Please join us for a free live performance to celebrate the official launch of Ponce de Leon's The Island of Florida: A Foundation M yth-- the soundtrack from the art-rock musical of the same title \, previously staged at CalArts\, The Velaslavasay Panorama and Machine Pro ject. Copies of the hand screen-printed\, limited edition of 200 vinyl reco rds are available for purchase at Origami Vinyl for $20. This is Ponce de L eon's second album\, and features special guest Anna "Oxygen" Huff. Come ce lebrate with a free show!


Ponce de Leon is John P. Hogan(lead vocal \, guitar)\, Greg McKenna(keyboard\, guitar\, technology)\, and David Reich (bass\, vocals)\, Performed with the Ponce de Leon PartyBack of Audrey Chan \, Carrie Collins\, Jonathan Butt\, Special album guests Anna Oxygen\, Bria n Randolph\, Jessica Zalenko

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