Ground Shifts: Anita Bunn\, Anne Hars\, John O’Brien \, Erin Payne
Curated by Kristi Engle
Opening Reception: Saturday\, June 1\, 6 to 9 pm
Exhibition Dates: June 1 – 22\, 2013
Curated by Kris ti Engle\, Ground Shifts: Anita Bunn\, Anne Hars\, John O’Brien\, E rin Payne is an exhibition featuring four Los Angeles-based artist s whose work uses the landscape as its central theme. Each artist employs d ifferent tactics to manipulate\, alter or otherwise transform their works f rom traditional landscape treatment both artistically and conceptually.


Groundspace Project\, 1427 E. 4th St. #4\, Los Angele s\, CA 90033
Gallery hours are Friday and Saturday\, 1 to 6 pm or for an appointment call 310 614-3351.


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