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add your moment

I once had a terribly fine meal at the Hôtel Crillon in Paris.  It was in January on a cold, clear night just after New Years.  This drawing came from that evening.  It is about expectation.


That’s the thing about this world.  There are awful and terrible experiences.  Sublime and fine.  And sometimes those moments of absolute perfection or formidable greatness are built upon such tiny details.  I just have to pay attention.


For example, the peak experience of that evening - and there were many memorable ones - came just after we sat down.  A small velvet bench was brought and placed next to my chair.  Then the waiter (somehow that word doesn’t fit at the Crillon) bent and whispered that it was a resting place for my handbag.


All of a sudden the world made complete and utter sense.   I finally knew what to do with my bag.  No throwing it under the table to be stepped upon.  Nor hanging it on my chair to be filched upon.  And the option of cradling it like some ungainly lap dog never did suit.


The velvet bench was IT!


I suppose this moment of perfection would only be understood by those of you who carry handbags, but believe me, it created a sense of rightness that pervaded the rest of the evening.


So I am sitting here now thinking of moments of rightness.  Little ones and big ones.  Moments in art and moments in life.


In artslant there are many ways to add your moment of rightness.  In fact, that’s our reason to be really.  And there is room for doubt, and change, and correction until that rightness seems to present itself - or at least something close enough to live with for the time being.


How to Add your moment in artslant:


Sign in and click on “add.”  Then take a deep breath and start adding!!


Add your Exhibit or Event (and your gallery too)

Add your Spotlight – and let us have those moments with you

Add a Group – and make it right for others

Add a Blog Article – and write about striving for it


Helpful Hint:  Rightness is in the mind of the beholder.


and on that note, I am off to another moment of rightness - my second cup of coffee!


- georgia


Posted by ArtSlant Team on 3/8/07 | tags: contribute

notes on finding

My brother’s a Shakespeare geek.  He deserves the title I think.  Most of his life revolves around studying, producing and directing Shakespeare.


He confided his geekness one evening in London (where else?) as we stood under a lamp post after seeing Kevin Spacey’s Richard II at the Old Vic.  Until that moment I’d never considered him as such.


I’d only thought of geeks as nerds or techies.  The techies try to take on that word as theirs alone, a badge of honor (is theirs supposed to be their's? - I need a grammar geek!).  But truth is, many people are driven by a passionate devotion to a given interest.


 Me, I’m afraid I’m becoming somewhat of an artslant geek.  Now this was not asked for and I hope it will subside because the lack of sleep is a killer...but for now it is my claim to geekdom.


Did I mention the Wikipedia says lexicographers source geek to Shakespeare’s geck, meaning fool, and then it moved from being a circus freak to a social outcast pencil-neck geek in the 1950’s?  So a fool with a pencil.  That sounds arty to me.


To return to my current geek out - I just want to zoom around the nooks and crannies of the artslant world all day (and night) long.  Exploring, fixing up things, meeting new artists, finding new shows.  It’s consuming.  Did you know that this weekend alone there are at least 52 openings and events going on?  That’s the allure of web 2.0.  The more the community contributes, the richer it gets.  The question then becomes one of refining, or really, finding.


How to Find and Refine on artslant: 

Refining is the key to much of life, don’t you think?  (I suppose the geek thing could be called extreme refining.)  On artslant, you will find our Refine feature in a gray box on the top left in most areas.  Learn how to use it – it will make you happy.


Refine by Keyword if you’re in to one thing only.


Refine by Neighborhood and Venue if you like a manageable variety.


Refine by When if timing is important.  Note:  We’ve got some special When features on our Calendar.


Helpful HintYou can Clear a Search by hitting the [clear] button on the top right of your list.


And for all you geeks - try reading a little Shakespeare.  That will put you to sleep (sorry Charles).



Posted by ArtSlant Team on 3/2/07 | tags: refine search geek

the beat on the street
The NY art fairs were pumping with energy.  Lot’s of buying.  Lot’s of selling.  Collectors, Dealers, and art lovers galore.

