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If you have ever wanted to buy Art for an Investment but it was too expensive for you to buy, well NOW Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Pastel Portrait Art Prints done by myself from  unique UN-Copyrighted still images are available!

 Only 50 Signed & Numbered Prints of any one Musician/Performer will EVER be made and are now available to be purchased directly from my Website through PayPal for added security.

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 2014 is my Year of The Portrait and i will continue to add new Musician's/Artist's/Performers to my Website on a very regular basis.

 Thanks for reading & purchasing!

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A Picture of My Willie for ALL to See Now!


Willie Nelson LIVE at Glastonbury 2010Thought that it might be a good idea now it seems i'm no longer able to add Artworks to this site anymore as i have in the past for whatever reason it be, that i'd try to add it this way!

This is a portrait of Willie Nelson at Glastonbury 2010 when i was lucky enough to catch him LIVE!


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The Rolling Stones On Fire Tour 2014 Australian Tv Interview

The Rolling Stones were on television last night here and to write what's in an almost twenty minute video i shall avoid other than to say this has been VERY popular since i uploaded it yesterday.

The Rolling Stones On Fire Tour 2014 interview for Australian Tv now on Youtube can only be seen on my Youtube Channel and The Rolling Stones Interview recorded December 8, 2013

James DeWeaver Channel on Youtube


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Lorde performs Team at ARIA Awards Australia was AMAZING!

I just wanted to write a brief description of an INCREDIBLE singing performance and the stage presence of Lorde, a seventeen year old from New Zealand who went from virtual obscurity to an overnight sensation appearing on Ellen Degeneres, The Late Show with David Letterman and MANY more.

 On Sunday December 1, 2013 she performed Team at the 27th. Annual ARIA Awards which are the Australian Record Industry Association here in Australia, i have uploaded on my Youtube Channel for anyone wanting to see this sensation known as Lorde and her singing Team Live, what a performance!

Anyone wanting to see Lorde perform "Team" click Hyperlink and it will take you directly to my Youtube Channel with Lorde on the Front!

Posted by James DeWeaver on 12/4/13

Wikipedia is The MTV of Information! By James DeWeaver #JamesDeWeaver

Wikipedia is the Information equivalent to MTV or because they promote useless vanilla garbage for starters, often baseless second hand information on those so-called "Famous People" written by others who have know idea what the hell their even talking about or let alone even doing!

"Famous" people who Wikipedia has all kinds of sh*t about, and in doing so promote Mass Murders, Psychopathic & Sociopathic torture/murders like Leonard Lake & Charles Ng just as an example.

 EVERY possible Criminal & reprobate who has made ANY kind of publicity for doing all kinds of horrendous and destructive acts upon Mankind or individuals seems to have a place in Wikipedia and at the same time they (Wikipedia) enjoy removing and NEVER ALLOWING an Artist, that's right "AN ARTIST" & their page to remain as it had been for three years until I said something truthful about Jimmy Wales, for those who do not know, he's the head BUTTMUNCH at Wikipedia and so what "little jimmy" wants "little jimmy" gets, a complete cock-arse if you ask me, i'd not be bothered at all if he were to drop off his mortal coil tomorrow, GOOD RIDDANCE!

So Wikipedia, a named that is unfortunately known by everyone will only be taken down when Anonymous want it to be taken down, and that would be permanent, Wikipedia seems to think that just because they're "Wikipedia" that they can step on and attempt to damage reputations of ANYONE it wants to, (i personally couldn't give a flying fu*k one way or the other quite frankly) well that's NOT alway's going to be it's place in the future i can assure you.

Organizations which promote the Death & Destruction of Humanity & the Environment will have NO PLACE in the reality of the future!

Wikipedia can continue to promote the most vicious and EVIL of our kind in their sick little website, and slowly but surely it will drop off the radar! It won't be fu*k'in soon enough for me getting rid of such a biased and death promoting, bloodlust promoting and truly EVIL & twisted website run by a group of complete AS*HOLES led by a dude i wouldn't piss on even if he were on fire, "Jimmy Wales is lower than the filthiest animals sh*t"!!- you can quote me there!

They (Wikipedia) say "Well gee (like some dumb-as*), he hasn't got into the Commercial Media so he must not be an Artist of Merit!

Well what a bunch of SH*T! Commercial Media is OWNED & RUN by the very people who DON'T want the Public too know ANYHING about me in the first PLACE!

