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Laguna Art Museum

October 18th - January 17th, 2016 California Classicist
David Ligare
September 18th - January 17th, 2016 The Canyon Project: Artivism
Jun, 2015 Marcia Hafif: From the Inventory
Marcia Hafif
Jun, 2015 The Wave Series and Malibu Set Series, 1968–1981
Phil Dike
Jun, 2015 Emerging Masters: Laguna College of Art + Design MFA Exhibit
Barbara Brown, Trevor Christiansen, Jeff Clendenning, Angela Colon, Mario Colon, Therese Conte, Lani Emanuel, Emily Gordon, Teresa Hill, Angie Jones, Stephanie Leonard, Emily Moore, Robert Nichols, Jacqueline Nicolini, Charity Oetgen, Miguel Camacho Padilla, Leanne Reinhold, Pegah Samaie, Bradford Smith, Justin Snodgrass, Sally Strand, Brandon Tucker
Feb, 2015 in Barcelona: a portfolio of prints by eight Los Angeles artists
Peter Alexander, Larry Bell, Billy Al Bengston, Laddie John Dill, Craig Kauffman, Ed Moses, Eric Orr, Ed Ruscha
Feb, 2015 California Printmakers, 1950-2000
Feb, 2015 Robert Henri’s California: Realism, Race, and Region, 1914-1925
Robert Henri
Feb, 2015 Art Auction 2015: California Cool
Group Show, ROGER WEIK
Feb, 2015 Laguna Art Museum: California Cool
Peter Alexander, DON BACHARDY, Andy Moses, Marisa Murrow
Jan, 2015 Art Auction 2015 | Preview Week
Oct, 2014 Permanent Collection
Peter Alexander, Alex Couwenberg, Frank Cuprien, Laddie John Dill, Ned Evans, Llyn Foulkes, Anna Hills, Andy Moses, Christine Nguyen, Edgar Payne, William Wendt, Andre Woodward, Takako Yamaguchi
Oct, 2014 Sentient Forms
Elizabeth Turk
Oct, 2014 Particle Horizon
Lita Albuquerque
Oct, 2014 California Rural, 1930s and 1940s: From the Collection of Diane and E. Gene Crain
Standish Backus, Rex Brandt, tom craig, Phil Dike, John Haley, Jr., Dong Kingman, Emil J. Kosa, Maurice Logan, Erle Loran, Dan Lutz, Barse Miller, Alexander Nepote, Phil Paradise, James Patrick, Charles Payzant, George Post, George Samerjan, Millard Sheets, Milford Zornes
Jun, 2014 In Praise of Sunshine
Rex Brandt
Jun, 2014 Drawings and Prints
John Altoon
Jun, 2014 Permanent Collection
Peter Alexander, Albert Contreras, Manuel Neri, Nancy Rubins, Tom Wudl
Jun, 2014 LCAD Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Thesis Exhibition
Cindy Bernhard, Kari Dunham, Zära Feeney, Zoey Frank, Julio Labra, Sandra Manich, Michael McGregor, Katie Schmid, Cynthia Sitton, Benjamin Sowards, Trevor Walker, Dylan Weiler
May, 2014 Conversation With… Elizabeth Turk
Elizabeth Turk
Feb, 2014 ex•pose: Dana Harel
Dana Harel
Feb, 2014 American Memories
Wayne Thiebaud
Feb, 2014 A Fine Line
Feb, 2014 Art Auction 2014 | Post-Auction Sale
Feb, 2014 Art Auction 2014: The Art of the Heist
Feb, 2014 Art Auction 2014: The Art of the Heist - Auction Preview Week
Feb, 2014 Travels with Millard Sheets, 1950–1986
Millard Sheets
Oct, 2013 Clay and Space
Adam Silverman
Oct, 2013 ex•pose: Richard Kraft
Richard Kraft
Oct, 2013 Permanent Collection
Conrad Buff, Frank Cuprien, Anna Hills, Joseph Kleitsch, Alfred Mitchell, Edgar Payne, Millard Sheets, Don Suggs, William Wendt, Wayne White
Oct, 2013 Founders of California Impressionism: The California Art Club and Laguna Beach Art Association
Oct, 2013 Conversation With…Wayne Thiebaud
Gene Cooper, Wayne Thiebaud
Oct, 2013 BC Space: Talk and Book Signing
Oct, 2013 Conversation With… David Michael Lee
David Michael Lee
Sep, 2013 Lecture with 'Faux Real' Artist Gifford Myers
Gifford Myers
Aug, 2013 Revealing the Artist Through Film: Lecture and Films with Dale Schierholt
Aug, 2013 Is There a Doctor/Curator in the House?
