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Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Fiona Connor: Bare Use

1301PE    mid-wilshire
6150 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048
January 19th, 2013 - March 2nd, 2013
added almost 4 years ago

1301PE is pleased to announce its first solo exhibition with Los Angeles-based artist Fiona Connor. Working at the intersection of architecture, sculpture, and installation, Fiona Connor encourages us to reflect on physical surroundings by re-contextualizing objects and creating disruptions in the built environment. Her painstakingly fabricated replicas of everyday objects function both as sculpture to b...   [more]

Opening: January 19th, 2013   6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Ivan Argote, Pauline Bastard: Artist Labs Exhibition

18th Street Arts Center    santa monica/venice
1639 18th St.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
(310) 453-3711
January 14th, 2013 - March 29th, 2013
added almost 4 years ago

Artist Lab open studio, January 14 - March 29 Opening Reception, February 23, 8 - 10 pm  'Born to Curate' Event, 6:00 - 8:00 pm SANTA MONICA, CA - Encompassing 18th Street Arts Center's Visiting Artist Residency Program, its Artist Labs process-based exhibition series, and in partnership with Highways Performance Space, Paris-based artists Ivan Argote and Pauline Bastard tap into multiple platforms for...   [more]

Opening: February 23rd, 2013   6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Eero Saarinen: EERO SAARINEN

A + D Museum    downtown/east la
900 E. 4th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
October 5th, 2012 - February 28th, 2013
added about 4 years ago

Born in Finland, Eero Saarinen (1910 – 1961) is recognized today as one of America’s most influential architects of the 20th Century. The exhibition at the Architecture and Design Museum will highlight his short but brilliant career beginning with the Smithsonian Gallery of Art Competition in 1939 and culminating with Dulles Airport in 1962 and highlighting his influence on design in mid-Century A...   [more]

Opening: October 5th, 2012   6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Justin Bower: A Rotating Exhibtion of Selected Artworks

Ace Gallery- Beverly Hills    west hollywood/b.h.
9430 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
September 8th, 2012 - February 15th, 2013
added about 4 years ago

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Charles Fine: A Thirty-Year Survey Of Drawings, Paintings, Sculptures, Photographs, and Video

Ace Gallery- Los Angeles    mid-wilshire
5514 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
October 26th, 2012 - April 27th, 2013
added about 4 years ago

There are certain artists who grip the subconscious and dive into temporalities of the forgotten, touching upon the cornerstones of human memory and being. Charles Fine is one such artist. He works human  consciousness in a way that connects the corporeal thinking organism with the intimacies of what might be called earth consciousness. Fine attends to the natural world and ancientness in ways that...   [more]

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Group Show: Wilderness Mind: Dissolving Duality

Angels Gate Cultural Center    beach cities/south bay
3601 South Gaffey St., Box 1
San Pedro, CA 90731
May 20th, 2012 - August 17th, 2013
added over 4 years ago

Angels Gate Cultural Center presents our exhibition year entitled Into the Wilderness: The Journey Within. Over the course of the next year, artists and curators will engage the term "wilderness" from multiple perspectives ranging from ecological to introspective. The exhibitions consider how our ideas of wilderness continue to define our contemporary life and contemplate how we can find new opportuni...   [more]

Opening: May 20th, 2012   12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Keith Rocka Knittel: Los Angeles National Forest

Angels Gate Cultural Center    beach cities/south bay
3601 South Gaffey St., Box 1
San Pedro, CA 90731
January 27th, 2013 - April 19th, 2013
added almost 4 years ago

In Los Angeles, where non-native fauna, golf courses, and man-made lakes collide with a desert, mountains and sea, what is a natural landscape? What is escape, when surrounded by the fabricated artificial? In a gesture that considers the methodologies of contemporary art, theme restaurants, parks, and interior design, Los Angeles National Forest is comprised of a 7' x 7' x 7' room with a 3' x 5' e...   [more]

Opening: January 27th, 2013   1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Erika Yoemans, CODY TREPTE, Mara De Luca, Zoe Crocher, Kevin Cooley, Thomas Altheimer: Searchin': Los Angeles and the Quest for the Sublime

Angels Gate Cultural Center    beach cities/south bay
3601 South Gaffey St., Box 1
San Pedro, CA 90731
January 27th, 2013 - April 19th, 2013
added almost 4 years ago

Searchin' is an exhibition that considers contemporary, critical engagements with the theoretical sublime. Inspired by 70s Californian conceptual artist Bas Jan Ader's project, In Search of the Miraculous, the contemporary artists whose work makes up this exhibition re-examine his quest for the sublime and through it, launch their own journeys into the wilderness. Emmanuel Kant's definition of and wri...   [more]

Opening: January 27th, 2013   1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Eloisa Guanlao: Free Water: Wilderness and Infrastructure