Commercial Media like ALL the MURDOCH faeces here in Australia doesn't want to hear what I HAVE TO SAY, fu*k no, they are MY mortal enemies on Earth, these people don't want people like myself around full stop, as an Artist free to speak , I am a "threat" as they see it to their continued "status quo" of the non-stop destruction of the World's Environments and Native people's, while in the First World's your "Lucky" to become a "Chattel" Slave to a Corporation.................God, how awful!

"Is everyone really going to allow this to happen to their children"?

Endlessly feed these Corporation the future generations and FOR WHAT!

The entire planet will be WELL & TRULY FU*KED by then and what are we all gonna say and do then !

They've (the Australian Media) have continuously and relentlessly engaged in a battle with me which has lasted many years now in which i have had publicity stymied or completely ignored or withdrawn in some cases,  these nefarious Organizations contact other Media outlets and say nothing to me about it, only when i don't hear back from these once interested parties that i realize that i have been effectively censored AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!

People get mis-information about me, saying I'm an Anarchist, What a load of fresh dog sh*T that is, I'm an ARTIST, NOT Anarchist for those of you who may read this and are not informed, Yes, Anarchist does start with an A and end with a T but I'm not one of these!

The End for NOW!

Posted by James DeWeaver on 6/2/13 | tags: #JamesDeWeaver Generation X Artist Australian James DeWeaver wikipedia is the MTV of Information

I sold the rights to my Artslant blog "96 Hrs. to L.A. and back" for five figures!

Many of my readers will be familiar with my blog "96 Hrs. to L.A. and back", and i'm sorry to have to tell you that there will be no more due to the fact i sold the rights to the story and it effectively is NO LONGER mine!

 I was as surprised as anyone when i received an e-mail inquiring if i would "sell my Blog", well atleast the story "96 Hrs. to L.A. and back",i thought sure, i'd have no problem with that,.......... i get paid and they get to do what they want with the original.

So for people to think oppurtunies don't exist i'm proof to tell you they do, i NEVER had any intention other than to put the story down, and then i did, someone was impressed enough to send me a cool five figure check,(after a one month negotiating period) AWESOME!

ALL the 96 Hrs. to L.A. and back episodes which are on my blog will stay!

If you want to read it from the beginning, here's the link to save you some time

This doesn't mean i will stop blogging because i won't, but i thought it would be a good idea now that the deals been closed to let my readers know what happened!

Stay tuned 

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Strangled to death by his own invention!

Thomas Midgley, born May 18,1889 on College Hill, Beaverfalls Pennsylvania.

"Who the hell is he you might ask"?, and "How he has affected every person on the planet alive now and in the indefinite future for generations to come",................I'll explain.

Midgley, a man who never knew the damage he was directly linked to, as in his mind he was "helping" mankind by creating a fuel additive known then as Tetraethyl lead and Bromine in 1921, for the reasons of stopping the knock in the early combustion motors of cars and trucks, and was so toxic it not only poisoned him, but is responsible for atleast eleven horrible deaths of the unfortunate workers who were poisoned making this deathly chemical cocktail for the General Motors Corporation it goes on.

After his first known mass killings work at Delco, a Corporate criminal organization in 1928, Midgley was too smart to lose, so was then transferred to Frigidaire, a subsidiary of General Motors Conglomerate, where Midgley's EVIL genius mind devised ANOTHER, even greater contaminent to mankind, I speak of Dichlorodifloromethane, which is basically a mixture of Chlorine,Fluorine and Carbon, or as we all know it now as CFC's, which the diabolical General Motors trademarked as Freon, and is a common component of air conditioners, insect repellants, and it's primary use in the first place, refrigerators!

Freon displaces oxygen in the atmoshere, and will asphyxiate you in your sleep and you'd never know about it,............but G.M. had this knowledge and did NOTHING, and would of done nothing, WHY?,...because it made sh*tloads of money for them and their shareholders, greedy bastards!

It wasn't until a semi-ban in America and other first world countries mandated it no longer be used in their populations, in the third world, this is STILL in common use today!

Freon, and General Motors are directly to blame, no one else has destroyed everyone's quality of life, and continually destroy's our PLANET's Ozone layer beyond repair permanently reducing mankinds protection from the sun, thus reducing mankinds protection from skin cancers, ultra -violet radiation to our eyes, causing mutations in human genes(DNA), it weakens our immune systems, and plays havoc on reproduction systems in human being's and animals on the WHOLE PLANET!

