PLEAS E NOTE: VPAM will be closed to the public from June 19 to July 4 2012.


Mode rn Expressions of Figure and Form showcases modern art works in a rang e of media\, techniques\, and styles\, highlighting representations of the human form among the holdings of our permanent collection. This exhibition presents works that take the figure as its focal point\, from portraits and studies of the human form to images of devotion\, recreation and abstracti on. We can learn a great deal about the history\, customs\, values\, and be liefs of any given culture by considering the ways in which its artists cha racterize the human form. Indeed\, the art of the human figure is instructi ve in revealing the myriad ways we see ourselves.


This exhibition was co-organized b y Surana Singh-Bischofberger\, Assistant Professor of Art History at East L os Angeles College\, and the Vincent Price Art Museum.

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