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3/31/20 Posted 3/5/09

         Hello frends! I am an artist. My roots take place in St.Petersburg, which has great architecture, culture and history that influenced me once and forever. Today, in the times of technical progress, mass production and new artificial materials I search for inspiration in the foundation of the Arts - old Russian Orthodox icons, Renaissance and folk cultures. I seek out look for new shapes and images within my themes using different materials, but my favorite is glass for its plasticit... [more]

Effectively Ineffective: Matthew Barney’s Drawing Restraint at the Art Gallery of Ontario   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Matthew Barney at Art Gallery of Ontario May 31st - September 28th
Posted 9/12/14

The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) is currently holding an exhibition of video works by American artist, Matthew Barney. The works belong to Drawing Restraint—a long-term, ongoing project Barney started in 1987. Thus far, he has produced nineteen installments in the series, of which three—Drawing Restraint 2 (1988), 6 (1989) and 17 (2010)—are looped on display. The exhibition similarly unfolds in three parts. The Show The gallery’s visitors may harbor the expectation to imm... [more]

The Importance of Being Awkward at Portland's Time Based Arts Festival   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
at Portland Institute of Contemporary Art September 11th - September 24th
Posted 9/10/14

Awkwardness is arguably a failure in a relationship to the terms of interaction. In our hyper-mediated 21st century we live increasingly curated lives where each action or image is constructed for specific, often distinct, audiences. We have become skilled at navigating multiple modes of communication and mediated performance that resist the risks of connection. Cautious of the misstep, we compartmentalize to avoid the slip into reading from the wrong script, preaching to the wrong choir—v... [more]

Mihail Chemiakin, Sergey Konstantinov. Arttitud San Francisco.  
9/8/14 Posted 9/8/14

Painting. Mihail Chemiakin, Sergey Konstantinov. Arttitud San Francisco. Painting. Mihail Chemiakin, Sergey Konstantinov. Arttitud San Francisco. Painting. Mihail Chemiakin, Sergey Konstantinov. Arttitud San Francisco. [more]

Required Viewing – Chicago: Pictures for a Generation   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Posted 9/5/14

Of the multitude of exhibitions opening this September in Chicago, one stands—or falls—singularly into view. A complete series of work by Maccarone artist Sarah Charlesworth that helped to define the Pictures Generation will be shown for the first time at the Art Institute of Chicago. The series, entitled Stills, features figures falling from great heights, suspended in front of buildings that function more as a frame than as a backdrop—static yet tense. Teasing the weight and re... [more]

Gorgeous Fetish at the Asian Art Museum  
9/4/14 Posted 9/4/14

The other night I went to an event that combines a few of my favorite things: floral design, performance art, dance, and sex. The SF Asian Art Museum showcased the event, Evoco, performed by artists Midori, Lady Samar, and Three. This is what happened – oh yeah, and it’s all going on with intense trance music, spun by DJ Rock in the background: -Three and Lady Samar are positioned on a low stage, which is covered in flowers, in the center of a pretty big room with high ceiling... [more]

Interview by Miyuki Inoue, Bushwick Daily  
9/2/14 Posted 9/2/14

Japanese Artists Who Call Bushwick Home Appreciate its Freedom Posted By : Miyuki Inoue Posted Date : 8.08.14 Sophia Chizuco in her studio (All photos by Miyuki Inoue for Bushwick Daily) If you were born amongst the blossoming cherry trees of Japan where sculpture, ink painting and calligraphy traditions go all the way back to 10th millennium BC, would you ever consider moving to …Bushwick? Well, several Japanese artists did, and we spoke with three of them about their Bushwick beginni... [more]

Me and Mrs. Rosenberg  
9/1/14 Posted 9/1/14

I used to live in a high rise apartment building in Chicago, Illinois that had an overwhelmingly large population of Jewish widows. I ended up becoming quite friendly with many of them. Cookie, Thelma, Harriet, Eleanor. A veritable stable of adopted Bubbies. I recently finished writing a fictionalized short story of some of these ladies for issue three of Majestic Disorder magazine. They were and are darling yentas, who elevated matzo ball soup to pure delight. My favorite part of my days spent in... [more]

