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New Image Art Gallery

September 24th - October 15th That Aint Gold, That’s A Soul
Frohawk Two Feathers
September 24th - October 15th Pride and Prejudice
Andrea Chung
Aug, 2016 If It Floats…
Luke Pelletier
Jul, 2016 Laugh Now Cry Now
Alex Gardner
May, 2016 Pow Wow
Jaque Fragua
Feb, 2016 Like Two Ships In The Night
Sandy Kim, Andrea Sonnenberg
Feb, 2016 Little Joy
Andrea Nakhla
Jan, 2016 Clusterfuck 3
Tracey Snelling
Nov, 2015 The Thrill of Victory The Agony of Defeat : Sports in Contemporary Art
Patrick Martinez
Oct, 2015 Super Soakher
Monica Kim Garza
Sep, 2015 Mad Props Street Cred
Anthony Lister
Aug, 2015 Tourist Seizin'
Luke Pelletier
Jul, 2015 SWIM 1
Jun, 2015 California Fantasy
Meegan Barnes, Meagan Boyd, Raul de Nieves, Peter Makela, MYMO, Lola Rose Thompson
May, 2015 Get This Power
Yarrow Slaps
Apr, 2015 Artist Discussion: Forbidden Fruit
Patrick Martinez
Apr, 2015 Forbidden Fruit
Patrick Martinez
Mar, 2015 Overgrown
Mtendere Mandowa
Feb, 2015 Everything's Cool and Nothing Sucks
Kristen Liu-Wong, John F. Malta, Luke Pelletier
Nov, 2014 Ombre
Sabio, Skullphone
Oct, 2014 Disposable: A Photo Show
John Cardiel, Any Frederick, Rob G, Haroshi, Keith Hufnagel, Robbie Jeffers, Atiba Jefferson, Morgnar, Will Nichols, Graham Nystrom, Estevan Oriol, Posdnuos, Rob-Jest, Skypage, Teebs
Sep, 2014 Chaos Pays
Sep, 2014 Lecture and Q & A
Neck Face
Aug, 2014 Drinking On The Job
Neck Face
Jul, 2014 Natural Balance
P-Jay Fidler, Mel Kadel, Gosha Levochkin, Travis Millard, Jason Redwood, Lucien Shapiro
Jun, 2014 In Your Face
Shaun Black, Sandy Kim, Stacy Kranitz, Sagan Lockhart, Jaimie Warren
Apr, 2014 This Crazy Life
GREGORY BOJORQUEZ, Patrick Martinez, Michael Vasquez
Feb, 2014 End of Days
Cleon Peterson
Dec, 2013 Walking Home
Michelle Guintu
Oct, 2013 Gone Tomorrow
Richard Colman
Oct, 2013 "THX" Closing Party
Xara Thurstra
Sep, 2013 THX
Xara Thurstra, Xara Thustra
Sep, 2013 No Mercy for the Weak
Neck Face
Jul, 2013 Dark Beach
Tom Adler, Will Adler, Dion Agius, Kyle Albers, Alexis Amann, Kevin Ancell, Susanne Melanie Berry, Demi Boelsterli, Ben Brough, David Carson, Russell Crotty, Devin Dailey, Nicole Dodson, Gothic Dolphins, Vince Felix, Greyson Fletcher, Brenden Grace, Cesar Ancelle Hansen, Jeff Ho, Ratty Matty, Kassia Meador, Evan Mendel, Jordan Minardi, Thibaut Paruite, Thom Pringle, Bella Serrell, Craig Stecyk, Shawn Stussy, Sean Tully
Jun, 2013 Tonight We Fight!