This homicidal reprobate wrote a very uninformed and heavily censored paper for General Motors, where he cavalierly claimed the ozone layer could be manipulated to control the entire planets climate and atmoshere!What an INSANE joke, Did he think he was God? absoleutly NOT, he was a MANIAC masquerading as a Scientist and his employers G.M.were, and still are as culpable for the irreverseable damage to humankind and OUR Planet Earth as anyone, G.M.'s shareholders especially then, and to this very day, and maybe soon will need to pay back all their ill gotten gains or face jail, not that it will do any good now!

Fortunately for ALL of us Karma caught up with this Evil genius on Nov 2 1944, when he was strangled to death ha ha by one of his own inventions! Thomas had contracted polio in 1940, so he had designed a pulley mechanism which he used to get around his home,............ it did to him what i wished had happened years earlier because if it had, our planet and all its inhabitants would all be better off, of course G.M. wouldn't have been but who really gives a shit about a Corporation which never gave two shits about humankind, they just wanted Money and more money, rapacious greed without foresight or thought of the future inhabitants of the planet!

Midgley, a truly horrible man, lower than any filthy animals turd, a person indirectly responsible for killing and maming through DNA damage MORE people than Ghengis Khan, Alexander the Great, the Roman Empire, the Roman Catholic Church, the Ottoman Empire ,the British Empire from 1066 to present day, Hernan Cortez and all the known Conquistadors, Every despotic Roman Caesar, every Belgian leader from the 15th. century to present day, Henry Ford, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Chairman Mao, David and Charles Koch, and every American President from John Adams to present day put together!

The laudation of this ass-wipe is criminal, and these organizations which hail this madman should be ashamed of their ill-guided praise for him!

National Inventors Hall of Fame.(Shame)Dow chemical,where Midgley was V.P., Ethyl-Dow chemical Co.1933-40, DuPont,V.P. of Kinetic Chemicals 1930-33, Electrolux, V.P.Frigidaire 1928-30, & the American Association for The Advancement of Science, amongst many others.


                                                         SHAME on them all!

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MTV should get off the air!

                                  To be read after " I was totally pilled out and stoned again" for continuity.

  I remember NOT remembering much of the limo trip home, but i do remember MTV being on during the ride, the big LCD TV in the limo somehow got turned on and tuned into it, and for one i have to say what a complete and utter rubbish program it has become since my first memories of it's early one!

 In my opinion, MTV should get off the air, their time has well and truly run its course, not to mention the damage this Corporate Music mouthpiece has done to the creativity and independence of Artist's and Musicians around the globe who weren't Corporate sell-outs, their creativity and freedom would NOT be hemmed in by the restrictions both personally and Artistically and no amount of money would or could alter their ideas or ideals! For these bands unwilling to add to the dysfunction of an already corrupt and money driven machine like the "music industry", selling out was never an option, hell, they never even got the chance too sell out,........ the music and record industry had well and truly been all stiched up in America by the mid eighties by the Corporations and their tin-earred spreadsheet brained non creative pencil pushing accountants!

  I've often heard people say to me how music nowadays is...................... well fu*ked, sure there maybe talented people out there still and i'm sure as fu*k NOT saying there aren't, it's just pre MTV, the musicians didn't have to fit a certain social "ideal" in appearance, and talent was the first prerequisite for them being on the radio or whatever, we're talking well and truly long before the Internet as we know it today, just look at that manufactured Corporate "boy band" One Direction, five members, each with a completely different  and specific tailored and manipulated "image" for maximum identification and differention with the rest of the cast of this musical version just like The Village People did.

I don't know what or how much "Branded" sh*t One Direction has out there but i can only imagine it would be enough to fill the new Dallas Cowboys football stadium several times over!

 Just look at each one of them, just sickening, these pre-pubescent boys being held up to the world as role models of future manhood across the known universe, that's right, for these young twerps are being idolised worshipped and imitated all around the world even as i write this..........................scary eh!

 I'm SOOOOOO fu*k'in glad i'm not a teenager nowadays, with hideous and repulsive programs on television like GLEE, and MTV constantly playing a rotation of "girly-boys" wanting to be the epitome some kind of totally gay pop star, aswell as their programs like "Sixteen and pregnant"? like WTF is this sh*t doing on fu*k'in MTV, MUSIC TELEVISION was what MTV was, not some kind of program dishing out parenting advice and tips for teenagers dumb enough or stupid enough to be having ANYKIND of sex WITHOUT protection.....................are they fuck'in stupid or what?

  MTV's role should be to steer well clear of this, for this enters the realm of dictating personal religious and societal ideals onto people who never asked for it, and now can't watch MTV because it's become another mouthpiece for the religious right to impose their beliefs onto others once it airs, MTV has not got either the mandate or the approval of the society or parents to put to air such religious swill, stuff that is so bad and damaging to the American AND Australian youth turning them into the dumbest of the dumb! Real life walking talking imbeciles, learning about life through a television and MTV, what part of society are these people going to add to?

 Jails and the Military of course, this is where many of the social outcasts and poor end up, can't exist in "mainstream" culture so what options are left, well in America there are none, you've got the Military or the Military, the stratification of the population through forms of class distinction and education really do limit the options one has if one's born poor in American today and in the last thirty five years or so......................... well since Reagan and his regime took over in nineteen eighty i'll leave it at that!

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I was totally pilled out and stoned again!

       To be read after "Playboy and Hef the Monument  to American culture" for continuity in - 96hrs. to L.A. and back -

  Well that had been fun, meeting Hef finally and watching him at his work, this was something like watching DaVinci i'm sure, yes two completely different types of expertise and genius but UNDOUBTEDLY BOTH will be remembered throughout the future annuls of history.

 Sonya and Meredith had been waiting just outside for me while i'd been in my meeting, and when i exited, they both came up and playfully kissed me on the cheek and told me we were heading "home" now for the night well and truly, i'd seen Hef and we'd had fun at the party earlier on and met a whole new array of personalities and new contacts what more could i have possibly wanted now except to go back and unwind with these two! 

 We head for the main door exit, i look at my watch and it's alittle past four, we leave the main house proper with not a soul in sight, the music is non-existent and the security guards are the only ones around, although the BIG Maybach is still here which could only mean one thing,..................Snoop Dogg is still somewhere on the property!

 I decide to let better judgement take course here and forget about catching up with Snoop tonight that's for sure, sh*t.................... if i hadn't just come half-way around the world i'd of surely been ready to see the sun come up that's for fu*k'in sure, as it was though, i was NOT in that condition and my best and only option then was to split and head home A.S.A.P.!

 Otis was there just where we left him earlier, this guy was good, real professional, and i was so glad that none of us had to drive, probably because to drive safely it's normally a prerequisite too "NOT BE DRUG EFFECTED", well that sure as SH*T wasn't any of us here and now, and the funny thing was after we got back into the limo to leave, without either of them on top of me this time, i look and see Sonya starting to roll up one of her "trumpet" doobies out of the "Charlie Sheen", fu*k she must of read my mind, this girl was good, i'd been "sting'in" for a joint as soon as i had left the building, this was fun sh*t , you could smoke your guts out and it never really wiped ya out, or it didn't wipe me out atleast, just tasty flavourful buds!

 It wasn't long before i had handed to me a "specimen" of a doobie, decidely "top shelf" these "trumpet" doobies look just like something you'd get at the Amsterdam Coffee houses, i was just totally taken back at her dexterity in being able to do such perfect doobies in an almost totally pilled out and stoned frame of mind, ...........just a wonder!

 I lit this little bastard up as fast as i can and take one "BIG" toke on it and pass it on to Sonya, i held it in for five seconds or so and before i even blow it all out i feel this cooling rush flowing around my brain, just amazing,..............,., i'm just fu*ked as i melt backwards into the cushions, Sonya and Meredith see this and both come on either side of me and sit right next to me, they looked worried so i gave them a two thumbs up sign which set a look of relief across their faces, and like the drug freaks we all had become,  by the time our trip home was over these two were laying flat out with just the doobies hang'in out their mouths, could barely move, they looked like they were fu*ked out on opium, totally toe down the both of them, made me laugh i can tell ya!

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Thank you to ALL my 20,000 subscribers on!!

 I just wanted to write a big THANK YOU to all the TWENTY thousand subscribers to my Artslant site and BLOG as i have just recently been told!

 Quite incredible i think, when i started "blogging" five years ago on my Artslant page i would've never imagined that it would've been as popular as it has become!

 I'll be posting another chapter of my "96hrs. to L.A. and back" later on tonight my time, in about eight or nine hours or so so stay tuned!



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Playboy and Hef the "Monument" of American culture.

                       To be read after "Snoop Dogg was nowhere in sight" for continuity in - 96 hrs. to L.A. and back-

  Sonya,..............Meredith, would you mind, i'd like to talk to James privately, and on that they both exited leaving us alone. Please........... have a seat for me James and i'll just finish this up as we speak.

 "Have ya had some fun tonight James"?,........... "fun, would be an under-statement" i reply, "this whole day full stop is beyond my wildest dreams" i added. "Good, good, we were hoping the house and party would be suitable for your visit to see us",..........i was more than suited with the way i'd been treated as a guest i add, "the house and the Art in it are incredible let alone the cars" i relay to him, "did you like shooting the "Casull" he asks, " that .454 Casull was a real kicker"!,............ "yeah...laughing, it looked like you need some practice with that "beast"! That's funny, he referred to it as a beast just like i had when i had been firing it down in the shooting range.

 "So what DON'T you know about what i've been up to since i arrived at the house" i ask,   "hey it's a security measure,......... don't worry about it, have you not been able to do whatever you've wanted to do since your arrival",................ , he was right about that that's for sure, he may of known my location but what i was doing was info he didn't have which was fine with me,............i didn't really want him to know anyway as any right minded person would of wanted.

 "Come here, .... i want you to have a look at the next issue and tell me what you think" so i slowly walk over to where it was layed out, my torpidity of earlier on had vanished and i was virtually back to "normal", "wow,.... this looks sensational" was what first came out and i meant it,  as i carefully view what would be on the magazine stands soon enough!

 "He starting laughing, quite hard actually "i haven't seen a reaction as good as that in years James.....(laughing) you crack me up" continuing to laugh, i guess i was sightly more "out of it" than i had ever realized but i didn't care as i was having a good time and that was all that was ever asked of me the whole time i was staying there with him!

 My opinion was something that of course wasn't in the slightest bit required, i like to think he was being inclusive, which to me was as an Artist, was a very kind and appreciated gesture of goodwill and friendship, what more this great man could've done for me while i was there is nothing, he had all the bases covered that's for sure!

 I was fairly sure by the way he was talking to me about my "companions" Sonya and Meredith that he'd only wished he'd been my age, as these two were as i had found out already were "special" and he instinctively knew this, sh*t,....when you've met and seen nude as many babes as Hef had in his "lifetime",... let's just say he had "impeccable taste in the female of the species".

 " I'm having a few people around this afternoon for an "after-party" James can i expect to see you there"?, "sure, i'm gonna need to leave and get some shut eye now though as i'm feeeling the "jet-lag" pretty hardcore now" i reply, "good, .......i'm off soon myself and just want to make sure you'll be there so we can talk some business", "the three of us wouldn't miss it" i reply, "O.K. James.........................see ya tomorrow" as his head bowed down to the glow table and the  hand with the magnifying glass went up, i stood momentarily in the shadows of the brightly lit room before exiting and watched this living monument at what someday would never ever exist, this moment captured in time and in my mind will last longer than he.

"I dazed out when i did this and the next thing i know he asks "was there anything else James"? ................"Oh,............oh no,no, i was just in a daydream" i tell him as i turn and head for the door for the final time leaving silently. 


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Snoop Dogg was nowhere in sight!

                 To be read after "She had gotten off by almost getting me off" for continuity in - 96hrs. to L.A. and back!

 I remember standing there thinking to myself after this angel departed well what the hell was that about? I reckon she was just horny as i look in the mirror while washing my hands and face briskly to try too liven up some more, that little brief interlude certainly helped "wake me up"!

 I also remember think that there was NO WAY i was going to tell anyone else, ESPECIALLY Sonya or Meredith, that was info not required to know for these two, this would remain unknown to them the entire time, sh*t if i had told Sonya for one she probably would of known her and two it was just something that they really didn't need to know, i knew one thing for sure though and that was i would not be seeing her ever again.

 I got back to our agreed point of meeting i they ladies looked "good as gold", not that they went in looking bad but when they came out they were looking even better! The memory of what happened in the bathroom instantly fades, as i know that two are ALWAYS better than one, and at the end of the night i'll be heading "home" with these two regardless of what i do.

 Sonya took my hand and i Meredith's and we were off, through the internal labrynith of the "Playboy Mansion", this is as good as it gets if you ask me, if people could really grasp the cultural significance of what culminated in and through one man's vision and dream come to life they'd realize aswell that this glorification and sexualization of women has come full circle with men in the culture today, and you don't see people complaining and marching and picketing and writing in letters to their Government reps both local and state as what happened when Hef's vision hit the streets. The religious right came out in full force with good ole' Anita something or other at the forefront, and of course Betty Friedan ............ what a piece of work she was! This all goes back before my time really, but i've seen alot of doco footage and vastly differing interpretations of this time period of the sexual revolution in American during the height of Playboy.