Koan Jeff "KJ" Baysa M.D.
Aug, 2013 Lecture with Artists Sandow Birk & Elyse Pignolet
Sandow Birk, Elyse Pignolet
Jul, 2013 Lecture with Artist Matt Merkel Hess
Matt Merkel Hess
Jun, 2013 Lecture with Artist Cheryl Ekstrom
Cheryl Ekstrom
Jun, 2013 Legacy Circle: Art as Legacy
Jun, 2013 ex·pose: beatriz da costa -Exhibition Tour
Crys Moore
Jun, 2013 Faux Real
Michael Arcega, Sandow Birk, Libby Black, Amy Caterina, Lauren DiCioccio, Ala Ebtekar, Cheryl Ekstrom, David Gilhooly, Matt Merkel Hess, Jean Lowe, Gifford Myers, Elyse Pignolet, Walter Robinson, Richard Shaw, Stephanie Syjuco
Jun, 2013 ex·pose: beatriz da costa
Beatriz da Costa
Jun, 2013 Sea Change: Tanya Aguiñiga’s Bluebelt Forest
Tanya Aguiñiga
Jun, 2013 Pacific Views, 1914–1938
Frank Cuprien
Jun, 2013 Metastatic
May, 2013 Art Sleuthing Edgar Payne’s Paintings, lecture with Eric Jessen
May, 2013 MFA ’13
May, 2013 Conversation With… Jimi Gleason
Jimi Gleason
Apr, 2013 Boys & Girls Club Exhibition: ImageMakers National Photography Contest: Regional Winners
Apr, 2013 In Conversation with Jeff Kelley
John Mason
Apr, 2013 Conversation With…Lisa Pearson
Mar, 2013 From Laguna to Hollywood with George Hurrell: An Odyssey in Images and Anecdotes, Lecture with Mark A. Vieira
George Hurrell
Mar, 2013 Conversation With…Andre Woodward
Andre Woodward
Mar, 2013 Q & A with Allison Schulnik
Allison Schulnik
Feb, 2013 George Hurrell in Laguna Beach: The Launching of a Career - Lecture with Janet Blake
Feb, 2013 ex·pose: Allison Schulnik
Allison Schulnik
Feb, 2013 The Permanent Collection (Spring)
John Altoon, Billy Al Bengston, Hans Burckhardt, Frank Cuprien, Francis de Erdely, Lorser Feitelson, Llyn Foulkes, Clarence Hinkle, Craig Kauffman, Ed Kienholz, Joseph Kleitsch, Roger Kuntz, John McCracken, John McLaughlin, Edgar Payne, DeWain Valentine, William Wendt
Feb, 2013 Laguna to Hollywood
George Hurrell
Feb, 2013 Blue Wall
John Mason
Feb, 2013 Boys & Girls Club Exhibition: In Our Imagination
Jan, 2013 Timothy J. Clark: An Artist and his Process
Timothy J. Clark
Jan, 2013 Conversation With…Carole Lung
Dec, 2012 Q & A with Macha Suzuki
Macha Suzuki
Dec, 2012 Conversation With…Craig Stone
Craig Stone
Nov, 2012 Permanent Collection Lecture with Malcolm Warner
Nov, 2012 The Permanent Collection (Fall)
John Altoon, Billy Al Bengston, Hans Burckhardt, Frank Cuprien, Francis de Erdely, Lorser Feitelson, Llyn Foulkes, Clarence Hinkle, Craig Kauffman, Ed Kienholz, Joseph Kleitsch, Roger Kuntz, John McCracken, John McLaughlin, Edgar Payne, DeWain Valentine, William Wendt
Timothy J. Clark
Nov, 2012 ex·pose: macha suzuki
Macha Suzuki
Nov, 2012 Permission to Play: CoachArt Students Inspired by Macha Suzuki
Nov, 2012 Conversation With…Phyllis Lutjeans
Phyllis Lutjeans
Oct, 2012 Conversation With…Russell Crotty
Russell Crotty
Sep, 2012 Open House and Volunteer Recognition Reception
Sep, 2012 Q & A with Peter Bo Rappmund
Peter Bo Rappmund
Sep, 2012 Conversation With…Fallen Fruit
Fallen Fruit
Sep, 2012 Laguna Dance Festival Preview Performance