Nathan Brown, Dillon Froelich, Michael Hsiung, Miles Jackson, Ben Jensen, Teddy Kelly, John Malta, Eric McHenry, MILDRED, Sean Morria, Pacolli, Luke Pelletier, Yarrow Slaps
Jun, 2013 Transitions
Chad Muska
Apr, 2013 Black & White
Tofer Chin, Brett Cody Rogers, Misha Hollenbach
Mar, 2013 Group Show
Devendra Barnhardt, Andy Davis, Dobrin, Emuse, JOHN MCCAMBRIDGE, Jay Nelson, Ray Potes, Jason Roberts, Jessika Wood
Feb, 2013 Early Romantics
Paul Wackers
Jan, 2013 3 Cowboys, 2 Drugs, and a Skater
Holly Hein & Bryson Brooks, Christopher Cascio, Marc Cross, Chad Muska, Panda Sex
Dec, 2012 California Photography Now
GREGORY BOJORQUEZ, Curtis Buchanan, Neck Face, Jerry Hsu, Todd Jordan, Sandy Kim, Sagan Lockhart, Kevin Long, Tino Razo, Retna, Jen “JR” Reynolds, Teen Witch
Oct, 2012 Catharsis
Sep, 2012 Here Comes Purple
Megan Whitmarsh
Chris Lux, Augustus Thompson
Jul, 2012 Simply the Worst
Neck Face
Jun, 2012 The Goblin Universe
Michelle Devereux, Matt Furie
Apr, 2012 High Five
Maya Hayuk, Curtis Kulig, Ashley Macomber, Vanessa Prager, Deanna Templeton
Apr, 2012 Vans Syndicate Presents "Twenty"
Anthony Acosta, Ben Colen, Lance Dawes, Atiba Jefferson, Bryce Kanights, Gabe Morford, Mike O'Meally, Luke Ogden, Rhino, Dave Swift, Jai Tanju
Anthony Lister
Jan, 2012 Look into it - if you know how...
Rich Jacobs
Jan, 2012 Move
Jeff Canham, James Gallagher, Amanda Marsalis, Aya Muto, Kelly Nicholson, Orion Shepherd, Billy Sprague, Sandy Yang
Dec, 2011 DRUGS Crew
Oct, 2011 Pure Logo
Evan Gruzis, Curtis Kulig, Takeshi Murata, Cleon Peterson, Skullphone, Paul Wackers, Hugh Ziegler
Sep, 2011 2 of Amerikas Most Wanted
Neck Face, Fuck This Life
Jul, 2011 Burn Off
Owen Schmit, Paul Wackers
Jun, 2011 It's Still Life
Suzannah Sinclair, Augustus Thompson
Jun, 2011 Project Room: Instant Messaging
Annie Vought
May, 2011 TWIN
Apr, 2011 Ladyboy
Judith Supine
Feb, 2011 Mola Salsa
David Ellis
Nov, 2010 Daybreak
Cleon Peterson
Oct, 2010 Ménage à trois
Susan Melanie Berry, Steve Olson, Craig Stecyk
Sep, 2010 Now I Remember
Aron Bondaroff, Curtis Buchanan, Jerry Hsu, Todd Jordan, Kevin Long, Neckface, Tino Razo, Jen “JR” Reynolds
Aug, 2010 Bingo Night in the Promised Land
Miss Bugs, Hips and Hair, Rekko Rennie
Jul, 2010 Total Eclipse
Kelsey Brookes, Kime Buzzelli, Albert Reyes
May, 2010 Keep Out The Light
Richard Colman
Apr, 2010 It Takes Two to Make an Accident
Sean Cassidy, Paul Wackers
Mar, 2010 Retna: Desaturated
Feb, 2010 2THEWALL
Ashkahn, Devendra Banhart, Janette Beckman, Christopher Bettig, Kime Buzzelli, Deanne Cheuk, Katsuo Design, Buro Destruct, Nick Egan, Matt Furie, Milton Glaser, Kaseem Green, Reluctant Hero, Jeremyville, Mel Kadel, Bob Kronbauer, William Lemon III, Michael Leon, Lisa Levine, Andy Meuller, Travis Millard, Steve Nishimoto, Anthony Peters, Albert Reyes, Clare Rojas, Nat Russell, Sho, David Shrigley, Misato Suzuki, Frohawk Two-Feathers, Steph Walker, Bernard Walters, Kelly D. Williams