Angels Gate Cultural Center    beach cities/south bay
3601 South Gaffey St., Box 1
San Pedro, CA 90731
January 27th, 2013 - March 8th, 2013
added almost 4 years ago

Eloisa Guanlao's investigation of water in southern California takes her to the heart of modern notions of wilderness, western settlement, the dynamics of rural-urban divide, and the tension between technological development and ecological aesthetic. She is interested in understanding the historical and current attitudes about water. Guanlao looks at current attitudes by setting up her "water" tr...   [more]

Opening: January 27th, 2013   1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Forest, For The Trees

Angels Gate Cultural Center    beach cities/south bay
3601 South Gaffey St., Box 1
San Pedro, CA 90731
January 27th, 2013 - March 8th, 2013
added almost 4 years ago

An old-growth forest, through its great age, exhibits unique ecological features and is often home to rare, threatened, and endangered species of plants and animals, making them ecologically significant. Unfortunately, many of our old-growth forest stands are threatened by habitat destruction at the invasive hands of man. This exhibition hopes to address the wonders and perils of the forest by cr...   [more]

Opening: January 27th, 2013   1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Group Show: no strangers: ancient wisdom in a modern world

Annenberg Space for Photography    santa monica/venice
2000 Avenue of the Stars, Century Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90067
November 17th, 2012 - February 24th, 2013
added about 4 years ago

The Annenberg Space for Photography is pleased to announce its next exhibit – no strangers: ancient wisdom in a modern world, a group show about the wonder of culture and the plight of indigenous people throughout the world.  The exhibit is guest curated by esteemed anthropologist, author and photographer Wade Davis.   no strangers explores the ways cultures express a shared humanity and navigate...   [more]

Opening: November 17th, 2012   11:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Richard Haley, Vincent Johnson, John Knuth, Ann Mitchell, Rachel Sussman: PHOTOGRAPHY 2013

Another Year in LA    eagle rock/highland park
Los Angeles, CA 90065
January 17th, 2013 - March 8th, 2013
added almost 4 years ago

Another Year in LA will begin the new year with PHOTOGRAPHY 2013 focusing on a specific art activity – Photography – featuring the work of five artists from across the United States.  The participating artists are: Richard Haley, Vincent Johnson, John Knuth, Ann Mitchell and Rachel Sussman. Although there are only five artists in PHOTOGRAPHY 2013, the range of imagery in this show is vast.  Ann Mitch...   [more]

Opening: January 17th, 2013   5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Tara Geer: when we are at sea in the evidence

Aran Cravey    west hollywood/b.h.
6918 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038
January 26th, 2013 - March 31st, 2013
added almost 4 years ago

Aran Cravey Gallery is pleased to present, when we are at sea in the evidence, a solo exhibition of drawings by Tara Geer.What does it mean to have a visual experience? ‘Seeing’ is not a passive occurrence - to see an object or facial expression is an active experience.  It is at once an act of cognition and visual exposure; we recognize, identify, and conceptualize. For Tara Geer, the act of dra...   [more]

Opening: January 26th, 2013   6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Nate Page: Instituted Angles of Path and Display

Armory Center for the Arts    pasadena/glendale
145 N. Raymond Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91103
July 8th, 2012 - June 30th, 2013
added about 4 years ago

Armory Center for the Arts presents a temporary, site-specific installation by Los Angeles-based artist Nate Page in its central stairwell through June 2013.  Page’s newest work, entitled Instituted Angles of Path and Display, challenges the ultra-functional design of the Armory’s main stairwell. Page has removed one of the stairwell’s two large metal handrails, turned it 90 degrees, and mounted it in the...   [more]

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Transcontinental Junction

Artspace Warehouse    mid-wilshire
7358 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036
January 19th, 2013 - March 1st, 2013
added almost 4 years ago

New art exhibition Transcontinental Junction opens Saturday January 19, 2013 with an artist reception from 5 to 8 PM at Artspace Warehouse featuring artists from South Africa, Germany, the East Coast and Los Angeles.   Gail Weissman is a professional Los Angeles artist with over twenty years of experience.  Her large acrylic and mixed media paintings express the primordial acts of creation exis...   [more]

Opening: January 19th, 2013   5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Hugh Scott-Douglas: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Blum & Poe    culver city/west la
2727 S. La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034
January 12th, 2013 - February 16th, 2013
added almost 4 years ago

Blum & Poe is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by the Canadian artist Hugh Scott-Douglas. This marks Scott-Douglas' first exhibition with Blum & Poe and his first solo-presentation in Los Angeles. For this exhibition, Scott-Douglas draws inspiration from the 1920 German Expressionist silent film, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Directed by Robert Wiene, the film has long been regarded for...   [more]

Opening: January 12th, 2013   6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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