 All these radically religious middle-aged and barren hate filled hags who'd centered their targets over a bloke who probably saved more marriage's than harmed, couldn't do or say enough too damage Hef's vision and look where THEY are all now,.............. dead, or Institutionalized..................... NOT HEF

 "Where's he at" i ask Sonya, "viewing the negatives for the New Years edition" she say's "this is where the final picture of the shoot are selected to be in the edition", great, i get to see the latest issue before it's even out in the new year!

 We finally arrived after our little "attempted" bailout failed earlier, Sonya knocked................ we waited................... "come on in" was the eventual reply in a voice which i instantly recognize, and as we walk in i see why the hesitation, he's peering over a glow table with some of the prints being closely examined with a rather larged magnifiying glass, "Ah......... James, thought we'd almost lost ya there"! "you knew we left?" i say smiling, "James,........i know most things that go on around here and did you forget about the "bubble" around your neck, ah "the bubble", of course,  this was like an active RHF signal very easily traced and tracked, knowing this he's probably known the whole time where we were and what we were up to, not that it both's me, the security feature well outweigh any other use for this "bubble",........ shit, it's not like it had stopped me from doing anything i didn't already want too do! 






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She had gotten off by almost getting me off!

                To be read after "Time and MDMA are strange companions" for continuity in-96 hrs. to L.A. and back-

  We stagger out of the limo after the door opens, Otis says he'll be right here as there's no need to move at this point in time, i take note and we head past the security guys we passed by no more than fifteen minutes earlier heading in the OTHER direction!

 The "ladies" need to freshen up abit as do i so we decide to go to the restrooms and atleast look as presentable as possible, they were looking fine no worse for wear at all, the "make-up computer" which Meredith had used back at the "house" had done its trick as she still looked phenominal ,...........were as i on the other hand looked "like a dog's dinner", but wasn't feeling as bad as i was looking i can tell ya!

 Sonya points me in the directions i need to go to get to the "head" and we agree to meet back here, the same spot in about five minutes, "no worries" i tell them and i'm off.

 Now this is the "main" house we're in, not as big as some people think, i mean it is big, really big, it's not huge is what i'm saying, so it shouldn't be too difficult for me to find the place right.....................wrong!

 I was really in another dimension in my head i guess, i followed the directions Sonya told me, it's just that i ended up walking into the wrong bathroom, i walked in and there was a woman in there washing her hands, i might add a well preserved woman i'd guess to of been in her early forties, I apoligize to her rather effusively as i was rather embarrassed, she tells me she's done and that this is a "unisex" bathroom anyway, "great i'm thinking", and then i suddenly recognize her from the tunnel ride on the monorail.

 SHE was a Playmate from the late eighties or early ninties, i don't remember exactly and i DON'T tell her this, she's NOT in a party outfit although there's was NO DOUBT she was there as she's still got some makeup on and a rich red lipstick. She was actually just wearing some rather ordinary white night lingerie, top was see through i might add,(stunning and rather large real breasts) as this part of the house is for the "special" visitors and she sure as fu*k was "special", the one thing she had over Sonya and Meredith was time, for her beauty was not surpassed by either of the younger women, this WOMAN really was one know doubt in my mind and in what i was seeing, and like a complete doll that she was asked me if she can "help me out " as i guessed in her eyes i looked like i needed it and as she came along side of me and placed my right arm over her shoulder, she was also a tall woman aswell which helped, i didn't really require her assistance but she so nice i didn't want to hurt her feelings in anyway, so we began to slowly walk over to the wall urinal in tandem, we reach the destination and before i can say anything to her for her help my zipper was down and my co*k was out i kid you not, "go ahead" she said to me as i willingly let her take aim for me now as she really did want to help me and i was all too willing i can tell ya!

 I finished and she gave me a quick few shakes, not so much shakes more like rubbing lengthwise which i thought was really for her own pleasure and enjoyment really as she practically masturbated me, i wouldn't say she took advantage of me when i was vulnerable and drug-fu*ked though, i knew the whole fu*k'in time what this "sheila" was up too! After her "fun time" she proceeded to grabbed a tissue to make sure i was dry after the piss which i have to admit was very thoughtful indeed, put my dick back into my underwear, zipped me up and walked me over to the wash area at which point she told me she was "off to bed now" wink wink, and that she was three doors down and to the left if i got "lost" again, i thanked her but never caught her name and she thanked me which was kind of strange i thought until i realized she had gotten off by almost getting me off!  


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Time and MDMA are strange companions!

                                     To be read after " Rolling a good joint is a real Talent" for continuity.

