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June 4th - June 4th, 2017 The Artists' Library
Sarah BEADLE, Walead Beshty, Carolina Caycedo, Valentina Desideri, Victoria Fu, Charles Gaines, Pablo Helguera, Chris Kraus, Dan Levenson, Candice Lin, Shana Lutker, Dave Muller, Warren Neidich
Jul, 2016 Massimo Minimalismo
Antonio Adriano Puleo
Jul, 2016 Artifact
Landon Ross
Jun, 2016 Seeing Signs
Kristin Calabrese
Jun, 2016 So I Went To A Place
Joshua Aster
Jun, 2016 SHOWROOM
Jillian Mayer
Apr, 2016 Collaborative Exhibition
Karl Haendel, Tony Lewis
Feb, 2016 William Leavitt: Behavior
William Leavitt
Dec, 2015 Mindscapes
Kelly Lamb
Dec, 2015 HOLO in Collaboration with Jess Arndt
Alexander May
Nov, 2015 LAXART 10 Year Anniversary
Sep, 2015 Pains
Melanie Schiff
Sep, 2015 LA-LIKE: Prospecting Palm Fronds
Zoe Crosher
Sep, 2015 To Be Titled (Additive Sculpture, Rampart Tile Wall #1)
Mark Hagen
Sep, 2015 Vessels
Galia Linn
Jun, 2015 Drawings
Kate Costello
Jun, 2015 Amateurs
Robert Russell
Jun, 2015 Equal Not Equal
Warren Neidich
Apr, 2015 Vanishing Point
Rob Reynolds
Apr, 2015 The Underground Museum
Mar, 2015 2015 LAXART UNGALA
Mar, 2015 Remembering Forward: Conversations on Photography (March 22)
Rhea Anastas, Shannon Ebner, Victoria Fu, John Houck, Ryan Linkof, Gina Osterloh, Olivier Richon, Kim Schoen, Chris Sharp, A.L. Steiner, John Tain
Mar, 2015 Remembering Forward: Conversations on Photography (March 8)
Becky Beasley, Phil Chang, Zoe Crosher, Jibade-Khalil Huffman, Farrah Karapetian, James Nisbet, Matthew Poole, John Stezaker, Joanna Szupinska-Myers
Jan, 2015 Remembering Deep River: Resistance is Futile Except when it Isn’t
Jan, 2015 Morococha
Eamon Ore-Giron
Jan, 2015 A Fireplace and its Mirror
Rochele Gomez
Jan, 2015 A Most Imperfect Understanding, a Most Slanted Manner
Timo Fahler
Nov, 2014 Half Distance
D.E. May
Nov, 2014 Happy Soul
Sanya Kantarovsky
Sep, 2014 Antigone and The Gates of Damascus
Mark Boulos
Jul, 2014 Solo Exhibition
Orit Raff
Jul, 2014 Solo Exhibition
Nir Evron
May, 2014 Solo Exhibition
Wyatt Kahn
May, 2014 Field Paintings
Jennifer Guidi
May, 2014 Impersonations
Ieva Misevičiūtė
May, 2014 A Discussion with Joshua Decter and LA Book Launch
Mar, 2014 Fantastic LA
Rebecca Morris
Mar, 2014 Paseo de los Melancólicos
Jan, 2014 New Camera
Brendan Fowler
Jan, 2014 This Morbid Roundtrip from Subject to Object
Isabelle Cornaro
Nov, 2013 Public Lecture: Notes on the “Brain” at dOCUMENTA 13
Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev
Nov, 2013 Solo Exhibition
Sam Falls
Nov, 2013 A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats
Sean Shim-Boyle
Sep, 2013 Clothed Ascension
Chris Lipomi
Sep, 2013 Rozoj
Jedediah Ceasar
Jul, 2013 Listeria
Justin Beal
Jul, 2013 Texture/Parameter
Samantha Thomas
Jul, 2013 Sticks + Stereotypes
Margaret Morgan
Harun Farocki, Alexander Gutke, Dexter Sinister
Jun, 2013 Who's in a Name?
