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Three Questions answered for Martin Applewhite's

It's no skin off my nose to answer some questions ,that is,to clarify some often mis-reported or facticious reports about myself for Mr.Applewhite,cult leader or not,he's atleast interested ,though i thought he was dead!

Question #1 asked by Martin is why are there so many websites which claim the meeting of myself,Spencer Tunick and Banksy took place in 2001,when it was actually in the Spring of 2000?

Answer:to the best of my own knowledge on the subject,I wouldn't have a clue!These sites that report this 2001 are ALL WRONG,and i've never had ANY of these supposed"informed"websites either contact me diredctly or indirectly!They write ,like the 70% of the Murdoch newspapers here in Australia,their own commentary for their websites ,unknowingly or inaccurately or even censoring info on these sites,which of course is patently wrong.These website administrators who continually and inexorably report such should, in my opinion be admitted into the Ronald Reagan home for the mentally ill!

Being this occasion took place pre "the dumb one with rat cunning"G.W.Bush,Sept,11,and long before Spencer,Banksy or myself were ever known to the general public at large,and everything in the last eleven years involving the Internet,there was no Google,no Wikipedia,who i might say again,and I will continue on every occasion to do so,are THE #1 MOST BIASED organization on the Internet,with the exception of the far right winged, Focus on the Family,and the Canadian Jewish News!

Wikipedia ,an organization which claims NO Bias,is so full of Sh*t and modern day fallacies its laughable.(One of the main reasons Wikipedia info is NOT ALLOWED to be used in Academic Institutions in America or Australia).

Example one, they claim to have all sorts of supposed "real"quotes from none other than Banksy!True Sh*t,some a&^hole has made up these,never accurate,and completely ficticious quotes.,as Banksy i know FOR A FACT,has never been recorded electronically by anyone saying any of these so called "attributed"quotes.

I am one,of a handful of people who knows Banksy in Australia personally,I spent four and a half months "hanging out" with him,living in Byron Bay at what was known as the "Green House",two houses away from the Arts Factory Lodge,when it was owned by the Lowry family,and this can be confirmed by anyone interested,as the owners son,Nissen,not only remembers these times,but also remembers when Banksy got ahold of some bad acid and didn't come down for two weeks,jumping off the "green house" roof thinking he was Jesus Christ!,and the night Spencer rocked up at the "Talent night".

As I'm the only person with a signed duplicate of this photo,which is on my website,due to my knowing Spencer,and my getting more than one or two people at this "Installation",as Tunick was a completely unknown New Yorker photographer,fifteen years older than the backpackers who were staying there at the time,they thought he was some kind of pervert,that is ,until i intervened,as i was the head of the security team at the AFL at this very time,all the backpackers knew it,so by doing what i did at the time,i.e.going up to the stage after Spencer,and letting everyone know,that Tunick wasn't a pervert,but a serious ,though laughable photographer,and it would be I would be at the photo-shoot,which as it took place on AFL property,i had to be there for safety purposes,and would be in the "Shoot"myself.

Everyone signed off on a release form,including Banksy,(using his real name,NOT Banksy),So the fact Tunick doesn't remember ,doesn't mean that he (Banksy)wasn't there,just that Tunick doesn't remember!

As only I can tell you,Banksy was only there for a lark and to see if he could (Jag a root)-an Aussie expression for getting laid,and he did,twice actually,not bad as he later recalled on his visit here in January 2010!

I hope this is fully understood by all of Martin Applewhites readers on

If Wikipedia are what they say,a publically sourced information gatherer,then maybe someone can attempt to amend the relevent Wiki pages,and include the real facts,and stop the continual suppression of these facts on Wikipedia!If you can do this without one of their "Wiki cops" from deleting this i would be amazed,as their people monitor new content all the time,24/7.

I call them "Wiki cops" because these anal retentive computer monkeys continually "remove" the facts!Jimmy Wales your a total poofter!

I'm not one of these "people",unlike Jimmy,who "minces" the truth,or who "minces at all",unlike Jimmy!

Question two from Martin is :Do i think Banksy is over-rated and over-valued?

A big yes to both,spray painting can be taught to a retarded person,and there are alot of stupid rich people out there with more money than sense!Banksy himself can't believe what people pay for his "Sh*t"!That should tell you something,if the Artist himself says it's Sh*t,it should probably be believed!

If Banksy were to sign his "Stencils" with his real name,it would NEVER be bought!He knows this,as do I!This is the main reason he maintains his anonymity,because he "has "to.

He wouldn't be in the Tate Gallery and all these other Institutions,because they don't consider this Art as being "real"Art like Monet,Manet,Jaque Louis David,Bernini,Moreau,etc,etc.etc.

Banksy as I've told him time and time again,is a great "Brand",not a "great" Artist,and he knows this more than you know!This is why he puts out so much of his "stencil work"he knows he created a charade,or fad,not Art that will be looked at over time as a "Great"Art

and a contribution to the Arts, and follow on from the "real"great Artist I've mentioned!

His is "Con"Art pure and simple, and the dummies who can't see this are prime for getting "ripped off",and that's what he's doing,I know,he knows,that's why we laugh our guts out everytime some rich "sucker" buys one of his "Stencils"!Half a million and up for a seven to ten minute stencil,what a joke!On average my Pastels take between fifteen and twenty hours each!

My third and final question from Martin was,"Would i sell the collaborative piece which is "Banksy's only blue rat 2011"?

I don't think so ,as it's a total "one off" piece,and it's a "piss take"on and of Tunick's "Installation"!

He (Tunick)has become ,and probably always was, a completely self centered over opinionated tw^t,especially over the last ten years,and has "NEVER",unlike myself with him,has never reciprocated in any way with what I did for him!I could of just as easily thrown his ass out of the AFL,and told him to piss off,and told the audience that night,NOT to go to any photoshoot with this pervert,as a matter of Artistic sensibilities I didn't,though I should of looking back on it,as it has helped turn what was once a good bloke into a complete "Monster Sh*thead!,Try writing THAT in Wikipedia!

That's all for now except my question to Martin,Why the hell did you and your male followers find it necessary to go to Mexico and get yourselves castrated,don't you think that was just"abit"(no pun intended) much?

Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/2/11 | tags: jimmy wales photography Arts Factory Lodge photography Banksy Spencer Tunick graffiti/street-art

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