  Sonya starts to hand this five inch long joint in my direction but i stop and insist she do the honors of having the first tokes, a common rule in my books is, if someone makes it then they should naturally be the first to enjoy the rewards of their effort, both Meredith and Sonya were lightweights when it came to smoking weed so i knew it wouldn't be long before it headed in my direction. I was really hoping it would give me abit of a mental pick-up, i was alright though, totally toasted, but as long as i could sit down and have a spliff every now and again i was fine and soon enough i had the "trumpet", it tasted great, there must of been another bud mixed in with it as it had a different flavor than the first few "scoobie's" we'd already had during the night earlier on.

 I had two or three tokes on it when Sonya's phone rang, i was glad my phone was off for now i was in lala land and feel'in good and wanted to stay that way for now, i'd check soon enough for any new messages anyway.

 Sonya was done in no time and said "that was Barbara, Hef's P.A., she thinks we're still at the party", "ah....... you didn't tell her we left"? i reply, "no, we gotta turn around and head back, he's expecting us and i know right where he's at", Sonya had the call on this one, she'd been such a great companion as was Meredith incidentally, it was obvious the only thing to say was ....... O.K, let's go, the night's still youngish,............ alittle past two forty according to my watch, we hadn't really gone all that far in relative terms and FU*KING AGAIN the "Charlie Sheen" did it's thing and i was feeling totally cool again, buzz'in but styl'in,....the juice and the doobie in the limo along with some Lindor white chocolate which was the bomb i might add, so i quickly let Otis know that we've gotta return to the mansion and if he can get us there fast that would be great! Maybe a sign that i was more fu*ked than i could tell, as this was a forty foot? long limosine, maybe longer and driving a vehicle of these dimesions at speed are only for the pro's of which Otis was one NO FU*K' IN DOUBT ABOUT IT!

We were back i swear to God before i'd even finished the spliff, i couldn't believe it, time and MDMA are strange bedfellows, it (time) can literally go so fast that it seems not to be true but oh it was as we pulled into the driveway and head for the circular exit point close to the main door.

 There's only one limo there this time and this is NOT your ordinary limo, whoever owns this has some bulk money, i'm pretty sure i already know what it is but i ask Otis  anyway if he knows what type of limo that is and he tells me "it's a Maybach seventy two stretch limousine", "no sh*t,........ how much does something like that cost" i ask, "about seven hundred thousand dollars American"! Bulk money was required to have a four wheeled work of craftsmanship like this and as we pull up behind it i can see the licence plate and what it has as it's number is this, "dashizl"!

 Now there's only one person who i know of who could one, have the money for a Maybach and two, "dashizl", that's Snoop Dogg's street talk for "the Sh*t", and he said he'd be here when i spoke to him earlier on, ............ well this is gonna be fun, Snoop's out for abit of a "sniff" tonight, escaped from the dog pound maybe who know's, our main concern now though is to get to Hef before he pulls the pin for the night! 




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Rolling a good joint is a real Talent!

                                      To be read after "The Love Boat is dated now" for continuity in - 96 hrs. to L.A. and back!

 This wasn't good for me now, i was beginning to think that this was gonna be a big hit and miss for the night then Sonya mentioned that there's always the "after party" later on that very day,.......... shit, i had forgetten totally about the after parties, these were fairly low key and really a chill-out from the previous nights drugs that's what i've always thought them to be atleast!

 The "ladies" know that my energy levels are starting to fall and suggest that we just go back "home' and relax and i can go to bed after a Japanese hot bath and massage from them and we can all go to bed as they were both cool with that, they were there almost like "nurses" for me, they were able to do what i wasn't and their plan for the bath and massage which was totally unsolicited by myself sounded really good to me, and thinking for about two seconds........................then i pressed my little pager button to let Otis know we were ready to be picked up at the main entrance which we slowly proceeded to head towards, it wasn't far but i was really tired and the jet-lag was a killer! I was disappointed i hadn't caught up with him and as Sonya and Meredith keep telling me ..........."you'll see him tomorrow- don't worry about it, he'll understand and will be cool with it" which was of some relief and as i was in no real mind to offer any argument i just needed to get back and wipe-out for about twelve hours or so and i'll be right! We walk past a fairly inebriated character who's on a FOX program who's name i'll leave out other than "Greg" was "pissed as a knewt"! We head out and pass the security who probably could write up some good gossip on what happened here tonight NO DOUBT!

