History tells us of women warriors who were as ruthless or even more ruthless than men. 
As part of women's heritage Gallery Az ul is proud to present a show about our women warriors of the past and of the present. The concept of women warriors was for artists to create an or iginal art piece which pays tribute or represents historical or current fe male figures\, real or mythological\, who were/are considered to be warrio rs. Warrior is defined by webster dictionary as a brave or experienced sol dier or fighter\, but we expand the definition to women who have had to ex ert physical measures to accomplish their means. We looked for women who a t first glance maybe don't appear so tough but when put to the challenge t hey have fought battles\, killed\, and commanded the respect of their male counterparts.

DTEND:20100417T170000 DTSTAMP:20161021T102546 DTSTART:20100417T130000 GEO:33.7370251;-118.2880618 LOCATION:Gallery Azul\,520 W. 8th St. \nSan Pedro\, CA 90731 SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:3rd Annual Redefining Femininity: WOMEN WARRIORS Group Exhibit\, Sa ul Aguilera\, Tania Jazz Alvarez\, Angel Amado (CHEE-BO)\, Peter Buchan\, P atty Grau\, Brandon Harrison\, Adam Hass\, Maricruz Huerta\, Michelle Juare z-Taylor (Pinche Michi)\, Miki Lorena K.\, Alexia Kutzner\, Art Martinez\, Mark Metzner\, Robert Nall\, Alan Padilla\, Cora Ramirez-V\, Alex Rios\, Ri ck Rodriguez\, Arturo Sandoval\, Hector Silva\, Ray Vasquez UID:98991 END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR