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Showcase Watchlist: Kimberly Hahn  
10/24/12 Posted 10/24/12

(Image:  Kimberly Hahn, Remnants #10, 2009, Epson archival print mounted on aluminum, 23 x 23 in.; © Kimberly Hahn)   Kimberly Hahn (lives in Santa Barbara, CA) Kimberly Hahn studied at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design, London, England and the University of Texas, Austin, TX where she received a BFA.  Hahn has been in numerous exhibitions including: Eating Apples in Paradise, Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, CA; Communion of Saints: Santa Barbara & San Antonio, David Shelton Gall... [more]

Showcase Watchlist: Joshhua Ray  
9/8/12 Posted 9/8/12

(Image: Joshhua Ray, 2020 Vision Inverted, 2012 , Acrylic on Canvas Screen Print , 18" X 24" X 2.5" ; © Joshhua Ray Interprise 2012)   Joshhua Ray (b. Granada Hills, CA) Art is the truth we perhaps will never see, the expression of what could be and the evidence that no one wishes to see. Art is personal yet lies to us, comforts and then betrays us. Art is whatever you see it to be and will then define the blind from the visionary. I have made the choice to paint, document and use visual expression i... [more]

20120811232710-photo-_joshua_white-1778_cropped SAT/AUGUST18TH/PAUL RUSCONI @ Hadid Gallery  
Paul Rusconi at Hadid Gallery August 18th, 2012 - September 15th, 2012
Posted 8/11/12

ABOUT Hadid Gallery   Hadid Gallery is a new player on in the Art Scene. A contemporary art gallery founded by Mohamed Hadid famed realestate developer in 2011, it was taken over by director and daughter Alana Hadid in 2012. Father and daughter strive for a vision of a new kind of gallery that really connects the gallery with the artist and both with the buyer, whether they be an avid art collector or client new to the art scene. The Hadid Gallery has made a conscious decision to be a artists... [more]

Elaine Alibrandi: Catalogue Edition  
Posted 8/7/12

Elaine Alibrandi Mixed Media Lives & Works in: Boston, MA Website: For Purchase, contact Elaine Alibrandi Elaine Alibrandi, Cauldron, 2011, Oil and aluminum foil on slit canvas, 36" x 36"; Courtesy of the artist. Elaine Alibrandi, Resilience, 2012, Oil, tree bark, and lichen on wood panel, 7.5" x 7.5"; Courtesy of the artist. Elaine Alibrandi, Rising From the Depths, 2011, Oil and aluminum foil on canvas, 36" x 18"; Courtesy of the artist. [more]

Salesroom Artist: Brandon Kristy  
8/7/12 Posted 8/7/12

(Image: Brandon Kristy, Depths, 2007, sharpies and gouache on moleskine, 5" x 8"; © Brandon Kristy)   Brandon Kristy (b. Fullerton, CA) Visual artist, haunted attraction designer/builder and social activist. Influenced by artists/musicians, science, nature, the world around me, and by the need to understand myself. Grew up in Orange County, bucked formal education and art school, found myself and a sense of reality walking and exploring local hiking trails and expressed it through sketchbooks and ha... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Aaron Stansberry  
7/15/12 Posted 7/15/12

(Image: Aaron Stansberry, Baby C, 2010, Oil, Spray, 36 x 36 x 1.5 inches; © Aaron Stansberry)   Aaron Stansberry (b. 1978, Portland, OR) For me, painting is soul therapy. I can tell my stories with brushes and spray cans, and my canvas can do nothing but listen and take it's punishment. The world of art is changing... becoming less business and more personal. Artists are turning to the streets to self-advertise, to speak their minds, or, hopefully, to at least put something thought-provoking... [more]

Showcase Watchlist: Bernard Dunaux  
5/31/12 Posted 5/31/12

(Image: Bernard Dunaux, Abstraction III, 2012, Acrylic and enamel on canvas, 72 x 64; © Bernard Dunaux) Bernard Dunaux (b. Sydney, Australia) I am in a constant search of new forms of visual expression. My creative process originates with what I identify as a non-moment- when constant thought ceases, and shifts into movement and line, paint and canvas. My path is through unconsciousness of the gesture. Subject matter remains only a starting point, as the direct action of painting itself t... [more]

20120412194141-_dsc2360 Great Show  
Judy Dater, Carlos Donjuan, Rupert Garcia, Jasper Johns, Claes Oldenburg, Chris Pew, Inez Storer at Thomas Paul Fine Art April 4th, 2012 - May 19th, 2012
Posted 4/10/12

This new group show includes some really great work by a wide range of artists.  One of the more interesting shows that I have seen in this gallery, and really show the versitility of the work that gets displayed in this gallery.  The three pieces at the front of the gallery, by Carlos Donjuan and Rupert Garcia, particulary the piece entitled, Mao, 1977, by Garcia. These works really pull you into the gallery, and as you move toward the back the works continues to catch the eye.  The most inters... [more]