 We head out the door and like clockwork the Casull toting Otis has got the Limo there ready and waiting with the door open for us, the three of us practically fall through the door onto the large deep couch seats which this Limo has in it and does this feel good! I just melted into them and Meredith and Sonya onto me, we were all totally out of it, the MDMA was in FULL EFFECT now, and yeah i was heading back "home" but i knew from my past that there was a snowball's chance in hell that i'd be able to sleep................ well not atleast for another eight to ten hours, as the MDMA WON'T LET YA!, even if your totally hammered and tired the drug just keeps you awake, so the bath and the massage were gonna be what i was gonna need to FULLY come down and relax, as too Sonya and Meredith.

 As we leave we reposition ourselves into a more realistic travelling mode, having the two of them on top of me now wasn't as comfortable as one would think. I grabbed my little bag of the  "Charlie Sheen" ganja and pass it to Sonya to make us all a spliff to remember as this was something which i never wanted to forget and never will once this story is finished and down in black and white which i hope your all enjoying and thank you for your participation!

 Meredith put the tunes on with the video, this was epic the screens came down from the underling in the roof then flattened out about midway down the limo and about five feet wide and four feet tall, with these psychedelic video's being played on them very mesmerizing and almost hypnotic, i was so fu*k'in spaced out by them and before i knew it Sonya's made a cracker of a "Trumpet" doobie, now she's was good, even as blitzed as she was and could still roll a doobie like that is a real "talent"!


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The Love Boat is dated now!

                      To be read after "Vince Neil made Elvis look anorexic" for continuity in - L.A. and back! -

 I have to admit i was at a slight advantage here at the party as most of these people were already known to me, well atleast their faces and their names were, and maybe a movie or television program they had been on, while i on the other hand was someone rather "anonymous" and unknown to all, aswell as having travelled all the way from Australia for the "gig" - which was a bonus for me as i would soon come to find out.

 I was having fun in a way just doing what we were doing though, going from place to place seeing things and new people that i would've never had the chance to do back home. The laugh Stiller and i had at Neil's expense was priceless and will be remembered fondly. As we were about to go our separate ways Ben asked "Well what are you doing now?", i turned to Sonya and was just about to tell Ben we were going to find Hef as we hadn't seen him yet as we had to make a quick entrance into the house as Bruce Jenner and Kim Kardashian were ahead of us............ and Jenner makes me want to throw up everytime i lay my eyes on him.

 Stiller laughed and then proceeded to ask if we'd like to come over to his table where his wife and a few others were, "Sure" i reply, looking at my watch it's almost quarter past two, haven't seen Hef YET, but what happy to go with Stiller and his group for awhile, he had a table off of the main area and we had many good laughs from Politicians to Pop stars, i tell Ben that i remember watching episodes of "The Love Boat" when i lived in America, and his father Jerry played roles on it which were ........... well at the time were very contemporary in regards to the humor and story themes, but watching them today makes them look EXTREMELY dated and SO fu*king uncool!

 Stiller was doing well, totally sober as was his wife, but Ben had lived in L.A. long enough to know that i was pretty fu*k'in out of it, but he also knew that i'd flown from OZ, halfway around the world that is, and had slept about five hours since my arrival, the fact that i was an Artist would all add up to Stiller not giving two sh*ts about my intoxication, hell i told him about the bada*s "Charlie Sheen" we'd been smoking before we even arrived, on top of the "tripstasy/ MDMA we'd had at the house.

 We only briefly talk, time was not a luxury, Hef doesn't stay up all night anymore, sh*t he's eighty who'd expect him too, i'll be lucky to see the night through, fu*k ....... i haven't stayed up all night for atleast a decade myself and i'm less than half his age! I get his phone number as he'd like to talk to me again before i head back home, AND "when i've got a clear head" is how he referred to it as, totally PC, i was fully fu*ked!

 After saying our goodbye's and getting his number entered into my phone we depart into the whirlpool of people again, this was becoming a really active night, we kept bouncing from place to place in search of............. but Hef was nowhere yet to be seen, now all i see is people, then i see the butt,.......... not just any butt, it's the one that follows around Kim Kardashian, and who's with Kim apart from Bruce Jenner? HEF!! 

 Sh*t, i'm gonna wait on this one i think, Sonya tells me that Hef's been trying to get Kim to pose nude in Playboy and up until now she's refused. Most of the girls who've posed in Playboy aren't pulling in sixty million a year i'm think'in were as Kim is, Playboy use to be the starting point for young models, broke young models, now Kim was neither so getting this "virginal" and "pure" Kardashian to maybe show her breasts or derriere was going to be Hef's Everest!















and was left wih the impression that Ben Stiller is genuinely a "good bloke".  

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