Our closing reception will feature a sneak peek at new work for Diverte d Destruction 2010. There will be a table in the alley with Artist Box giveaways. Liz's Artist Boxes are perennial picks of inventory items too b roken or too new for the store. Free for one night only!


Last bu t not least\, the reception will feature refreshments by destruction-divert ing caterer Jared Paul. This culinary artist has plan ned a menu of foods you never thought you wouldn't want to throw out...hmm or mmmm? Join us.

DTEND:20090910T220000 DTSTAMP:20160824T212839 DTSTART:20090910T190000 GEO:34.065291;-118.344354 LOCATION:The Loft at Liz's\,453 S. La Brea Ave \nLos Angeles\, CA 90036 SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:Closing Reception: Diverted Destruction Part 2\, Ruben Acosta\, Mel inda Smith Altshuler\, Adnan Charara\, Powerplant Choppers\, George Ousman Diagne\, SA Schimmel Gold\, Gregg Hill\, Savva Kornyshev\, Maddy Le Mel\, S teve Olson\, Ramiro Perez\, Lark Pilinsky\, RACHEL VAN DER POL\, Juan Rosen feldt\, Mike Saijo\, Aline Smithson\, Richard Turner UID:65776 END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR