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Salesroom Artist: Natalie Hile Cross  
2/22/13 Posted 2/22/13

(Image: Natalie Hile Cross, sad bluebird, 2012, mixed media on paper; © Natalie Hile Cross)   Natalie Hile Cross (b. 1970, Butler, PA) A painting often starts with an impulse of a gestural mark or a color I see behind my eyes before waking up.  From there it is much like a chess game between myself and the developing work.  I really don't want to win, the painting has to be the winner.  I want to put up a valiant effort to keep up with what is evolving. It is always a overa... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Gill Miller  
1/9/13 Posted 1/9/13

(Image: Gill Miller, Chain Drive 4, 2012, Spray Acrylic, 36 X 36 X 1-1/2 Inches; © Gill Miller)   Gill Miller (lives in Santa Monica, CA) For Gill Miller, spray acrylic on canvas is the medium that he uses exclusively. It has a rhythm and poetry that is magical to him. Originally influenced by graffiti, his work has evolved from complex compositions to modernist paintings that make bold, sweeping statements. His current series of paintings are focused on the exploration of the round form and its relationship... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Michael James  
12/19/12 Posted 12/19/12

(Image: Michael James, The Big Bang, 2009, Acrylic, 30 x 30 x 1.5 inches, 2009; © Michael James)   Michael James (b. 1946, California) Experiences living in the United States and abroad greatly influence each of my Abstract paintings.  As I begin to focus on the rhythmic breathing of a bare canvas my images mature, developing to a point where a passion to lay the first crucial stroke overwhelms me.  When I lay that first stroke an evolvement commences, guiding me on a journey, a journey revealing another, often... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Rod Seeley  
11/29/12 Posted 11/29/12

(Image: Rod Seeley,  Rainbow Rose,  2011, Digital Art - Mixed Technique, 11 x 14 x .75 inches; © Rod Seeley)     Rod Seeley (b. 1946, Los Angeles) I am a self taught digital artist that is always pushing my creative boundaries through my unique stylized Fractal Art & Digital Art creations. My passion is utilizing creative shapes and bright colors combined with dozens of special techniques to create truly unique artwork. Many of my pieces are enhanced using a customized digital paint (oil) technique. My... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Blandine Saint-Oyant  
10/18/12 Posted 10/18/12

(Image: Blandine Saint-Oyant, Into Dawn 3, oil/canvas, 24 x 24 x 1.5 inches; © Blandine Saint-Oyant)   Blandine Saint-Oyant (b. Lyon, France) My work explores the relationship between various dichotomies – formality and random play, structure and spontaneity, control and fluidity, calmness and exuberance.  I regard these as fundamental formal issues in contemporary abstract painting, and they provide a framework for personal expression. I have developed a process that employs diverse methods of mar... [more]

Showcase Watchlist: Barbara Kolo  
9/24/12 Posted 9/24/12

(Image: Barbara Kolo, Conversion, 2011, Acrylic, Triptych 48" X 110"; © Barbara Kolo)   Barbara Kolo (b. New York) Barbara Kolo’s abstract paintings are made up of closely placed colored dots and/or drips of paint. They form impressions of a landscape, yet remain planted in the language of abstraction. The canvases have texture and an intense chromatic lyricism.  Her labor-intensive work has a quiet intriguing beauty that can engage the viewer in discovery for long periods of time. Barbara was born i... [more]

Elaine Alibrandi: Catalogue Edition  
Posted 8/7/12

Elaine Alibrandi Mixed Media Lives & Works in: Boston, MA Website: For Purchase, contact Elaine Alibrandi Elaine Alibrandi, Cauldron, 2011, Oil and aluminum foil on slit canvas, 36" x 36"; Courtesy of the artist. Elaine Alibrandi, Resilience, 2012, Oil, tree bark, and lichen on wood panel, 7.5" x 7.5"; Courtesy of the artist. Elaine Alibrandi, Rising From the Depths, 2011, Oil and aluminum foil on canvas, 36" x 18"; Courtesy of the artist. [more]

Rod Seeley: Catalogue Edition  
Posted 8/7/12

Rod Seeley Digital Paintings, Computer Art & Photography Lives & Works in: Los Angeles Website: For Purchase, contact Rod Seeley Rod Seeley, Glass Apples Abstract, 2012, Digital Art - Mixed technique on high gloss metal, 16" x 20",  Limited Edition (25); Courtesy of the artist. Rod Seeley, Bursting Colored Eggs, 2012, Digital Art - Mixed technique on high gloss metal, 20" x 16", Limited Edition (25); Courtesy of the artist. Rod Seeley, Electric Rainbow, 2012, Digita... [more]

20120714163953-20120714130707-installation__scottolson Against Spectacle  
Scott Olson at Overduin & Co. May 27th, 2012 - August 4th, 2012
Posted 7/14/12

