An Exhibition + Fundraising Party \;

A photography project organized by Raul Guerrero&n bsp\;celebrating the powerful stories of nine Tanzanian students \;

Featuring a screening of Saning'o by filmmaker Matt Rice \;

With live music by Danny Parra

Curated by Amanda Courtne y

Wine\, Coffee\, and Treats

All proceeds will be don ated to the furthering of the children's education. \;

From May 11th to July 20th of 2011\, Raul Gue rrero embarked on a communal photography project with the Newlands area of Moshi\, Tanzania. Collaborating with Born to Learn\, a program that gives l ow-income children the opportunity to receive an education\, he provided 10 0 disposable cameras to Alex Charles\, Jenifer Wilson\, John Leo\, Kamili K alist\, Peter Michael\, Petro Ngowi\, Samson Modest\, Sebastian Simon\, and Stanley Felix. Teaching the students basic photography skills\, Raul devel oped creative methods for them to share their stories by documenting their everyday experiences. Working as a collective\, these nine students bring t he faces of their community to you.

The Disposable Project is th eir story.
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