Aug, 2012 This Side of Paradise: The Group of Eight and Los Angeles Art During the Age of the Flapper
Aug, 2012 Conversation With…Sandra de la Loza
Sandra de la Loza
Jul, 2012 In Love with Painting: The Life and Art of Clarence Hinkle
Jul, 2012 Conversation With…Sandow Birk
Sandow Birk
Clarence Hinkle
Jun, 2012 Modern Spirit and the Group of Eight
Mabel Alvarez, Clarence Hinkle, Henri De Kruif, John Hubbard Rich, Donna Schuster, E. Roscoe Shrader, Edouard Vysekal, Luvena Buchanan Vysekal
Jun, 2012 ex·pose: peter bo rappmund
Peter Bo Rappmund
Jun, 2012 23 Points of View
May, 2012 Abstract Classicists
Florence Arnold, Karl Benjamin, Lorser Feitelson, Frederick Hammersly, Helen Lundeberg, John McLaughlin
Apr, 2012 Lecture: Victor Hugo Zayas, Part II: Sculptures
Victor Hugo Zayas
Apr, 2012 Imagination Celebration: Imagining Future Landscapes
Apr, 2012 Univision Family Day
Victor Hugo Zayas
Mar, 2012 Panel Discussion: “Rethinking the Birth of Art in Southern California”
Mar, 2012 Conversation With…Jeff Gillette
Jeff Gillette
Feb, 2012 The Postwar Era: From the Collection, 1945-1980
Francis de Erdely, Phil Dike, Lorser Feitelson, Keith Finch, Llyn Foulkes, George Herms, Roger Kuntz, Rico Lebrun, John McLaughlin, Lee Mullican, DeWain Valentine, Jeffrey Vallance
Feb, 2012 Mi Obra
Victor Hugo Zayas
Feb, 2012 Lecture: Victor Hugo Zayas, Part I: Paintings
Victor Hugo Zayas
Feb, 2012 Beauty Perceived, II
Feb, 2012 Laguna Art Museum Benefit Auction
Kim Abeles, Richard Aber, Daniel Aksten, Fumiko Amano, Richard Amend, Deborah Aschheim, DON BACHARDY, Hilary Baker, Roger Balko, CATHY BARTELS, Jesse Bartels, Marlo Bartels, Gary Baseman, Tim Bavington, Kimber Berry, Guillermo Bert, Joe Biel, Brenda K. Bredvik, Saim Caglayan, Dan Callis, Ryan Callis, Sandra Jones Campbell, Mark Chamberlain, Mindy Cherri, Alex Couwenberg, Russell Crotty, Preston Daniels, Deborah Davidson, Tony Delap, Ron Dier, Laddie John Dill, Jorg Dubin, Merion Estes, Ned Evans, karen feuer-schwager, Joe Forkan, Kebe Fox, Laurie Frick, Jacques Garnier, Gina Genis, George Geyer, Jeff Gillette, Ed Gomez, Frank Gonzales, Joe Goode, Phyllis Green, Jennifer Griffiths, Chris Gwaltney, Robin Hall, Dennis Hare, Laurie Hassold, Todd Hebert, Mike Henderson, Roger Herman, Michelle Jaffe, Christopher Jeffries, Virginia Katz, Yoichi Kawamura, Jeff Koegel, Aaron Kraten, Tom Lamb, Cody Lusby, Diana Markessinis, Adam Mars, John Mason, Jay McCafferty, Virginia McCracken, James Miller, David Milton, Donnie Molls, Glenn Ness, Christine Nguyen, Hung Viet Nguyen, Nobuhito Nishigawara, Naida Osline, Paul Paiement, Ruth Pastine, Ya’el Pedroza, David Allan Peters, Jeff Peters, Astrid Preston, Matthew J. Price, Chris Richter, Walter Robinson, Vanessa Rothe, Allison Schulnik, John Seeman, Jeff Sewell, Jennifer Shaw, Fran Siegel, Caleb Siemon, Michael Situ, Skullphone, Ali Smith, Vladimir Sokolov, Theodore Svenningsen, Tom Swimm, Ryan Taber, Bryan Mark Taylor, James Verbicky, Alex Weinstein, Richard White, Scott Yeskel, Victor Hugo Zayas
Feb, 2012 Laguna Art Museum Benefit Auction
