Trilateral Exchange: The MFA Candidate Exhibition | April 14 - 28\, 2012
Opening Reception: Saturday\, April 14\, 2012\, 3:00 pm – 10:00 pm

The dA Center for the Arts is proud to present Trila teral Exchange: The MFA Candidate Exhibition. This exhibition is a survey o f curre...nt work being produced by candidates enrolled in MFA programs at the Claremont Graduate University\; California State University\, Fullerton \; and California State University\, San Bernardino. This exhibition will b e on display April 14 through April 28\, 2012. The dA will be hosting an op ening reception in conjunction with the Pomona Arts Colony Second Saturday Art Walk on April 14\, 2012\, 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Trilateral Exchange: The MFA Candidate Exhibition serves as a glimpse into the current artistic trends as well as providing a platform for participating artists to meet and exchange personal thoughts and ideas. This is the dA’s fifth ye ar producing this exhibition.

Participating Artists:
CGU: Crystal Erlendson\, Dominique Orvalle\, Jackie Bell\, Jen Garbarc zyk\, Jesse Sandlea\, Kelsey Kimmel\, Kristen Frost\, Leslie Love Stone\, S cott Jamison\, Stephanie Meredith\, Takeshi Kanemura\, and Yoony Yee.

CSUF: Aaron Jones\, Anna Bea\, Barbara Milhorn\, Christina Lee\, De e Hill\, John Hedrick\, Kazaka Reitz\, Kevin Stewart-Magee\, Kimberly Mckin nis\, Michiko Ito\, Pascual Arriaga\, Patrick Falk\, SA Hawkins\, Sara Dehg han\, and Tiffany Ma.

CSUSB: Aya Oki\, Jason Dawes\, Nao Yama noto\, Vernell Williams\, and William Christensen.

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