David Lamelas, Susan Silton
May, 2013 The Great Train Robbery (Scene 3 version A)
Dashiell Manley
Apr, 2013 Ahmet Öğüt,Pilvi Takala Screenings
Ahmet Öğüt, Pilvi Takala
Mar, 2013 Lens
Alex Israel
Mar, 2013 Emerald City
Meg Cranston
Jan, 2013 Riverbed
Lisa Sigal
Jan, 2013 Same Time
Steffani Jemison
Nov, 2012 Exhibitions
Santiago Borja, Edgar Orlaineta, Tilman Wendland
Nov, 2012 Desire Armed
Aaron Sandnes
Sep, 2012 Bakersfield Paintings
Mary Weatherford
Sep, 2012 Direction Pieces
Tejpal Ajji
Sep, 2012 UCI Graduate Exhibition
Nick Aguayo, james anderson, Sarah BEADLE, Maya Gurantz, Flora Kao, Scott Klinger, Lauren Merage, Paul Pescador, Aaron Valenzuela
Jun, 2012 Made in L.A. 2012
Karla Diaz, Mario Ybarra Jr.
Jun, 2012 This is a Takeover! A 10 Year Survey of Slanguage
Mario Ybarra Jr.
May, 2012 Slanguage Billboard
May, 2012 Weighed
May, 2012 THE DOUBLE: A one-night, bicoastal screening of video works by Skowhegan alumni
Apr, 2012 Make Anarchy and Disorder Your Trademarks
Apr, 2012 County Down
Laura Parnes
Apr, 2012 Discussion on Aesthetics: Affect and Issues of Value in Contemporary Art
Phil Chang, James Welling
Mar, 2012 Cache, Active
Phil Chang
Mar, 2012 For the Wild
Kelly Poe
Mar, 2012 En La Espera
Antonio de Jesus Lopez
Feb, 2012 I want to go to Detroit; Cheerleaders CHEER
Daniel Joseph Martinez
Jan, 2012 Pacific Standard Time
Mark di Suvero
Jan, 2012 Artists' Tower of Protest
John T. Lange, Jason Lockyer, Kenny Scharf
Dec, 2011 Vandalism Series, 1973-1975
John Divola
Nov, 2011 Soap Operas 1979-1990
Bruce and Norman Yonemoto
Nov, 2011 The Time Machine and Asexual Clone Mutation
Bruce Yonemoto
Sep, 2011 The Rag Factory
John Outterbridge
Shannon Ebner
Jul, 2011 FATLAND
Nick Herman
Jun, 2011 Art in the Parking Space
Pierre Bismuth, Jonathan Monk, Anita Pace
May, 2011 How Many Revolutions?
Marcos Ramirez ERRE
May, 2011 Despair Beyond Despair
Marco Rios
Katie Aliprando, Kathryn Andrews, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Jennifer Bornstein, Tyler Coburn, Marje C. Cohnck, Fiona Connor, Eduardo Consuegra, Alika Cooper, Is it Art or Fart?, Cayetano Ferrer, The School of Fish, Andrea Fraser, Erik Frydenborg, Liz Glynn, Matthew Greene, Michael Henry Hayden, William E. Jones, Dawn Kasper, Brian Kennon, David Korty, Nick Kramer, Lisa Lapinski, Anthony Lepore, Andrea Longacre-White, Carter Mull, Davida Nemeroff, Gina Osterloh, Alex Klein and Mark Owens (Oslo Editions), Karthik Pandian, Allen Ruppersberg, Robert Russell, Aaron Sandnes, Sergio Sergio, Emily Steinfeld, Mateo Tannatt
Apr, 2011 LAXART Billboard
Rä di Martino
Feb, 2011 Milton Torres Sees a Ghost
Kerry Tribe
Dorit Cypis, Jennifer Doyle, ESL, Telic Arts Exchange, Lauri Firstenberg, Eve Fowler, Piero Golia, Jesse Aron Green, Ronni Kimm, Thomas Lawson, Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer, Willem Henri Lucas, MATERIAL, Giles Miller, Yunhee Min, Davida Nemeroff, Renaud Proch, Artist Curated Project, Genesis Project, Jim Skuldt, Slab, Wu Tsang, Monte Vista, Wildness