20120412194141-_dsc2360 Colorful Spring Show  
Judy Dater, Carlos Donjuan, Rupert Garcia, Jasper Johns, Claes Oldenburg, Chris Pew, Inez Storer at Thomas Paul Fine Art April 4th, 2012 - May 19th, 2012
Posted 4/10/12

There are some great paintings by lessor known artists on display at the gallery right now. Walk around one of the modular walls and there are prints by Jasper Johns and a pristine example of Oldenburg's Profile Airflow. It is worth stopping by while the show is up. Many artists are in the show but surprisingly they all work very well together. There are some great Rupert Garcia's that I have never seen before.  A wide mix of work. [more]

Key Venue Artist: Laura Larson  
1/19/12 Posted 1/19/12

(Image: Laura Larson, Precious Bunny, 2008, 6” diameter x 1/2”, embroidery hoop with found printed fabric, quilting, embroidery, beading, wood hoop, rabbit’s foot (3” x 1” diameter); © Laura Larson) Laura Larson (b. Chicago, Illinois) I have always known that my calling was to be an artist. It has been my outlet for understanding our nature – our body, mind and spirit – as well as our relationship to the planet and the universe beyond. Yes, the big picture. But since no one can ever see the entir... [more]

Matthew Brandt: On Our Los Angeles Watchlist  
1/10/12 Posted 1/10/12

(Image: Matthew Brandt, Bees of bees_2011,  Honey bees on paper (Gum Bichromate print), 43" x 73",  2011; © Matthew Brandt) Matthew Brandt (b. 1982, Los Angeles) Interested in physicality, process and landscape, Brandt’s ability to stretch the readings of an image, multiplying them both physically and conceptually, speaks directly to his interest in how images loom and meanings shift within a shared visual history. Whether silkscreening his own photograph of Half Dome in Yosemite—an iconic i... [more]

CARRERA at artbox studios October 31st, 2011 - December 15th, 2011
Posted 10/31/11

This is an incredible installation.  Conceptually rich, superb and masterful....! [more]

20110828092355-1 Passionista:The Inner Worlds of Martin Kersels  
Martin Kersels at ACME September 10th, 2011 - October 8th, 2011
Posted 9/17/11

“I put it out there (as) an open-ended statement, like a question. It just is”, Kersels told the LA Times in 2008. “It just is”. The work in his current solo show, Passionista, at ACME gallery is a case in point. His series of drawings, featuring images of human skeletons overlapped by images of the natural world (i.e. galaxies, spider webs), ask the viewer not only to make profound connections between external and internal environments, but to think of the scope of what is “out there”.  Beyond... [more]

Brett Cody Rogers: On Our Los Angeles Watchlist  
9/8/11 Posted 9/8/11

(Image: Brett Cody Rogers, Man with a Camera, 2011 oil on linen, 75x53"; © Brett Cody Rogers) Brett Cody Rogers (b. 1977, Glenwood Springs, CO, USA) Brett Cody Rogers’ paintings are first composed with a fixed constant, two lines drawn from corner to corner of the painting. The “X” delineating the painting as subject, its edges and boundaries defined at first glance. Then the notations of painting emerge, large washes of vibrating color influenced by materials in the studio, breaks in patterns and... [more]

20110623110144-chainletter_card_6_shortversion LA Times Review  
Lillian Abel, Lisa Adams, Dori Atlantis, Frederika Beesemyer Roeder, Rochelle Botello, Rebecca Catterall, Hadiya Finley, stEvEn fujimOtO, Natalie Gray, Summer Janelle, Julienne Johnson, Caroline Jones, Stacey Kalkowski, Geoffrey Kieran, Barbara Kolo, Will Long, Linda Lopez, Vanessa Madrid, Jennifer Shimatsu, Group Show, Roger Tilton, Davyd Whaley at Shoshana Wayne Gallery July 23rd, 2011 - August 25th, 2011
Posted 8/23/11 A chain letter is a message sent in an effort to induce friend and stranger alike to pass it on, often under pain of punishment or promise of benefit. Today it's a handy, analog metaphor for digital social networks. In June, artists Doug Harvey and Christian Cummings sent a chain letter (actually, a chain email) to 10 artists each one admired, inviting them to show up and participate... [more]

George Herms: On Our Los Angeles Watchlist  
8/5/11 Posted 8/5/11

(Image: George Herms, Xenophilia, 2011, collage, 22 x 28 in.; © George Herms) George Herms (b. 1935, Woodland, CA) Influenced by the Beat generation more attuned to the musical nuance of the everyday than the modernist requiem to order, Herms’s commitment to counterculture is expressed through his repurposing of used materials and his rejection of compositional structures in favor of loose associations of objects and ideas. Herms salvages elements from the trash heap of popular culture, combining them with words a... [more]

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