Jan, 2010 Put Your Finger On The Button - A Female Photography Show
Susanne Melanie Berry, Taylor Brittenham, Cheryl Dunn, Brandy Eve, Laura Flippen, Jeaneen Lund, Amanda Marsalis, Kassia Meador, Alex Prager, Ashira Siegel, Deanna Templeton, Rebecca Wright
Nov, 2009 14 Artists
Richard Colman, Lori D., The Date Farmers, Erik Foss, Jordin Isip, Dennis McNett, My Mo, Cleon Peterson, Eddie Ruscha, Skullphone, Judith Supine, Paul Wackers, Kellesimone Waits
Sep, 2009 And Then the Wind Changed
Anthony Lister
Jul, 2009 The Way Things Are Looking
Suzannah Sinclair
Jul, 2009 Deep In The Hole I Own You
Kime Buzzelli
Jun, 2009 Constant Flow
David Ellis
Antonio Trecel Diaz, Neck Face, Aaron Johnson, Ben Jones, Gino Perez, Cleon Peterson, Judith Supine
May, 2009 Horse Radish
Feb, 2009 yeah the fucking crap of life
Christopher Forgues, Matt Furie, Megan Whitmarsh
Jan, 2009 The Occupation
Cleon Peterson
Kelsey Brookes
Oct, 2008 The Swimming Pool
Deanna Templeton
Oct, 2008 Ghosts 'n Garlands (in the Project Room)
Hadassah Emmerich
Aug, 2008 Cannibal Carnival
Jul, 2008 I MAY BE RIGHT & I MAY BE WRONG BUT YOUR GONNA MISS ME WHEN I'M GONE; Notes on Building a Time Machine
Jun, 2008 Ginger
Tauba Auerbach, Devendra Banhart, Sean Cassidy, Nico Dios, Kyle Field, Antti Laitinen, Leigh Ledare, Keegan McHargue, Cleon Peterson
Jun, 2008 Project Room: Fake Indian
Jim Brown
Apr, 2008 Quit Your Sobbing and Call Me in the Morning
Anthony Lister
Feb, 2008 Drown Your Boats
Jan, 2008 Poster Renaissance 2
Group Show
Nov, 2007 Your Today is Their Tomorrow
The Gothic Dolphins, Alex Kopps
Nov, 2007 voyage of the R'ship
Alexis Amann
Nov, 2007 Vans Sky Gallery Exhibition
Group Show
Sep, 2007 In Full Cry
Group Show
Aug, 2007 Devilwood
Jul, 2007 The Wall
Herbert Baglione
Jul, 2007 Project Room: Judith Supine
Judith Supine
Jun, 2007 Brodeo
Bast, Kelsey Brooks, David Ellis, Date Farmers, Evan Hecox, Cody Hudson, Eddie Martinez, Cleon Peterson, Eric White
Jun, 2007 Project Room- The Gas Station Series
Apr, 2007 Memory is a Vacuum
Sean Cassidy
Mar, 2007 Lovesick and Vanishing
Kime Buzzelli
Mar, 2007 Project Room-- Lesson 1: The Modern Woman's Guide to Booty Dancing--Miami Style
Stephanie Hutin
Jan, 2007 The Burning House
David Ellis, Faile, Swoon
Dec, 2006 Hey There Lonely Girl
Caroline Hwang, Suzannah Sinclair
Dec, 2006 Beyond
Jordan Bennett, Evah Fan, Frank Haines, Joseph Hart, Jung Hong, Cody Hudon, Rich Jacobs, Eddie Martinez, Josh Slater
Oct, 2006 California Cryptozoic
Megan Whitmarsh
Jan, 1999 the bathroom show
Ron Athey, Davis and Davis, Shepard Fairey, Gordy Grundy, Ed Templeton

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