Jan, 2011 Staff-Curated Video Show
Dec, 2010 LAXART 5 Year Anniversary Holiday Party & Silent Auction (ticketed event)
Nov, 2010 Negative Capability
Kelly Barrie
Nov, 2010 Transferase
Terry Chatkupt
Sep, 2010 Superclogger on 210 E Fwy (Between Pasadena and Duarte)
Joel Kyack
Sep, 2010 Safe/Vanish
Glenn Kaino
Sep, 2010 Charlie White: Casting Call
Charlie White
Sep, 2010 Superclogger on 10 E Fwy (Between PCH and Downtown)
Joel Kyack
Sep, 2010 LAXART Billboard: Zoe Crosher
Zoe Crosher
Aug, 2010 Superclogger on 10 E Fwy (Between Monterey Park and El Monte)
Joel Kyack
Jul, 2010 Superclogger on 60 E Fwy (Between East Los Angeles and South San Gabriel)
Joel Kyack
Jul, 2010 Eleven Minus One
Amir Zaki
Jul, 2010 The Green of this Notebook
John Divola
Jul, 2010 Fixture
Michael Henry Hayden
Jul, 2010 Superclogger on 134 W Fwy (Between Glendale and Sherman Oaks)
Joel Kyack
Jul, 2010 Night Sky screening
Alison O'Daniel
Jul, 2010 Superclogger on 5 S Fwy (Between China Town and Bell Gardens)
Joel Kyack
Jul, 2010 Nine Stories: The 2010 UCI Graduate Exhibition
Nina T. Becker, Alison O' Daniel, April Friges, Simon Hughes, Andrew Printer, Shane Quentin, Betsy Seder, Stephen Walters, Jenny Yurshansky
Jul, 2010 Superclogger on 10 E Fwy (Between PCH and Downtown)
Joel Kyack
Jun, 2010 Superclogger on 110 N & 110 S Fwys (Between Downtown and Hollywood)
Joel Kyack
Jun, 2010 Superclogger on 110 N Fwy (Between South Los Angeles and Chinatown)
Joel Kyack
Jun, 2010 Superclogger on 210 E Fwy (Between Pasadena and Duarte)
Joel Kyack
Jun, 2010 Superclogger
Joel Kyack
May, 2010 Rebuilt Homestead
Gregory Michael Hernandez
May, 2010 Searchin’ vs. Buildin’
Colter Jacobsen
May, 2010 Decidely Unladylike - Susan Silton & the Crowing Hens: Performance & Reading
Erin Barnes, Jessica Basta, Dodie Bellamy, The CROWING HENS, Carole Anne Kaufman, Laura Loftsgaarden, Kat Nockels, Susan Silton
May, 2010 Meighth Day
Scoli Acosta, Pearl C. Hsiung, Gabriela Jauregui, Aaron Kunin, Alexandro Segade, Anna Sew Hoy, Ara Shirinyan, Area Sneaks, Brian Kim Stefans
Apr, 2010 Qasr El-Shoaq
Sherin Guirguis
Apr, 2010 untitled (chincanas)
William Cordova
Nov, 2009 Atmospheric Distortions
Samon Takahashi
Sep, 2009 Vote for Demolition
Gustavo Artigas
Sep, 2009 Warp Engines
William Leavitt
Jun, 2009 “Monster Mongers and Retailers of Other Strange Satellites”
Arielle Bivas, Marcus Civin, Laurel Frank, Dong Hoon Jun, Jared Nielsen, kate hers RHEE, Jen Smith, Sean Sullivan, Grant Vetter, Maya Weimer, Morgan Wells
Jan, 2009 Yunhee Min: Continuum: Structure #003 / Uri Nir: Mommy
Yunhee Min, Uri Nir
Nov, 2008 High ‘n’ Lo
Rubén Ortiz Torres
Nov, 2008 Julio Cesar Morales
Interrupted Passage
Sep, 2008 ONE SHOT: 100><100