Nov, 2011 Best Kept Secret Panel Discussion: Art Education Then and Now
Kim Abeles, Miles Coolidge, Tony Delap, Peter Frank
Oct, 2011 Best Kept Secret: UCI and the Development of Contemporary Art in Southern California, 1964-1971
Marsha Red Adams, Michael Asher, Nancy Buchanan, Chris Burden, Ned Evans, Marcia Hafif, Charles Christopher Hill, Jay McCafferty, Richard Newton, Bruce Richards, Alexis Smith, Barbara T. Smith, James Turrell, Robert Walker
Oct, 2011 Curatorial Walk-through of Best Kept Secret
Oct, 2011 Beauty Perceived
Oct, 2011 California Artists
Mischa Askenazy, Franz Bischoff, Carl Oscar Borg, Maurice Braun, Benjamin C. Brown, Frank Cuprien, William Swift Daniell, Edwin Deakin, Anna Hills, Thomas Hunt, Martin Jackson, Edgar Payne, Hanson Puthuff, Julian Rix, F. Carl Schmidt, Jack Wilkinson Smith, Gardner Symons, William Wendt
Sep, 2011 Lecture and Walk-through with Emergence Artist Lita Albuquerque
Lita Albuquerque
Aug, 2011 Lecture on Isamu Noguchi by Bert Winther-Tamaki, Ph.D.
Jul, 2011 Lecture of 'Landscape and Figuration from the Collection' with Janet Blake
Jul, 2011 Children’s Art Workshop and Book-signing with The East West House Author Christy Hale
Jun, 2011 Noguchi: California Legacy
Isamu Noguchi
Jun, 2011 Emergence
Lita Albuquerque
Jun, 2011 Natural Wonders: Wood Sculptures Inspired by Isamu Noguchi
Apr, 2011 Extract Panel Discussion
Mar, 2011 Lecture and Walk-through with Brad Coleman
Brad Coleman
Feb, 2011 Extract: Developing Exhibitions from the Collection
Feb, 2011 Landscape and Figuration from the Collection: Early to Mid-Twentieth Century
McClelland Barclay, Conrad Buff, Leland Curtis, Francis de Erdely, Phil Dike, Joseph Kleitsch, Fernand Lungren, Elsie Palmer Payne, Lee Randolph, Granville Redmond, Anna Katharine Skeele, Elmer Wachtel
Feb, 2011 Cultural Identity: Selections from St. Margaret’s Episcopal School, San Juan Capistrano
Feb, 2011 Brad Coleman: Reproductions
Brad Coleman
Nov, 2010 Lecture and Book Signing with Bram Dijkstra
Bram Dijkstra
John Paul Jones
E. Roscoe Shrader
Oct, 2010 Sean Duffy: Searcher
Sean Duffy
Oct, 2010 Masterstrokes: Selections from Laguna Plein Air Painters Association Signature Members
Ken Auster, Jacobus Baas, John Budicin, Marcia Burtt, Saim Caglayan, Kathleen Dunphy, Michael Gibbons, Carolyn Hesse-Low, Jeff Horn, Peggi Kroll-Roberts, Po Pin Lin, Kim Lordier, David Lussier, Ronaldo Macedo, Jennifer McChristian, Jesse Powell, Camille Przewodek, Ian Roberts, Ray Roberts, Michael Situ, W. Jason Situ, David Solomon
Oct, 2010 12th Annual Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitational: Public Art Show and Sale
Oct, 2010 12th Annual Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitational: Collectors’ Soirée and Sale
Oct, 2010 Art Shack Open House
Wolfgang Bloch, Clayton Brothers, Matthew Causey, Gregg Gibbs, Jeff Gillette, Laurie Hassold, Liz McGrath, Travis Somerville
Jun, 2010 Art Shack
Jun, 2010 Art Shack
