsby visiting Arttitud. [more]

Art Exhibition Sa Francisco 2015.  
2/8/15 Posted 2/8/15

Fine Art Gallery. Arttitud San Francisco. International and American artists - Mikhail Shemyakin, Sergey Konstantinov, Alexey Vladimirov, Victoria Kovalenchikova. Nude. Painting Sergey Konstantinov. Fine Art Gallery San Francisco. Fine Art Gallery. Arttitud San Francisco. International and American artists - Mikhail Shemyakin, Sergey Konstantinov, Alexey Vladimirov, Victoria Kovalenchikova. 1121 Howard street San Francisco. [more]

Artist As Mother  
2/5/15 Posted 2/5/15

RUTH CHASE The hardest part of motherhood was that everything that makes me an artist, making motherhood that much harder for me. My daughter started off colicky, never wanting to go to anyone else. She constantly was nursing to soothe herself, and only wanted to be on me, without stimulation whatsoever from the outside world. This lasted for 4 years. During this time I felt isolated, confused, and completely out of my league being her mother. It took many years, books, and couches to figure out what... [more]

Rolling earth cube rock  
2/1/15 Posted 2/1/15


Zakkir Hussain at GALLERYSKE - Bangalore January 17th - February 27th
Posted 1/21/15

Zakir Hussain’s latest works at Gallery SKE in Bangalore is a wonderful presentation of works to understand that originality can only be claimed as an unclaimed, seen as the other in the final omnipresent grand narrative of itself. The claim to originality that his works make in the beginning is by having a title ‘no title’. This is very interesting as the self proclamation of having no title negates the presence of the trace of the past. If there is any coincide... [more]

But I am not a pop song  
1/20/15 Posted 1/20/15

Eventually, a recognized artists becomes popular; generally admired by the people, or by some people. I have not reached that common precipice. I am still anonymous and recieve my rejections quietly like all of my peers. Three rejections in a week, not uncommon, but smarts a little more than finding out the morning after you bought a lottery ticket that you didn't actually win. Some bets are laid with more belief and some with a little bit of hope. All of them are thrown to the universe with... [more]

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