Cisco Adler, Cathy Akers, Roger Allers, Eleanor Antin, Rose Apodaca, Edgar Arceneaux, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Alexandra Balahoutis, My Barbarian, Pamela Barish, Kelly Barrie, Edie Baskin, Justin Beal, Jason Bloom, Bill Bratton, Simmons & Burke, Sarah Cain, Kristin Calabrese, Clare Crespo, Zoe Crosher, Elizabeth Daniels, Zackary Drucker, Sam Durant, Mark Dutcher, BRET EASTON ELLIS, Moises Esquenazi, Liseanne Frankfurt, Marc Friedland, Inara George, Piero Golia, Ken Gonzales-Day, Julia Grigorian, Jodi Guber, Sherin Guirguis, Karl Haendel, Jamal Hammadi, Ernest Hardy, Evan Holloway, Elliott Hundley, Peter Ishkhans, Vincent Johnson, Sharon Johnston, Vishal Jugdeo, Glenn Kaino, Callie Khouri, Alex Klein, Chris Klein, Rikki Klieman, Jeff Kopp, Elad Lassry, Greg Lauren, William Leavitt, Mark Lee, Jenny Lens, Alice Lodge, Shana Lutker, Greg Lynn, Euan Macdonald, Becca Mann, William Mapother, Daniel Joseph Martinez, Kirby McClure, Dylan McDermott, Adia Millet, Chuck Moffitt, Victoria Morris, Sandeep Mukherjee, Dave Muller, Eric Nash, Austin Nelsen, Kori Newkirk, Amber Noland, Chris Oliveria, Kaz Oshiro, Gregory Parkinson, Anne Ramsay, Brett Ratner, Anne Ricketts, Marco Rios, Ry Rocklen, Steve Roden, Loree Rodkin, Katy Rodriguez, Brigette Romanek, Kathy Azarmi Rose, Mark Rose, Shiva Rose, Jen Rosenstein, Amanda Ross-Ho, Eddie Ruscha, Sammy Silberstein, Cameron Silver, Federico Spadoni, Kara Tanaka, Joel Tauber, Betty Thomas, Holly Vesecky, Jeff Vespa, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Erika Vogt, Kelly Wearstler, Mary Weatherford, Chloe Webb, Juliette Hohnen Weber, Marnie Weber, Steven Weber, Charlie White, Liat Yossifor, Brenna Youngblood, Andrea Zittel
Jul, 2008 Rank
Kori Newkirk
Jul, 2008 Crudo
Miguel Angel Rios
Jun, 2008 Wreckers Records Redeemers: UCI Studio Art MFA Exhibition
Kent Familton, Andy Fedak, Nils Schirrmacher, Gabie Strong, Hong-An Truong
May, 2008 The Year We Made Contact
Michelle Lopez
May, 2008 Surplus Room
Vishal Jugdeo
Mar, 2008 Wade Guyton, Kelley Walker
Wade Guyton, Kelley Walker
Mar, 2008 POW!
Anna Sew Hoy
Jan, 2008 Bountiful
Scoli Acosta
Nov, 2007 Adrià Julià: A Means of Passing the Time
Adrià Julià
Nov, 2007 Circle Pictures
Michael Rashkow
Nov, 2007 LAXART Window- Complex Course
Michael Lewis Dodge
Sep, 2007 Michael Queenland: THE M.O.R.L. or NYC-Apartment
Michael Queenland
Sep, 2007 Gallery Two- Francesca DiMattio: Unhinged
Francesca DiMattio
Sep, 2007 Window-Alexander May: Light Echo
Alexander May
Aug, 2007 LAXART A + D Talk
Florencia Pita
Aug, 2007 Florencia Pita A+D Talk
Jul, 2007 Charles Gaines: Greenhouse
Jul, 2007 Charles Gaines and Malik Gaines in Conversation
May, 2007 Civil Air Defense Project #1
Vincent Johnson
Mar, 2007 History/Painting
Thomas Lawson
Mar, 2007 On A Porch
Olga Koumoundouros, Rodney McMillian
Mar, 2007 Thomas Crow in conversation with Thomas Lawson
Thomas Lawson
Jan, 2007 The American War
Harrell Fletcher, Ali Subotnick
Jan, 2007 Come Together
Harrell Fletcher
Jan, 2007 Momento Mori
Ken Gonzales-Day
Jan, 2007 Talks About Acts
Malik Gaines
Nov, 2006 One Night Stand
Lisa Tan
Jul, 2006 Vast Arcade Los Angeles
Arturo Ernesto Romo

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