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3/31/20 Posted 3/5/09

         Hello frends! I am an artist. My roots take place in St.Petersburg, which has great architecture, culture and history that influenced me once and forever. Today, in the times of technical progress, mass production and new artificial materials I search for inspiration in the foundation of the Arts - old Russian Orthodox icons, Renaissance and folk cultures. I seek out look for new shapes and images within my themes using different materials, but my favorite is glass for its plasticit... [more]

Group exhibition "The Trip" at Loft 594, Bushwick NY  
12/13/14 Posted 3/26/14

Group exhibition "The Trip" at Loft 594, Bushwick NY [more]

9/25/14 Posted 9/25/14

SCRAPS I had a good friend… well, she said she could never be “friends” so I guess I should say I had a lover, and we used to talk about art. She was a ceramic artist from the former USSR who ended up with the unfortunate fate of mixing with an American. Famous, and in her early 50’s, just starting to shoot like a big star. While I was stuck in a phase of “experimenting." Looking for that Holy Grail. Struggling with post-modern truths, I was convinced that my art... [more]

Robots Lost at Sea: Tracking an Artwork Adrift in the Atlantic Ocean  
9/24/14 Posted 9/24/14

On September 9th, a robot was released into the Gulf of Mexico, set adrift in the Gulf Stream. Off the southern tip of Portugal its transatlantic counterpart awaits sendoff into the strong Canary Current this week. Once offshore, these passive robots—floating spheres one-meter in diameter with sensors submerged below sea level—will be left on their own, without human intervention. Their mission: to unite in the middle of the Atlantic, carried only by currents and the forces of nat... [more]

Fade into White: Roman Opalka's Infinity   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Roman Opalka at Dominique Lévy Gallery September 4th - October 18th
Posted 9/22/14

The magnitude of entropy overcomes one who moves along the two floors of Dominique Lévy’s gallery, viewing Roman Opalka’s five-decade quest to render the spectrum of time’s (ir)relevance. Two early series prognosticate the honed laboriousness arriving in the French-born Polish artist’s most renowned final series OPALKA 1965 / 1 – ∞ (1965-2011). In this series, comprising 233 paintings in total, 11 shown by the gallery—each titled Détails&mdas... [more]

HAWT off the press!  
9/21/14 Posted 9/21/14

The HAWT2014 posters have arrived. So, look out HAWTstufff coming through! [more]

Flowers. Painting. Artist Sergey Konstantinov. Art exhibits in San Francisco.  
9/20/14 Posted 9/20/14


The Donut and the (ass)hole  
Mungo Thomson at Kadist Art Foundation September 17th - November 1st
Posted 9/18/14

Mungo Thompson fancies himself clever. He thinks that public affirmations of private struggle are curious, and can’t wrap his pretty little middle class head around the idea that they might be empowering. He likes Bruce Nauman’s neon spiral form… he likes the idea that it takes up a commercial vehicle to advertise non-commodity slogan. He thought it would be cute to rifle through self-help books and AA 12-step guides, pick out phrases, and pay somebody to fabricate neon spiral aff... [more]

Curator's Open: First Peek at Our Show at EXPO Chicago  
9/15/14 Posted 9/15/14

Voynich Manuscript. image via Yale University's Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library We've never done this before. This year we launched our first-ever Curator's Open, where we asked you to use our massive database of art to curate our booth at EXPO Chicago. We then handed over the submissions to an expert jury of curators to decide which show we should put on. They selected Amsterdam-based curator and critic Manus Groenen's show "Cryptographics: a tribute to the Voynich Manuscript." Featurin... [more]

Cavellini / MOSTRA RETROSPETTIVA "GAConcettual Poetry"  
9/11/14 Posted 9/11/14

GUGLIELMO ACHILLE CAVELLINI 1914-2014 / presentazione critica della Mostra Retrospettiva Palazzo Virtuale “GACONCETTUAL POETRY” G.A.CAVELLINI 1914 - 2014 BIOGRAFIA / GUGLIELMO ACHILLE CAVELLINI Brescia 1914-1990 Guglielmo Achille Cavellini (o GAC, come si firmava) è stato un personaggio multiforme e geniale che per circa un cinquantennio ha vissuto, come fosse un arbitro speciale, l’arte contemporanea, dal secondo dopoguerra fino al 1990, anno della sua morte. Sta forse qui il cardine per capirlo. N... [more]

Mihail Chemiakin, Sergey Konstantinov. Arttitud San Francisco.  
9/8/14 Posted 9/8/14

Painting. Mihail Chemiakin, Sergey Konstantinov. Arttitud San Francisco. Painting. Mihail Chemiakin, Sergey Konstantinov. Arttitud San Francisco. Painting. Mihail Chemiakin, Sergey Konstantinov. Arttitud San Francisco. [more]

The Margaret Atwood Book You'll Never Get to Read  
9/5/14 Posted 9/5/14

Word of Scottish artist Katie Paterson’s Future Library made the rounds this summer when the artist launched her 100-year-long project to build a library literally from the forest floor up. Future Library is back in the news again after it was announced this week that the first author to contribute a new work to the library will be none other than Man Booker Prize winner Margaret Atwood. Paterson is known to think big—on a geological or even astronomical scale. She embedded a cell p... [more]

Forrest Bess at Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive June 11th - September 14th
Posted 9/4/14

Among the giants (Rothko, Still, and Pollock) represented by the Betty Parsons gallery in the 50’s and 60’s, there roamed the small but potent work of an artist named Forrest Bess. He hailed from Bay City, Texas, a bait fisherman and oil rig roughneck by day, and a conduit for the visualization of eternal truths by night. Parsons heard his name through the grapevine, and when she came to Texas, she ate him up with her silver spoon. Parsons mounted no less than six solo exhibits of B... [more]

Gorgeous Fetish at the Asian Art Museum  
9/4/14 Posted 9/4/14

The other night I went to an event that combines a few of my favorite things: floral design, performance art, dance, and sex. The SF Asian Art Museum showcased the event, Evoco, performed by artists Midori, Lady Samar, and Three. This is what happened – oh yeah, and it’s all going on with intense trance music, spun by DJ Rock in the background: -Three and Lady Samar are positioned on a low stage, which is covered in flowers, in the center of a pretty big room with high ceiling... [more]

I'm Gonna' Be Rich! You're Gonna' Be THIN! Diet Secret Revealed, LOSE 450 lbs. in One Day, and Maintain It  
9/1/14 Posted 9/1/14

I noticed many of you opted in for the maintenance program.First you must join, so I CAN TELL YOU what to do. [more]

Me and Mrs. Rosenberg  
9/1/14 Posted 9/1/14

I used to live in a high rise apartment building in Chicago, Illinois that had an overwhelmingly large population of Jewish widows. I ended up becoming quite friendly with many of them. Cookie, Thelma, Harriet, Eleanor. A veritable stable of adopted Bubbies. I recently finished writing a fictionalized short story of some of these ladies for issue three of Majestic Disorder magazine. They were and are darling yentas, who elevated matzo ball soup to pure delight. My favorite part of my days spent in... [more]

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