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Bowers Museum

Nov, 2016 Seen & Unseen
Imogen Cunningham
Oct, 2016 Virgin of Guadalupe: Images in Colonial Mexico
Mar, 2016 Mummies of the World
Oct, 2015 The Red that Colored the World
Sep, 2015 Modern Twist: Contemporary Japanese Bamboo Art
Sep, 2015 Special Event and Distinguished Lecture with Patrick J. Sloyan: The Tumult of 1968
Aug, 2015 Lecture: The Politics of Fashion in the 1960s
Jun, 2015 The 1968 Exhibit
May, 2015 Adams, Curtis and Weston: Photographers of the American West
Ansel Adams, Edward S. Curtis, Edward Weston
Apr, 2015 China’s Modern Master
Qi Baishi
Mar, 2015 Where Ends Meet: A Retrospective of Works by Nancy Ravenhall Johnson
Nancy Ravenhall Johnson
Nov, 2014 Lecture: Painted Prayers: The Japanese Tradition of Ema
Nov, 2014 Distinguished Lecture: The Legacy Project: El Toro, Memory, and the Creative Process
Nov, 2014 Distinguished Lecture: Legends of the Shu Kingdom: Demystifying Sanxingdui
Oct, 2014 China's Lost Civilization: The Mystery of Sanxingdui
Sep, 2014 Lecture & Art Workshop: Elements and Principles of Art and Design: Spirits and Headhunters
Aug, 2014 Cultural Influences the Spanish Masters: From Velasquez's Las Meninas to Picasso's Guernica
Jun, 2014 Heavenly Horses: Two Thousand Years of Chinese and Japanese Equine Art
Jun, 2014 Lecture 6: Art Between the Wars: Surrealism
Apr, 2014 Doodles of a Genius
Chuck Jones
Apr, 2014 The Lure Of Chinatown: Painting California's Chinese Communities
Mar, 2014 Special Event: Aging As Art: A Photography Display
Mar, 2014 Soulful Creatures: Animal Mummies In Ancient Egypt
Feb, 2014 Closing Day Lecture: If Diamond Are A Girl's Best Friend, Then What Are Pearls?
Feb, 2014 Beethoven: The Late Great
Feb, 2014 Distinguished Opening Lecture: Beethoven: The Late Great
Jan, 2014 Framed: Step Into Art
Jan, 2014 Lecture: Wepwawet In Westwood Comes To Orange County!
Nov, 2013 Revolution to Romanticism: Freedom of Expression in 19th Century European Painting
Oct, 2013 A Quest for Beauty: The Art of Van Cleef & Arpels
Oct, 2013 Lecture: Mata Ortiz - More than Pottery
Oct, 2013 Distinguished Lecture: Flight of Fancy: Buzz & Bernadine's Magical Jewelry
Robert Weldon
Sep, 2013 Gods & Gifts: Vatican Ethnological Collection
Sep, 2013 The Art of Healthy Aging Lecture Series: Art in the Brain, the Brain in Art (Part I)
Sep, 2013 Lecture: Elements and Principles of Art and Design in the ``Spirits And Headhunters`` Exhibition
Jul, 2013 Jewels of the Connoisseur
Jul, 2013 2-Part Lecture Series; The Florentine Renaissance and the Reign of the Medici (Part 2)
Jun, 2013 Lecture: The Medici - Collectors of the Rare, Unique, and Beautiful
Jun, 2013 The Tsars’ Cabinet: Two Hundred Years of Decorative Arts under the Romanovs
Apr, 2013 Lecture: Pasargadae & Persepolis: Sacred Monuments of the Ancient Persians
Apr, 2013 Art is Good for Your Health Lecture: Oldest Old: Lessons Learned from the 90+ Study
Apr, 2013 Gems of the Medici
Apr, 2013 Distinguished Lecture: Renaissance Gems: Beauty, Magic, and Alchemy
Mar, 2013 Lecture & Demonstration: Sacred Sites and Ceremonial Performing Arts of the Pacific Islands
Mar, 2013 Art, Perception, and the Brain Lecture: Art and Architecture: Workings of the Mind from the Renaissance to Modern Times
Mar, 2013 Inside the Process: Award-Winning Costume Designers Speak
Mar, 2013 Lecture: Forgotten Fortress: Returning to Lower Nubia
Feb, 2013 Distinguished Lecture: 50 Years of Filmmaking