While NY was  hopping, Georgia and I hopped over to the Armory Center for the Arts, Northwest space, in Pasadena where California artists Edgar Arceneaux, Vincent Galen-Johnson, Olga Koumoundouros and Rodney McMillian and Canadian artist Matthew Sloly are in residence assisted by fab fabricator Emilio Loza and architect Leigh Jerrard.  They are working on an amazing project titled Philosophy of Time Travel, which is a major installation headed in April for one of my favorite museums in New York,  the Studio Museum in Harlem We interviewed the artists and documented the work they have done so far (a few years in the making).  We will be keeping you up to date on the happenings with this major art installation.  So watch out for it in our News and Views section.

On another note, we have really been developing our Rackroom Gallery line
up.  I am thrilled about the artists we are exhibiting in this space.
This Friday I will be interviewing Hope Atherton, whose
exquisite paintings will be exhibited at Patrick Painter from March 3rd through
April 14th.  Be sure to hit the opening on Saturday, March 3rd  from 6 – 8

We will feature the interview and slideshow in the Rackroom next Wednesday, March
 7th for  two weeks.

Posted by ArtSlant Team on 2/28/07

hot vs cool

Would you rather be hot or cool?  It's a long discussion.

A couple nights ago I was at a coffee house in Los Feliz where everyone was cool, at the cool place doing the cool thing.  Except of course for the other crowd – the ones who were hot, driving hot cars, looking at hot babes, wearing hot sports wear.


LA is the land of hot and cool.  But mostly hot I think.  It’s just too bubbly and busty to be really cool.


I was better at cool than hot because I could pull it off even though I was insecure.  In fact that helped in some awkward way.  With cool, shy can look like deep.


Whatever cool I had came from my father.  He was Classic Cool.  Beat Cool.  Hung out with jazz musicians and painted and said things like hodiggitydog and daddyoh.  He remained cool his entire life, well except for that cowboy bit later on.  That's another story.


As I see it, the trick is to be hot or cool almost by mistake.  It should appear effortless.  And that’s the funny thing because hot and cool are both about appearance, massively so.  For me, it’s usually about the way things look.  I like to look. 


Why this hot/cool talk?


It started with wanting to put this drawing up.  I did it in Malaga, Spain.  I was thinking how this woman was really on the Hot side of things, but then I put the beret on her and Cooled it down.  That led me to remembering that I had gone to the Picasso museum that morning and the Alex Katz show at the CAC in the afternoon.  I was sort of thinking how Picasso was hot and Katz was cool.


Now here’s the weird part.  I went to the book shelf and got down Cool Rules, Anatomy of an Attitude by Dick Pountain and David Robins.  It’s a good read.  I was flipping through and got to their chapter on A Cool Aesthetic, mostly about AE.  But then I read further and it was all about Alex Katz being the epitome of Cool.  Wow!  Serendipity.


What's it got to do with artslant?


Spotlight Studios!  You find them under Community.


For the hot, the cool and the oh-so tepid!.  All you need are some images, some text and just the right background color. 

And it’s almost effortless, massively so.



Helpful Hint: 

To change your background color in your Spotlight Studio, put an RGB hex number into the background field – those are the numbers with 6 digits like #000000 for basic black.


Here are some color pickers I found for reference.


Posted by ArtSlant Team on 2/20/07 | tags: spotlight RGB background-colors

Myspace_profile_link5 then you're steaming!!
Kaas what if...
you're hot and cool? does that make you lukewarm? doesn't appeal to me...

stand up and

One thing I've found out is that in some small measure (or a large one even) I have to stand up and be counted.

Having grown up in the drop-out era (as in turn-on, tune-in, drop-out), the idea of standing up was confusing.  Stand up and shout.  Stand up for civil rights.  Stand up and say No No We Won't Go!  But at the same time, drop out .  Drop out of the establishment, drop out of the draft, drop out of the rat race.

 How can one stand up and drop out at the same time?  It's a dilemna.

Would the Lacanians call this the Je/moi dilemna?  Maybe the me-generation was actually the moi-generation.  And now our desire for the Other is being appeased through online communities.  Yikes!  It's the giant mirror - millions of reflections with no strings attached.  I can stand up, so to speak, while I am actually sitting down. 

How good is that!

