At five years\, The Swift Gall ery\, with help from curator Wes Chester and patron Stephanie Swift\, has b ecome a fixture of San Diego's Liberty Station\, and a place people have co me to know as a source of great work from local artists. \; This show i s no exception\; in fact\, if possible t his retrospective has upped the an te\, displaying the latest work by an impressive group of artists who have given solo shows at The Swift. \; As we prepare to face a new era in th e life of the Swift Gallery\, please come help us celebrate the last five y ears with the artists.

DTEND:20140308 DTSTAMP:20160629T005052 DTSTART:20140108 GEO:32.7372572;-117.2142631 LOCATION:Martha Pace Swift Gallery\,2820 Roosevelt Road \nSan Diego\, CA 92 106 SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:A Swift Look Back\, Larry Caveney\, Ellen Dieter\, Shahla Dorafshan \, Diane O'Connor\, Philip Petrie\, Warner Varno\, James Watts\, Anna Zappo li UID:314458 END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR