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CB1 Gallery

September 10th - October 30th War Frieze (1991 – 1994) and “Power” Frieze
Mira Schor
September 10th - October 30th The Reader of His Own Self
Tom Knechtel
Jul, 2016 Summer Reverie
Emily Davis Adams, Lisa Adams, TOM BETTHAUSER, Ain Cocke, Jack Davidson, Georganne Deen, Merion Estes, Elliott Green, Nathan Hayden, Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia, Phung Huynh, Kevin Larmon, Michael Mancari, Annelie McKenzie, Timothy Nolan, Dane Patterson, Brett Reichman, Daniel Samaniego, Matthew Scarlett, Lily Simonson, Craig Taylor
Jun, 2016 Man in Canoe and Grizzly: Exhibition Tour with Annelie McKenzie
Annelie McKenzie
Jun, 2016 Man in Canoe and Grizzly
Annelie McKenzie
Jun, 2016 the self-portrait sessions
Susan Silas
May, 2016 Beneath the Midnight Sun: Art and Science in Antarctica
May, 2016 "Through the Wall" presented by the Prison Arts Collective at CB1-G
Apr, 2016 Midnight Sun
Lily Simonson
Apr, 2016 new haven
TOM BETTHAUSER, Ain Cocke, Alexander Kroll, Michael Mancari, Craig Taylor
Joan Brown
Feb, 2016 Pure Pretty Fever
Nathan Hayden
Feb, 2016 Tight Ass: Labor Intensive Drawing and Realism
DL Alvarez, TOM BETTHAUSER, Kira Nam Greene, Jacob Kincheloe, Katharine Kuharic, Peter Mitchell-Dayton, Dane Patterson, Eric Petitti, Sarah Ratchye, Daniel Samaniego, Josephine Taylor, Ileana Tejada, Katherine Vetne, Scott Welsh
Jan, 2016 Snowmelt Paintings and Drawings
Chris Oatey
Jan, 2016 Endymion Project
Paul Donald
Jan, 2016 My Head is a Ghost
Chuck Agro
Nov, 2015 Better Living Through Design
Brett Reichman
Nov, 2015 The Constant Speed of Light
Timothy Nolan
Nov, 2015 Plegarias
Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia
Sep, 2015 America The Beautiful
Lisa Adams
Sep, 2015 Vorspülen / zwischenspülen / klarspülen
Hilde Overbergh, Gert Verhoeven
Sep, 2015 Talk to the Eye
Nathan Hayden
Aug, 2015 "Ghost Writers" a Jeffrey Vallance Performance
Jeffrey Vallance
Jul, 2015 The Medium is the Message
Jeffrey Vallance
Jul, 2015 Painting of Levitated Mass
Emily Davis Adams
Jun, 2015 Chill Bivouac Rhymes
Edith Beaucage
Jun, 2015 A Bolt of Soul: Grooved Foreheads and Dog Teeth
Jennifer Wynne Reeves
Jun, 2015 Mowing the Lawn
Jaime Scholnick Gaza
Jun, 2015 Chill Bivouac Rhymes
Edith Beaucage
Apr, 2015 Dystopia
Merion Estes
Apr, 2015 extravagant promises
Jack Davidson
Emily Davis Adams, Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia, Jennifer Wynne Reeves, Mira Schor, Craig Taylor
Mar, 2015 Enface
Craig Taylor
Mar, 2015 The Enthusiast
Annelie McKenzie
Jan, 2015 Reap the Whirlwind
Laura Krifka
Jan, 2015 schadenfreude
Andre Goeritz
Sep, 2014 On Ice
Liy Simonson
Sep, 2014 Five by Five
Rachel K Bury, Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia, Brian Porray, John Schlue, Jaime Scholnick
Jul, 2014 May Contain Explicit Imagery
Nancy Baker Cahill, Kiki Seror, John Weston
May, 2014 Redesigned, Repurposed, Re-everythinged
Jaime Scholnick
May, 2014 Introductions: DTW >>> LAX
Anna Breininger, Erica Mahinay, Lauren Satlowski
Mar, 2014 The Soft and Sweet Eclipse
Timothy Nolan
Mar, 2014 Ground
Emily Davis Adams
Feb, 2014 Tragic Kingdom
Rory Devine
Feb, 2014 Capture the Rapture
Jack Davidson, Karin Davie, Mary Heilmann, Robert Levine, Laura Owens, Karen Schifano, Monique van Genderen
Jan, 2014 'Ni tanto que queme al santo, ni tanto que no lo alumbre ': Artist Talk
Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia
Dec, 2013 Ni tanto que queme al santo, ni tanto que no lo alumbre
Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia
Oct, 2013 Chthonic Garden
Mira Schor
Oct, 2013 Blind
Paul Donald
Sep, 2013 Remembering and Forgetting
HK Zamani
Sep, 2013 RAVEN
Susan Silas
Jun, 2013 Ancient Future
Osvaldo Trujillo
Jun, 2013 A Few of My Favorite Things
Emily Davis Adams, Karen Carson, Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia, Laura Krifka, Alexander Kroll, Larry Mantello, Timothy Nolan, Donna Ruff, Jaime Scholnick, Mira Schor, Craig Taylor, Betty Tompkins, Michelle Wiener
May, 2013 Looks Back At You
André Goeritz
May, 2013 Hysteresis
Kiki Seror
Apr, 2013 Second Life
Lisa Adams
Apr, 2013 Blood At The Roost
Steve Rogers
Feb, 2013 Performing Methods
Chris Oatey
Feb, 2013 Performing Methods -- In Context
Amelie Chabannes, Joey Kötting, Pascual Sisto, Marc Philip van Kempen, Maria Walker, Joe Winter
Jan, 2013 Essence, transference, no cigarettes
Craig Taylor
Jan, 2013 Other Geographies
Joyce Kozloff
Jan, 2013 Alexander Kroll Artist Talk/Closing Reception
Alexander Kroll
Dec, 2012 CB1 Gallery at The Miami Project, Booth #319
Larry Mantello, Jaime Scholnick, Susan Silas, HK Zamani
Nov, 2012 The Florist, The Loquat and Yes.
