Our third show in the ongoing Blast Phemy! series features o utstanding musical soloists performing new\, cutting-edge works seamlessly melded with a spectrum of media styles\, including video montage\, 3D anima tion and multi-projector 8mm film! We've got a collaboration between 8mm gu nslinger Rick Bahto (who's exhibited at venues like MoMA\, the San Francisc o Cinematheque and Director's Lounge in Berlin) and composer/performer Luci ano Chessa (who's an expert at both the Vietnamese dan bau and the musical saw.) Another of the evening's collaborations is a meeting of the minds bet ween video artist Anne Bray and postminimalist composer Eve Beglarian\, wit h a live performance by harpist Susie Allen -- and finally\, we also have a live collision between animation and banjo(!)\, delivered by psychedelic s pecialist Jim Ovelmen.

DTEND:20100414T230800 DTSTAMP:20161028T000216 DTSTART:20100414T200000 GEO:34.0820299;-118.3615766 LOCATION:The Cinefamily\,611 N. Fairfax Avenue \nLos Angeles\, CA 90036 SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:NEWTOWN\, LOS ANGELES FILMFORUM & CINEFAMILY PRESENT: BLAST PHEMY! #3 - A MID-WEEK MUSIC/MEDIA MASHUP!\, Susie Allen\, Rick Bahto\, Eve Beglar ian\, Anne Bray\, Luciano Chessa\, Jim Ovelmen UID:99944 END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR