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Edward Cella Art & Architecture

Aug, 2016 TRUE NORTH
Manny Krakowski
Aug, 2016 Maranasati
David Horvitz
Jun, 2016 Richard Prince: The Douglas Blair Turnbaugh Collection (1977-1988)
Richard Prince
Apr, 2016 In the Blink of an Eye
Adam Berg
Mar, 2016 Mara De Luca: Driving Sunset
Mara De Luca
Jan, 2016 New Works
David Hicks and Chris Trueman
Sep, 2014 6018 Wilshire
Mar, 2014 Mark Harrington: Broken - Ground
Mark Harrington
Jan, 2014 Joshua Aster: Innerverse
Joshua Aster
Jan, 2014 Paint Object
Spencer Lewis
Nov, 2013 Mary Heebner: The Venus Paintings
Mary Heebner
Sep, 2013 Alex Slade: What City Pattern? (Revision 2)
Alex Slade
Jun, 2013 streetseasky: R. Nelson Parrish
R. Nelson Parrish
May, 2013 Consensual
Adam Berg
Mar, 2013 Stev Schmidt: Gyres
Steve Schmidt
Mar, 2013 Claire Baker: SunBody
Claire Baker
Jan, 2013 New Work
Cathy Daley
Nov, 2012 New Pots and Sculptures
Adam Silverman
Sep, 2012 GONE
Penelope Gottlieb
Sep, 2012 Ruth Pastine: Counterpoint
Ruth Pastine
Jun, 2012 Donnie Molls: Disposable Culture
Donnie Molls
Jun, 2012 On Restoring Modernism: The Purist and The Pragmatist
Michael Boyd
May, 2012 In Conversation: Michael Boyd with Michael Webb
Michael Boyd
Apr, 2012 PLANEfurniture
Michael Boyd
Feb, 2012 Death and Life of an Object
Lynn Aldrich, Laurie Frick, and Tim Hawkinson
Nov, 2011 Refraction
George Legrady
Oct, 2011 In Conversation with Lisa Melandri and artists: Adam Berg, Wilder Buck, R. Nelson Parrish
Adam Berg, Wilder Buck, R. Nelson Parrish
Sep, 2011 In Conversation with Marlena Donohue and artists: Deborah Aschheim, Elana Mann, Alex Slade, Chris Wilder
Deborah Aschheim, Elana Mann, Alex Slade, Chris Wilder
Sep, 2011 Embroid, Embroil; a stitch in time saves what?
Elana Mann
Sep, 2011 Some City Angels
Deborah Aschheim, Adam Berg, Wilder Buck, Kate Harding, Elana Mann, R. Nelson Parrish, Alex Slade, Chris Wilder
Jul, 2011 In Conversation with Flora Kao, Adam Silverman, and Michael Whiting
Flora Kao, Adam Silverman, and Michael Whiting
Jul, 2011 In Conversation with Mary Heebner, Brian Hollister, and Steve Schmidt
Mary Heebner, Brian Hollister, and Steve Schmidt
Leo Saul Berk, Davis Birks, Cris Bruch, Mary Heebner, Brian Hollister, Flora Kao, Steve Schmidt, Adam Silverman, Michael Whiting
May, 2011 In Conversation: Marlena Donohue, Jean Michel Crettaz, and Dr. Rob Spruijt
Apr, 2011 In Conversation: Jo Lauria and Brad Miller
Apr, 2011 Brad Miller: Primordial Algorithms
Feb, 2011 Laurie Frick: Sleep Patterns
Laurie Frick
Oct, 2010 William Eggleston: American Photographer
William Eggleston
Oct, 2010 Baroque Modernism: An Uneasy Alliance of Power and Culture
Norman Klein and Margo Bistis
Sep, 2010 In Conversations: Meg Linton and Tom Leeser with Deborah Aschheim
Deborah Aschheim
Sep, 2010 Deborah Aschheim: Nostalgia for the Future
Deborah Aschheim
May, 2010 In Conversations: Mark Harrington and Susan Landauer
Mark Harrington
May, 2010 Mark Harrington: Depth of Field
Mark Harrington
May, 2010 In Conversation: Frances Anderton and Frederick Fisher
Frederick Fisher
Apr, 2010 Thinking by Hand
Frederick Fisher
Apr, 2010 Brian Hollister: Recent Works
Brian Hollister
Mar, 2010 Illustrated Lecture: History of Women Artists in America
Dr. Judy Larson
Mar, 2010 Intimacies/ Intimismos
Mary Heebner
Jan, 2010 Blind Handshake: Contemporary Artmaking and its Critical Response
David Humphrey, Benjamin Weissman
Jan, 2010 New Photographic Drawings
Gerald Incandela
Nov, 2009 Cathy Daley: Dance
Cathy Daley
Oct, 2009 R. Nelson Parrish: Surface Tension
R. Nelson Parrish
Sep, 2009 Limitless
Ruth Pastine
Aug, 2009 Drawings and Objects by Architects
Carlos Diniz, Frank Gehry, Richard Neutra, Lebbeus Woods, Frank Lloyd Wright
May, 2009 Transforming Photography: Redefining the Material Nature of Photography
Isidro Blasco, Ben Dean, Mary Heebner, Gerald Incandela, George Legrady, Joni Sternbach, Joan Tanner, Ethan Turpin, Thomas Zika
May, 2009 Joni Sternbach: Surfland Publication Release and Book Signing
Joni Sternbach
Jan, 2009 Mark Harrington: East / West
Mark Harrington
Nov, 2008 George Legrady: Stardust
George Legrady
Oct, 2008 Cathedrals of Commerce
Ann Diener
Aug, 2008 Southern California Modern (Special Event)
Carlos Diniz, Edward A. Killingsworth
Aug, 2008 Visualizing a New Los Angeles: Architectural Renderings of Carlos Diniz 1962-1992
Carlos Diniz
Jul, 2008 Rick Stich: A Gallery Talk with the Artist
Rick Stich
Jun, 2008 Rick Stich: Water Mirrors
Rick Stich
Apr, 2008 Glam: Exploring Constructions of Fashion, Glamour, and Femininity through Photography
Richard Avedon, John Baldessari, Irving Penn, Cindy Sherman
Feb, 2008 Hybrid Variations
Gary Lang
Jan, 2008 Kofi Cole's African Miniatures: Processes and their Original Contexts
Kofi Cole
Jan, 2008 Curiosities
Richard Aber, Kofi Cole, Peter Cole, Franco Mondini-Ruiz, Cecilia Paredes, Joan Tanner, Ethan Turpin, Pauline Wiertz, Miriam Wosk
Nov, 2007 Surfland
Joni Sternbach
Nov, 2007 David Florimbi: New Photographs of Paintings
David Florimbi
Sep, 2007 Lawrence Gipe: Frontier Defense Images of Surveillance
Lawrence Gipe
Sep, 2007 Gerald Incandela: Equine Expressions/New Photographic Drawings
Gerald Incandela
Aug, 2007 Impression: Contemporary/Modern Prints 1960—today
Jun, 2007 Gallery Talk - Collecting Contemporary Photography
Thomas Zika
Jun, 2007 Bathers
Thomas Zika
Jun, 2007 Summer Pop
Robert Heckes

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