Alexander Kroll
Oct, 2012 Bidibidiba
Edith Beacuage
Oct, 2012 Traces of Spaces
Whitney Stolich
Oct, 2012 Bidibidiba
Edith Beaucage
Sep, 2012 Artifacts
Jaime Scholnick
Jul, 2012 Panel Discussion: Deep Thoughts
Lily Simonson
Jun, 2012 Wet and Wild
Lily Simonson
May, 2012 Support, Edge, Variation
Daniel Aksten
May, 2012 Paintings & Notes
Ardeshir Tabrizi
Apr, 2012 Restack: Artist talk and Closing Reception
Timothy Nolan
Apr, 2012 Restack
Timothy Nolan
Apr, 2012 we can plant a house, we can build a tree
Rory Devine
Feb, 2012 First Blush
Laura Krifka
Feb, 2012 Cast. Reflect.
Daniel Aksten, Andre Goeritz, Alexander Kroll, Robin Szidak
Jan, 2012 Papel Tejido
Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia
Jan, 2012 Osvaldo Trujillo Artist Talk & Closing Reception (Lisa Adams/Osvaldo Trujillo)
Lisa Adams, Osvaldo Trujillo
Dec, 2011 Paradise Notwithstanding
Lisa Adams
Dec, 2011 Someplace Else
Osvaldo Trujillo
Oct, 2011 Everyone
Chuck Agro
Oct, 2011 Woulden
Paul Donald
Sep, 2011 Light Lab
Amy Yoes
Sep, 2011 Repositioning Basics
Hilde Overbergh
Jul, 2011 The Haunted Word
York Chang, Kip Fulbeck, Norm Laich, Joseph Lee, Suzanne Oshinsky, Carter Potter, Evelyn Serrano
Jul, 2011 Painting. Design. Speculation. Generosity.
Dan Callis, Matthew Carter, Roy Dowell, Mark Dutcher, Christine Frerichs, Lauren Luloff, RENEE PETROPOULOS, Craig Taylor
May, 2011 In-between Air, Land and Sea
HK Zamani
Apr, 2011 eyes wide shut
Susan Silas
Apr, 2011 A child of sixties television singing songs that got stuck in her head.
Susan Silas
Feb, 2011 Together Again
Larry Mantello
Feb, 2011 .hurluberlu
Edith Beaucage
Jan, 2011 Unfoldings
Alexander Kroll
Nov, 2010 Mira Schor: Paintings From The Nineties To Now
Mira Schor
Oct, 2010 Plata O Plomo
Oct, 2010 Animate Objects
Chris Oatey
Sep, 2010 Material
Daniel Aksten
Aug, 2010 For Your Pleasure
Chuck Agro, MARTIN DURAZO, Larry Mantello, Tameka Norris, Chris Oatey, Hilde Overbergh, Mira Schor, Susan Silas, Amy Yoes, HK Zamani
Jul, 2010 The art that dare not speak its name.
Edith Beaucage, Alexander Kroll, Matt Lifson, Lily Simonson
May, 2010 Everything Is Stitching Together Simultaneously
Fang Ling-An
Apr, 2010 by Deborah Calderwood
Lorenzo Hurtado
Mar, 2010 Axis Mundi
Timothy Nolan, Jaime Scholnick, Osvaldo Trujillo
Feb, 2010 Difference and Repetiton
Daniel Aksten, HK Zamani

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