Offered as part of Modernism Week\, the focus of this l ecture is Albert Frey's life and work before his arrival in Palm Springs in the 1930s. Lecturer\, Bill Butler\, will look at Frey’s experiences in New York and in Europe that provide a new perspective from which to view his p rojects here in the desert. Known for his designs of the Tramway Gas Statio n (now the Palm Springs Visitors’ Center)\, Palm Springs City Hall\, and th e Lower Tram Station\, Frey used a modern architectural vocabulary that was formed when he worked in Le Corbusier’s office in Paris.


Bill Butler is an avid researcher\, student of architecture\, and former chair of the museum’s Architecture and Design Council. He has done extensi ve research on Albert Frey in the University of California\, Santa Barbara\ , architecture archives and the Palm Springs Art Museum’s collection.


Tickets are $10 and include admission to the Palm Springs Ar t Museum.  Tickets may be purchased via the Modernism Week web site at< /a>

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