Reanimation Library founder Andrew Beccone will present an overview of t he library’s history\, objectives\, and activities. Los Angeles-based write rs Colin Dickey and Bruna Mori will read from their contributions to Wo rd Processor\, the library’s ongoing exploration of its own holdings.< /span>


Dickey will respond to Abyss: The Deep Sea and the Creatures that Li ve in It\, while Mori will tackle a new (and as-of-yet uncataloged) ac quisition\, Seeing Well Again Without Your Glasses. The evening wi ll culminate in a completely routine—yet often hidden—celebration of techno logical hoo-ha by publically uploading electronic files to the library’s we b host via an FTP client\, thus “launching” the new installment of Word Processor. Sparklers will be at hand.

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