Thus, The Chair.  It becomes a pivotal symbol.  Am I in it or out of it?  Nothing like a good chair when you're surfing the Other.  (Have you ever noticed how womb-like a chair can be?)  Ok too much thinking.  Time to stand up and stretch.


Here at artslant we have provided a very simple way to stand up and be counted. It's called (star) recommend! 

It's on each exhibit listing in our calendar - see it? Right by write a review and add to mylist?  I call it my power button.  Whenever I feel the need to be counted, or to simply show the love, I click on it.  We are talking instant gratification!  And then - where do these chosen exhibits go?  Into our hotspots - check it out.

cautionary tale

Your name gets attached to the recommendation in the exhibition display page, so beware.  When you stand up everyone sees you...(smile)


Posted by ArtSlant Team on 2/14/07 | tags: recommend

Placeholder70x70-2 big fan
love your blogs......what more can i say???

give green

I once wrote: A vibrant community is characterized by the work and the words coming out of it.

I like that. 

I've written a lot of things.  Letters and diaries and lists and cards and memos that should have been tossed.  Dear John's and Jane's and I'll be right back's and Oh, can you drop me a line?  Parts of novels and more parts.  Poetry and praise and even a thank-you note or two.  Truth be told I actually spent years just writing my signature.  Those were the desparate days.

But the strangeness is that there always seems to be something more to write, not to mention something more to read.  And I never get tired of it. 

Think of all the things that have been written.  If it was all stacked up in one big pile would it get to the moon?  How about if everyone voted on the best thing ever written?  What would win?  A book, a movie, a bumper sticker?  But I'm getting off the track... 

What I would really like to say is this:  Give Green to the art landscape.

HOW?  Get in and throw some words around.  Write a review.  Dash off a comment.  Try out an opinion. 

It's liberating, this surge of words.  And tomorrow you can always say something else.

- georgia 


Posted by ArtSlant Team on 2/6/07 | tags: reviews comments

Myspace_profile_link5 reading now
mostly i'm reading art stuff on the internet. at night, i look at pictures in mags or read from my dell (tv-trash like my spy novels and such). i read a lot of travel books to zone out - currently it's brazil. and right now i'm in the middle of octavio paz's "in light of india" and chris anderson's "the long tail."
Placeholder70x70-2 hmmm...
What are you reading now?
Placeholder70x70-2 do i have to title this too???
georg i love this blog!! i love all your blogs - each one showing just bits of yourself - 'just writing my signature . those were desparate days" cant wait for it worked - made me want to write more!

this is me

Eureka!  I found myself!  I was deep inside all the time. 

 Have you ever tried to pinpoint the exact place where the Me lives?  The head? The heart? The gut? Elusive isn't it?

 I like being a Me.  I used to want to be a You.  That's pretty much gone.  Thank you Jerry Lewis because it was painful.  (I really don't know where "Jerry Lewis" came from because, frankly, I can't stand slapstick).  Anyway...

It could probably be said that artslant is dedicated to the This Is Me project.  Like Express Yourself!  Remember that?  Some teacher in art school once said to me: "You know, you could really be good if you would let yourself go."  It was code for Express Yourself.  Do that enough and then you get to claim: This Is Me!

Well since This Is Artslant, we thought This Is Me had to be somewhere.  And we found the perfect spot deep inside.

Where is This is Me?  This is Me appears on an artist's page which has not been claimed.  It is in the actions box on the left.  Please don't touch it unless it is actually you.  And the excuse that you don't know who you are-  that's not gonna fly.

A little background:  First and foremost, artslant is about data collecting.  Fun.  Every time an artist gets entered into our calendar, the name goes into the Artists A-Z list  under Community.  There are hundreds of you and more get added every week. Eventually, between working and showing and selling, these artist pages will be claimed by their rightful owners, who will finish them with contact info and slideshows and bios and galleries and podcasts and blogs and all kinds of artie and fantastical me-ness.

Cautionary tale: Before you open a Spotlight Studio of your very own, check the Artist A-Z listing and see if you are already in artslant.  Then close your eyes and press This Is Me.  Ahhhh, the satisfaction of being able to click on that.

Next Project: Finding the you in me and the me in you.


Posted by ArtSlant Team on 1/27/07 | tags: artist-page claiming


Have you noticed how the bee has influenced web slang?  E.g. "buzz" and "hives" are found all over the place.  We've joined in with this bee thing.  Hopped on the buzz-train.  I love the word and the sound.  So productive and warm.  Now that I'm thinking about it I realize the sound of buzzing bees is similar to the sound of my computer...

Last year, two (2) bee swarms landed on our tree in the front yard - one flew off and the other had to be removed.  The bee removers came with a vacuum apparatus and sucked them up into a hive-shaped canister.  It looked benign enough but I was afraid to ask about the fate of the bees.  Imagined them going to a hive field way out in central California and didn't want to hear otherwise.

The web can be sort of like that - sucks you in and there you live happily ever after, buzzing along in this hive of endless chambers.  Begs the question: who's the queen?

Back to blogbuzz.  Here's what it is and how it came about:

We wanted to have blogs and not just links but actually a way to read them right here.  Like the morning newspaper.

So we culled through loads of art sites and catalogued art blogs.  Then Catherine, our techie, wrote a program to read the feeds, index them every day, and display them in order of most recent entries.  This became our blogbuzz.  You can find it on our menu bar under "buzz."

Some blogs only allow headlines to show; others have problems with images.  So it can be hit and miss.  But all of them are linkable.  I'm sure there are many we have missed at this point.

The other feature Catherine created out of this database is what we call "mentions."  You will find this towards the bottom on an exhibition or event page.  Essentially, any mention in the blogs of an artist, show or venue gets displayed.  It is sort of cool especially when the hive is truly buzzing about someone or something. 

I love our blogbuzz.  I scroll through most days, read things that catch my eye, wish there were more art blogs.  I wonder how much there is to be said about art and look forward to the artslant community blogs.

And if you have a blog about art and want it in our buzz, drop a line. 

- georgia 

Posted by ArtSlant Team on 1/19/07 | tags: blogbuzz bee buzz

serve up the tags

OK.  I admit it.  I am a bit of an organization freak.

I like to find things quickly.  I'm also impatient.  This is why I want to shout: "hey everyone - serve up the tags!" 

When I was little my mom lost her car keys on a regular basis.  It was always a last minute race to find them and get to school on time. I don't know if this is where my fondness for organizaiton developed, or if it was written in the stars on the day of my birth, but it's part of me now.  Sometimes a good thing; sometimes a control thing.  Give me a grid and I feel good.

I had my first Aha with tags while I was surfing a website called BuzzShout (  I clicked on the word "community" (not knowing what was going to happen) and up popped all of these new community-based websites.  In that moment, a taglover was born.

Think of the beauty of tags.  Take my closet for instance.  It's actually in fairly good shape - somewhat color-coded.  Whites with whites; pinks with pinks.  Sometimes.  But what if i could press a button that said pink-polka-dots, and voila!, there's that scarf, that little slip, and that vinyl earring case from the Venice Biennale.  All of them with pink polka-dots.  This is what tags could do to my accessorizing.

With artslant, if everyone tags their stuff, we will be able to sift and filter through all those artists and exhibits and galleries and museums in strange and interesting ways.  E.g., give me all artists who work in resin and use animal imagery.  Or, find me all exhibits that had work about the urban landscape.  Or, show me all galleries that feature Latin-American artists.  The possibilities are wonderful.

So "hey everyone - serve up the tags!"

How to Use Tags on artslant:

Searching the Tag Cloud:  You'll find our tag cloud at the top of most searchable pages in artslant.  Simply click on a word to find all listings under that description.  To clear a tag search, hit the [clear] link next to the search parameters on the right-hand side of your list.

Adding Tags to Your Content:  When adding content (your exhibit, event, spotlight studios...) look for the Tag field in the add form.  Use single words (or hyphens for phrases like mixed-media) with spaces between them.  Each word becomes a tag.  You will notice that drop downs appear to help you choose tags that are already popular.

Some suggestions for tagging categories: medium, general themes, genres, distinctive materials, influences, regional descriptions.

- georgia 1/12/2007



Posted by ArtSlant Team on 1/12/07 | tags: tagging

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