“Flakes are not for Black Men”  
8/31/14 Posted 8/31/14

Eko Dialogue—written by Joy Isi Bewaji as a novella and adapted for the stage by Crown Troupe of Africa—is so enjoyable I have seen it two out of two times it has been performed. It is a Lagos story that trumps all other Lagos stories, a fast-paced telling (and showing) of the peculiar lifestyle and social dynamics that are a daily reality in Nigeria’s commercial and artistic capital. When I first see the play, I walk into the venue (Forks & Fingers, Ikeja) at the point near the beginning when the actors are rehashin... [more]

David Bowie Is: Star Power – An Interview with Michael Darling   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
at Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) September 23rd - January 4th, 2015
Posted 8/29/14

David Bowie Is, coming to the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago in just a few weeks, is unprecedented to the extent that it is the first massive solo show the MCA has ever given to a musician. But as James W. Alsdorf Chief Curator Michael Darling discusses below, he was drawn to the exhibition because Bowie emulates the blending of media, the crossing over of disciplines he finds so relevant to contemporary artists’ practices. Darling was kind enough to sit down with me this month and ex... [more]

On Art-Athina Art Fair  
8/28/14 Posted 8/28/14

Art-Athina (International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens) took place on 15-18 May at Faliro Pavilion (TaeKwonDo Stadium) for the 19th time in Athens. Collecting the Images of the Sensible: Artworks from Turkey’s Collectors curated by Beral Madra and me besides the collection titled Pistoletto Rist by Daskalopoulos were two of the parallel events of the fair. Being one of the cities experiencing the impact of the economic crisis most dramatically in Greece, Athens had the depressing atmosp... [more]

Excerpts from "Verso"  
8/27/14 Posted 8/27/14

Exhibeted at Pure Surface, a performance series in Portland, Ore. where movement, text, and film happen together in the spirit of improvised collaboration. for Corrine, my sister May 5, 1975 - October 13, 1984 Two children die as I-84 rock slide hits car Yesterday on interstate 84 about 10 miles east of Cascade Locks when the car in which they were riding was struck by falling rocks. Hospital officials identified the dead as Jacob Peterson, 8, of Troutdale, and his cousin, Corrine Herrera, 9, of Gresham. Randy Herrera, 7, of Gresham, was not injured. —The Sunday Oregonian, October... [more]

Art and the Environment in East-Central Europe Introduction - from a special issue of ARTMargins  
8/27/14 Posted 8/27/14

Art and the Environment in East-Central Europe is an editorial project born from interviews and other forms of interaction with artists and cultural producers concerned, in one way or another, with the idea and the material reality of what goes by the name of the "natural environment." In the different pieces collected within this project, the term "environment" unfolds into a broad variety of concepts and artistic practices that do not, and should not, become homogenized. A survey rather than... [more]

Try Not to Let the Man Get You Down: Emily Mast at Night  
8/27/14 Posted 8/27/14

By Lindsay Preston Zappas Emilyi Mast, ENDE, at Night Gallery The large garage door swung open, and crowds of hiply dressed people, Tecates in hand, swarmed into Los Angeles’ Night Gallery to witness Emily Mast’s performance ENDE, last Saturday. The crowds were met by an array of props, hanging lights, tape on the floor demarcating the performance space, and Emily holding a microphone; dressed in beige corduroys and a brown t-shirt. The crowd settled into place around the... [more]

RELIGION . P$YCHEDELIC$ . HIP HOP   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Chen Tianzhuo(陈天灼) at BANK @ MABSOCIETY July 19th - August 31st
Posted 8/23/14

Beijing based artist Chen Tianzhuo’s new solo show, “PICNIC PARADI$E BITCH,” at the Bank Gallery in Shanghai is not to be missed. On the second floor of what appears to be an old worn down British style building is an exhibition that will send your mind tripping on Cantonese dwarf rappers, transsexual gangsters, marijuana induced hallucinations, and live carnal performances involving My Little Pony tail butt plugs. The young artist received his undergraduate degree in graphic design at... [more]

Theory of the Selfie - Hyperallergic  
8/20/14 Posted 8/20/14

CHICAGO — recently announced that ‘selfie’ is their new Word of the Year, moving it beyond sanctified slang in the Urban Dictionary. Defining it as a “photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website,” Oxford Dictionaries notes that usage of the term ‘selfie’ increased by 17,000 percent in the last year. The Selfie Theory posits that as we increasingly live in public... [more]

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