Kim Abeles, Kevin Ancel, Bamboo Ben, Sandow Birk, Wolfgang Bloch, Esteban Bojorquez, Clayton Brothers, Matthew Causey, Russell Crotty, Albert Cuellar, Paul Frank, Gregg Gibbs, Jeff Gillette, Don Ed Hardy, Laurie Hassold, George Herms, Jed Lind, Jason Maloney, Elizabeth McGrath, Michael C. McMillen, Marion Peck, Elyse Pignolet, Mark Ryden, Kenny Scharf, James P. Scott, Shag, Mike Shine, Savanna Snow, Travis Somerville, Craig Stecyk, Stanislav Szukalski, Marnie Weber, Martin Wittfooth
Jun, 2010 Artists in California, Early Twentieth Century: From the Permanent Collection
Mabel Alvarez, Frank Cuprien, Joseph Kleitsch, Charles Rollo Peters, Granville Redmond, Matteo Sandonà, Donna Schuster, William Wendt
Jun, 2010 Mud Houses and Bird Shacks: Laguna Beach Dwellings Interpreted by Festival of Arts Students
Feb, 2010 OsCene 2010
Robin Repp
Feb, 2010 OsCene 2010
Gina Genis
Nov, 2009 Collecting California: Selections from Laguna Art Museum
Nov, 2009 Weathering the Storm
Jeremy Fish
Sep, 2009 Stretch of the Imagination: Art from Pacifica High School
Jun, 2009 WoW: Emergent Media Phenomenon
Aram Bartholl, Mashallah Design, Sam Didier, Jorg Dubin, The Third Faction, Alexander Galloway, Jacqueline Goss, Auriea Harvey, Roman Kenney, John Klima, Linda Kostowski, Cyril Kuhn, Antoinette LaFarge, Chris Metzen, Robert Nideffer, Chris Robinson, Airyka Rockefeller, Michaël Samyn, EDDO STERN, Alex Szeto, Tale of Tales, Justin Thavirat
Jun, 2009 Southern California Artists: The Impressionists
Frank Cuprien, William Swift Daniell, Anna Hills, Edgar Payne, William Wendt
Mar, 2009 The Shadow Between Representation and Abstraction
Roger Kuntz
Feb, 2009 Laguna Art Museum's Auction 100
Nov, 2008 In Nature's Temple: The Life and Art of William Wendt
William Wendt
Nov, 2008 In Nature's Temple: The Life and Art of William Wendt
William Wendt
Jun, 2008 In the Land of Retinal Delights: The Juxtapoz Factor
Group Exhibition
Mar, 2008 Las Vegas Diaspora: Emergence of Contemporary Art from the Neon Homeland
Group Show
Mar, 2008 Las Vegas Diaspora: The Emergence of Contemporary Art From The Neon Homeland
Reverend Ethan Acres, Robert Acuna, Philip Argent, Aaron Baker, Tim Bavington, Thomas Burke, Jane Callister, Bradley Corman, Jacqueline Ehlis, Curtis Fairman, Gajin Fujita, Sush Machida Gaikotsu, James Gobel, Sherin Guirguis, Jack Hallberg, James Hough, Shawn Hummel, Carrie Jenkins, Angela Kallus, Wayne Littlejohn, Victoria Reynolds, David Ryan, Sean Slattery, Jason Tomme, Yek, Almond Zigmund
Oct, 2007 Wayne Thiebaud: 70 Years of Painting
Wayne Thiebaud
Jun, 2007 Heart and Torch: Rick Griffin's Transcendence
Rick Griffin
Jun, 2007 Palette to Palate
James Boyce
Feb, 2007 East Coast/West Coast and Beyond: Colin Campbell Cooper, American Impressionist
Colin Campbell Cooper
Feb, 2007 Jeremy Kidd: Fictional Realities
Jeremy Kidd
Oct, 2006 OsCene 2006: Contemporary Art and Culture in OC.
Group Show
Oct, 2006 Millard Sheets in Mexico,1932-1942
Millard Sheets
Oct, 2006 OsCene
Mindy Cherri
Oct, 2006 California Art from the Permanent Collection: Part II, 1930s to 1950s
Group Show

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