Feb, 2013 Maurice Sendak: 50 Years ● 50 Works ● 50 Reasons
Maurice Sendak
Feb, 2013 Art, Perception, and the Brain Lecture: Art, Mind and Body: Ophelia to La Traviata
Feb, 2013 Lucy’s Legacy: The Hidden Treasure of Ethiopia
Feb, 2013 Lecture: The Saviors of Egyptian Tomb Paintings: A Look at the Work of Norman And Nina De Garis Davies in the Early 1900's
Feb, 2013 Lecture: The Life And Art of Jean Mannheim
Jan, 2013 Lecture: From Cactus to Castles: Smithing Adventures from Arizona To Italy
Jan, 2013 Art, Perception, and the Brain Lecture: Windows to the Artist's Mind: Van Gogh, De Kooning, & More
Dec, 2012 CUT! Costume and the Cinema
Oct, 2012 Art Workshop: Mata Ortiz
Mata Ortiz
Oct, 2012 Special Event: Mata Ortiz - Ancient Pedigree, Modern Pottery
Baudel Lopez, Mata Ortiz, Sabino Villalba
Oct, 2012 Read My Pins: The Madeleine Albright Collection
Oct, 2012 Opening Lecture: The World of Madeleine Albright
Oct, 2012 Art and Healthy Aging Lecture: Your Brain Unmasked: Acting and Creativity
Oct, 2012 Sacred Realms: Temple Murals by Shashi Dhoj Tulachand From the Gayle and Edward P. Roski Collection
Shashi Dhoj Tulachan
Sep, 2012 Grandparents' Day Performance: "The Princess & the Pirate' Puppet Show and Workshop
Aug, 2012 Distinguished Lecture: The Rush for Gold - California's Treasures Unearthed
Aug, 2012 Lecture & Jewelry Trunk Show Sale: The Significance of Color Symbolism In Himalayan Sacred Arts, Costumes, Textiles & Jewelry
Aug, 2012 Lecture: Miao Folklore & Traditions: Embroideries & The Way of Tea
Aug, 2012 Lecture: At Home with the European Masters: Monet, Matisse & More
Aug, 2012 Lecture: Death Along the Nile: Uncovering Secrets of Egypt's Lost Tombs
Jul, 2012 Bowers After Hours: All that Glitters: The World of Fabergé
Jun, 2012 Fabergé: Imperial Jeweler to the Tsars
Apr, 2012 Art of Adorning: Annual Bead Bazaar
Mar, 2012 Sacred Gold: Pre-hispanic Art of Colombia
Feb, 2012 California Gold
Nov, 2011 California Stories: from the Missions to the Gold Rush
Nov, 2011 Studio Art Workshop: Chinese Brush Painting Session IV of IV
Nov, 2011 Studio Art Workshop: Chinese Brush Painting Session III of IV
Oct, 2011 Lecture: Yinyang: A Living Matrix of Chinese Thought and Culture
Oct, 2011 Bead Society of OC Meeting & Speaker: The Art of Keum-Boo
Eileen Gerstein
Oct, 2011 Beadweaving Workshop: Boxes, Bangles & Beads
Maria Bastenchury
Oct, 2011 Studio Art Workshop: Chinese Brush Painting Session II of IV
Oct, 2011 Warriors, Tombs and Temples: China’s Enduring Legacy
Aug, 2011 Chuck Jones Center for Creativity - Session III of III: The Pencil, the Computer, Children & Creativity
Aug, 2011 Packing for the Afterlife: Making Sense Out of All That Stuff in King Tut`S Tomb
Aug, 2011 Chuck Jones Center for Creativity - Session II of III: Bringin Life to Characters- It's the Oddities that Count
Jun, 2011 Japanese Masterpieces from the Price Collection
May, 2011 Scrimshaw: The Art and Craft of the American Whaler
Apr, 2011 Itō Jakuchū: A Man with No Age
Itō Jakuchū
Mar, 2011 Gallery Talk: Quilts
Mar, 2011 Gallery Talk: Benjamin Franklin
Dec, 2010 Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World
Oct, 2010 Lecture: Women In The Arts: Frida Kahlo
Oct, 2010 Distinguished Lecture: Dinka: The Great Cattle Herders Of The African Sudan
Oct, 2010 Holiday Calligraphy And Painting Workshop Series Ii
Barbara Close
Oct, 2010 Holiday Calligraphy And Painting Workshop Series I
Barbara Close
Oct, 2010 Lecture: Treasures from Indian Territory
Oct, 2010 Lecture: The Wonderful Frank Capra
Sep, 2010 Weird and Wonderful: Celebrating 75 Years of Collecting at Bowers
Jul, 2010 Gemstone Carvings: The Masterworks of Harold Van Pelt
Harold Van Pelt
Jul, 2010 Quilts: Two Centuries of American Tradition and Technique
Feb, 2010 Gallery Talk: Spirits and Headhunters
Feb, 2010 Spirits and Headhunters: Art of the Pacific Islands
Dec, 2009 Where Masks Still Dance: New Guinea
Chris Rainier
Dec, 2009 The Gold of Troy: Ancient Jewelry from the Penn Museum Collection
Nov, 2009 Masters of Adornment: The Miao People of China
Sep, 2009 The Baroque World of Fernando Botero
Fernando Botero
Sep, 2009 LATITUDES: Latin American Masters from the FEMSA Collection
Leonora Carrington, Frida Kahlo, Wilfredo Lam, Roberto Matta, Jose Clemente Orozco, Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Jesús Soto, Rufino Tamayo
Jul, 2009 Sordid and Sacred: The Beggars in Rembrandt’s Etchings
Rembrandt van Rijn
Apr, 2009 Art of the Samurai: Selections from the Tokyo National Museum
Jan, 2009 Ancient Arts of China: A 5000 Year Legacy
Jan, 2009 California Legacies: Missions and Ranchos (1768-1848)
Jan, 2009 Classic California: Recently Conserved Paintings from the Permanent Collection
Frank Coburn, Paul Dougherty, Charles Fries, William S. Jewett, Carl Jonnevold, Joseph Klietsch, Edgar Payne, Hansen Puthuff, William Ritchel, Guy Rose, Gardner Symons, Elmer Wachtel, Marion Cavanaugh Wachtel, William Wendt
Jan, 2009 First Californians
Jan, 2009 Vision of the Shaman, Song of the Priest
Nov, 2008 Passages: Photographs of Africa
Carol Beckwith, Angela Fisher
Sep, 2008 American Quilts: Two Hundred Years of Tradition
May, 2008 Terra Cotta Warriors: Guardians of China’s First Emperor
Group Show
Jun, 2007 Bell Music in Bronze Age China
Dr. Lothar von Falkenhausen
May, 2007 Status and Power - Courtesanship in Tang China
Dr. Ping Yao
May, 2007 Ansel Adams in the Context of Art History
Doug Nickel
Apr, 2007 The Art of Devotion in Tang China
Apr, 2007 The Unknown Ansel Adams
Chris Rainier
Apr, 2007 Dinner and a Movie: Not One Less
Mar, 2007 Ansel Adams: A Personal Recollection
John Sexton
Mar, 2007 Film
Ansel Adams
Mar, 2007 Glamour and Intrigue in 1930s Shanghai
Beverly Jackson
Mar, 2007 Chinese Buddhism: Concept and Reality
Dr. Lew Lancaster
Mar, 2007 Dinner and a Movie: Raise the Red Lantern
Mar, 2007 Ansel Adams: Artist Obscured
John Szarkowski
Mar, 2007 Chinese New Year Family Festival
Mar, 2007 Hidden Meanings in Qing Dynasty Porcelains
Dr. Terese Tse Bartholomew
Feb, 2007 Travels in the Nubian World of Southern Egypt
Feb, 2007 A Son's Perspective
Ansel Adams
Feb, 2007 Film
Ansel Adams
Feb, 2007 Chinese Brush Painting Classes with Christopher Ho
Feb, 2007 Classic Images
Ansel Adams
Feb, 2007 One With Beauty
Ansel Adams
Feb, 2007 Treasures from Shanghai
Feb, 2007 Grand Opening Day of the Dorothy and Donald Kennedy Wing
Feb, 2007 Chinese Civilization and Ancient Chinese Art
Chen Kelun
Feb, 2007 Music Series with Larry Maurer: Harry Warren - The Brilliant Unknown
Feb, 2007 Lecture Series with Ron Steen: Issues in SoCA Contemporary Art
Feb, 2007 Distinguished Lecture Series: Mark Lehner Discovering the Lost City of the Pyramids
Feb, 2007 Dinner and a Movie: Ju Dou
Jan, 2007 Along the Silk Road - History and Mythology
Jan, 2007 Journey into Impressionism
Jan, 2007 Land of Linens and Faience Finery
Apr, 2005 Mummies: Death and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt Treasures from the British Museum

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