Heather Brown at Carter and Citizen & Scott Olson at Overduin and Kite Preamble: It has been true for years, I am way over spectacle. Maybe you’re like me. I thought a lot of people felt this way but clearly not enough do because 2012 still looks a lot like 2007. Celebrity continues to be watered down. Like warm piss in the toilet bowl, it holds charm no more. The otherwise charming word Franco has come to signal the knee-buckling weakness formerly serious institutions have acquired for dull glitz.... [more]

Showcase Watchlist: Bernard Dunaux  
5/31/12 Posted 5/31/12

(Image: Bernard Dunaux, Abstraction III, 2012, Acrylic and enamel on canvas, 72 x 64; © Bernard Dunaux) Bernard Dunaux (b. Sydney, Australia) I am in a constant search of new forms of visual expression. My creative process originates with what I identify as a non-moment- when constant thought ceases, and shifts into movement and line, paint and canvas. My path is through unconsciousness of the gesture. Subject matter remains only a starting point, as the direct action of painting itself t... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Andrew Cole  
5/18/12 Posted 5/18/12

(Image: Andrew Cole, 1577,  Computer Art, 2009; © Andrew Cole) Andrew Cole (b. Los Angeles) Art and chess are two subjects that hold much fascination for me.  In my search for a need to be expressive, to be original and of intellectual substance, I found that wonderful art can be created and differentiated by specific strategies, structures, players, and even errors that occur and engage in a game of chess. Each of my images is of a specific game; and they all have the same rules, although... [more]

Key Venue Artist: Kristin Calabrese  
11/2/11 Posted 11/2/11

(Image: Kristin Calabrese, Board, 2011, Oil on canvas, 48 x 48 in.; © Kristin Calabrese) Kristin Calabrese (b. 1968, San Francisco, CA) Kristin Calabrese is a visual artist who lives in Los Angeles.  She works primarily in painting, although she also curates, sometimes does performance art, sculpture and photography, and is an eager participant in all sorts of other people’s projects.  She received her BFA from San Francisco Art Institute in 1994 and her MFA from UCLA in 1998.  Calabrese’s painting practi... [more]

Brett Cody Rogers: On Our Los Angeles Watchlist  
9/8/11 Posted 9/8/11

(Image: Brett Cody Rogers, Man with a Camera, 2011 oil on linen, 75x53"; © Brett Cody Rogers) Brett Cody Rogers (b. 1977, Glenwood Springs, CO, USA) Brett Cody Rogers’ paintings are first composed with a fixed constant, two lines drawn from corner to corner of the painting. The “X” delineating the painting as subject, its edges and boundaries defined at first glance. Then the notations of painting emerge, large washes of vibrating color influenced by materials in the studio, breaks in patterns and... [more]

20110623110144-chainletter_card_6_shortversion LA Times Review  
Lillian Abel, Lisa Adams, Dori Atlantis, Frederika Beesemyer Roeder, Rochelle Botello, Rebecca Catterall, Hadiya Finley, stEvEn fujimOtO, Natalie Gray, Summer Janelle, Julienne Johnson, Caroline Jones, Stacey Kalkowski, Geoffrey Kieran, Barbara Kolo, Will Long, Linda Lopez, Vanessa Madrid, Jennifer Shimatsu, Group Show, Roger Tilton, Davyd Whaley at Shoshana Wayne Gallery July 23rd, 2011 - August 25th, 2011
Posted 8/23/11 A chain letter is a message sent in an effort to induce friend and stranger alike to pass it on, often under pain of punishment or promise of benefit. Today it's a handy, analog metaphor for digital social networks. In June, artists Doug Harvey and Christian Cummings sent a chain letter (actually, a chain email) to 10 artists each one admired, inviting them to show up and participate... [more]

Jimi Gleason: On Our Los Angeles Watchlist  
8/18/11 Posted 8/18/11

(Image: Jimi Gleason, For a Marine, 2011, Acrylic on Canvas, 41'' x 83''; © Samuel Freeman Gallery) Jimi Gleason I use paint in a determined way which means the physical and metaphysical force of my paintings is a direct result of my intuitive process. By finishing with an iridescent surface coat, I inject a certain presence, bringing the light through, eradicating the very surface. This creates a depth of visual space that responds to both the play of light and the location of the viewer. Forms emer... [more]

George Herms: On Our Los Angeles Watchlist  
8/5/11 Posted 8/5/11

(Image: George Herms, Xenophilia, 2011, collage, 22 x 28 in.; © George Herms) George Herms (b. 1935, Woodland, CA) Influenced by the Beat generation more attuned to the musical nuance of the everyday than the modernist requiem to order, Herms’s commitment to counterculture is expressed through his repurposing of used materials and his rejection of compositional structures in favor of loose associations of objects and ideas. Herms salvages elements from the trash heap of popular culture, combining them with words a... [more]

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