As personal websites become permanent ex hibition spaces — viewable online from the comfort of your own deskchair... in a dark your underwear...the question of why one leaves the hou se for art (or at all) demands evermore scrutiny.

Dusting off th e age-old exhibition spaces that once held a monopoly on the programming of culture\, Videos Collide will feature a new generation of media artists wh ose work explores the added value of their own physical presence.

These live-video performance artists will travel from Canada\, Berlin\, Colorado\, and the greater Los Angeles area to contribute to an increasingl y relevant exploration of the moving image in real life 3D space.

Real-time software performance by Jeremy Bailey
An intimate score for a projector by Wojciech Kosma\, performed by Johanna Re ed
Synchronized live-animation compositing by Zeesy Powers
The ne west episode of Party Food by Joseph Gillette
A tribute to Karl Sims b y Megan Daalder
Intermedia theatre by Ben Bigelow
Animatronics by Matt Barton

DTEND:20100326T220000 DTSTAMP:20160730T083906 DTSTART:20100326T200000 GEO:34.045268;-118.248481 LOCATION:Five Thirty Three\,533 S. Los Angeles St. \nLos Angeles\, CA 90013 SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:VIDEOS COLLIDE IN REAL 3D SPACE!\, JEREMY BAILEY\, Matt Barton\, Be n Bigelow\, Megan Daalder\, JOSEPH GILLETTE\, Wojciech Kosma\, Alison O'Dan iel\, Zeesy Powers UID:99231 END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR