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Art by Manuella Muerner Marioni
Evocations of Beauty in the Work of Manuella Muerner Marioni


Muerner Marioni, throughout her career, which included studies with Nicki de Saint Phalle, seems to have been

in a single-minded pursuit of individuation. This goal has been attained as a direct consequence of her deriving strength

form reducing and concentrating attention on the most pressing and urgent needs; to compress and

distill obsessions and repression and fill these with a particular intensity while doing so.

by John Austin, art critic


Hidden Women by Manuella Muerner Marioni, Acrylic on special paper, 11 x 7 inches



Flsah Birds, Acrylic with Spectrum glass Fragments on Canvas, 35.45 x 35.45 inches


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Leonardo da Vinci Award



Winner of the First International Leonardo da Vinci Award

for the stylistic value


Hommage à Leonardo da Vinci by Manuella Muerner Marioni

oil pastels on paper, 1994


Monalisa by Manuella Muerner Marioni,

charcoal drawing on special paper, 7 x 11 inches Height x Width, 2016

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Manuella Muerner Marioni at Auction House of Modern and Contemporary Paintings, Paris, France



Title: Lacrime Artist: Manuella Muerner Marioni Medium: Acrylic with Spectrum glass fragments on Canvas Size: 120 x 90 x 5 cm / 47.25 x 35.5 x 2 inches (Width x Height x Depth)

Aesthetics of becoming playful and self-analysis between reflections and Human research

In the artistic philosophy of Manuella Muerner Marioni Life and the Being plays an absolutely important role, both conceptually and visually. We could say that both are part of a single fascinating idea that existence blends utopia and reality in a game of shapes, space, color.

The artist’s aim is to break the order of use of conventional society and the world, showing him through a reflection ephemeral, changing, mutation always new.

In mirror or glass tiles is reflected or absorbed the real space, turning into light and color, allowing the viewer to become part of the creative process of the artist through his image, becoming an integral part.

The sculptures of Manuella Muerner Marioni break the visual schemes of classicism, when in the shape and space come together in a close dialogue in search of a new identity.

This may be, from time to time, the viewer reflex, daylight or darkness of the night, the chromaticism of nature or urban environment …

In short, the artist leaves to the world, to the reality, to us to interact, to form a new image of art.

The bright colors of acrylic emphasize, in the paintings steps and symbolic elements, to define almost mystical and spiritual worlds left to the discovery of the users, while running the surface with the eye may lose and find himself in labyrinths of signs and flashes of color and tonal.

They are as far alphabets, hieroglyphics to interpret and read with the look, but also with the spirit, creating an iconography antique flavor, but with contemporary aesthetics.

In the pictorial art of Manuella Muerner Marioni, the field is rich of gestures and materials, where we can find space elements and small found objects, such as transistors and cards of computers, which create characters and human portraits from the essence technological to the existence of today, we have become accustomed.

The metamorphosis of Human is ongoing in this third millennium, the author captures the expressive and conceptual synthesis, putting the art to the service of society, as reflected in a visual document to leave to posterity.

The mosaic technique, the ancient stained glass windows, a craft that is rooted in tradition and history resurfaces with personal originality in the works of the artist, to testify to a careful and rigorous academic training that is completed, every day, with experimental and multidisciplinary creative processes.

Painting, sculpture, installations interact with the senses of observers in a process of self-analysis playful and intimate formal and mental, an art reflected and reflective, a life in the mirror of aesthetics and beauty of becoming immortal.

An art criticism by Dr. Guido Folco, ITALIA ARTE


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News Blog

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NY Arts Magazine - Paintings by Manuella Muerner Marioni


Have anyone seen my Paintings ?

Artist: Manuella Muerner Marioni
Title: Spectrum Art Face
Medium: Acrylic with Spectrum glass Fragments on Canvas
Size: 35.45 x 35.45 x 2 inches (Height x Width x Depth)
Year: 2014
This Painting disappeared at the Art Hamptons 2014, at Booth 414 !!!!!



Artist: Manuella Muerner Marioni
Title: Spectrum Art Face Dark
Medium: Acrylic with Spectrum glass Fragments on Canvas
Size: 35.45 x 35.45 x 2 inches (Height x Width x Depth)
Year: 2014
This Painting disappeared at the Art Hamptons 2014, at Booth 414 !!!!!

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Back to the Future Series

Back to the Future

is meant to lead into the past, where the matriarchy still worked. 

It will also give same view into the future, where the interaction of 

matriarchy and patriarchy a new harmonious and logical way of life corresponds.


the Embryo © by Manuella Muerner Marioni 1999


The sixth sense is to be given more emphasis and thus better express 

the modified shape, which is not only ratio.

Those watching my works have the possibility of going out on a discovery trip

and thus decoding the concealed symbols and geometric signs

in their own manner. 

The whole thing should be a debate stimulating our part

unilateral perception. The superficiality of the society should be 

questioned and bring more depth in dealing with our observation!

Forms and signs become a language of their own and are often

composed of hieroglyphs 

and sign elements from past cultures.


 text was written by the Artist Manuella Muerner Marioni in the year 1998.


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I think that what any great art work can do, is serve to point out that no answer can be found in the form of the formless.

NY ARTS: Manuella Muerner Marioni Challenging the viewer to confront himself





Challenging the viewer to confront himself


Power of Music © by Manuella Muerner Marioni

Not limited to physical pieces, Manuella maintains a place in the contemporary art world with

her foray into digital media. Graphically redesigning her mirror sculpture and renaming it

Power of Music adds yet more layers to the piece, forcing the viewer to look at the work in an entirely new respect

and reaching out to a whole new audience.

Manuella Muerner Marioni's artwork is some of the most uniquely made art in today's society. Her use of vibrant color

and mirrored mosaic tiles are what captivates the audience.

Manuella's art also captures the modernity of today's society while successfully giving the

"vintage" feel of historical pieces that allows her artwork to be adored and appreciated 

by both older and newer generations.


written by Rose Hobart

Manuella Muerner Marioni interviewed by Jason Stopa, Executive Editor NY Arts Magazine, July 2012

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Philosophy of my Mirror Sculptures

Through my work I want to break out of the rigid social order, create tensions and to bring about a vivid confrontation with the issues of "form, light and colors". My fascination has always been the play of light in the crystals, in the water, and especially the light fraction of sunlight through the prism.

From dead to life! Pure matter to bring to life through specific perceptual effects. For me as an artist, a great challenge. I want to raise not only my work in the center. The surroundings and environment of my beholders should become a part in my artwork. All these details have to give a contribution to the totality of the artwork. How can you represent that?

The three-dimensional sculptures, covered with mirror pieces, which reflect a confrontation with the sculpture and surroundings. Each individual mirror fragment I cut by hand with a diamond cutter.

The perceived image of my sculptures changes every time when I move to a new location or when I change my perspective. Even my clothes are scattered reflected back. My sculptures convey the mystery of a never ending visual experience!

Sculpture in Testa Musica Italiana

Posted by Manuella Muerner Marioni on 5/3/12

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