When he was a child\, Willard Wigan decided he would build homes for ant s because he “felt they needed them.” Little did he know at the time that t his desire would become the artistic rubric that would compel him to create whimsical sculptures that are so minute that they can only be viewed throu gh a microscope. This new and highly unusual exhibit\, Sampling the Microsc opic Artwork of Willard Wigan\, is a mind-bending blend of art and science that features 10 unique sculptures that are so small that they can fit in t he eye of a needle\, on a pin head or on the tip of an eyelash. These sculp tures\, created by the British-born artist\, are the results of a unique pr ocess that requires Wigan to enter into a deeply meditative state to reduce hand tremors and allow him to sculpt between pulse beats. The sculptures h ave captured the imagination of the public\, art critics\, and avid collect ors world-wide.

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