This fine Tuesday night will herald another appearance by the psychedeli c traveling duo known as BLUES CONTROL.  Riding “high” off their new Drag C ity release Valley Tangents\, Russ and Lea are amongst like-minded (or like -out of their mind) friends with this stellar lineup.  Fresh from his time with Excepter\, JAWS brings a similar claustrophobic version of dance music \, while THE URXED (aka Rob from High Places) deconstructs the beats and fi lls in the spaces between with sweet tension and release.  And LA’s own LAM PS are going to rock us tangentially\, playing tracks from their new record on In The Red.  A last minute addition\, Byron Westbrook (NYC) will open t he evening by disorienting the ear-balls through phase emmersion. A definit e for fans of kraut and psych rock as well as synth fanatics everywhere.

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