Lecture by Mathew Timmons\, a writer\, critic and curator\, and Robert Summer\, a professor of visual culture and art history at the Ot is College of Art and Design\, presented by the After School Ars Program (A SAP).


After School Arts Prog ram (ASAP) provides innovative and experimental arts programming for ar tists\, curators\, historians and critics interested in continuing their ed ucation in the visual arts.

ASAP is a not-for-profit community s ervice offering lectures\, salons\, workshops\, critiques\, exhibitions\, f ilm screenings and publications. Dedicated to producing an educational and creative space outside of the university system\, ASAP is a bridge between the rigors of academia and the plasticity of the natural world. Supporting programs/curricula that might not exist with in a university setting\, ASAP is committed to experimentation and the ideology that the current status q uo for arts education is not the most effective method for engaging contemp orary audiences. ASAP does not advocate a superior method for communicating ideas visually but rather promotes alternative modes of understanding.

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