ArtSlant - Openings & events en-us 40 - Max Mueller Bhavan - August 20th 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM <p>Desire Machine Collective is a Guwahati based collective, founded by Mriganka Madhukaillya and Sonal Jain. As a collective they have tirelessly forged artistic networks and spaces, and have presented their work in a number of exhibitions including, Being Singular Plural, Solomon Guggenheim Museum New York (2012), Intense Proximity, 3rd edition of the La Triennale, Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2012), Everyone Agrees: It&rsquo;s About to Explode, 54th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, India Pavilion, Venice (2011); Indian Highway IV, MAC Mus&eacute;e d&rsquo;Art Contemporain de Lyon and Indian Highway V, MAXXI Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo, Rome (2011); Between Utopia and Dystopia, Universitario Arte Contempor&aacute;neo (MUAC), Mexico (2011); Machines, Oi Futuro media center, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil (2011) among others.<br />&nbsp;<br />With Noise Life, Desire Machine Collective will present their first solo in Mumbai, the work is a multi channel video installation with sound objects.&nbsp; It is installed at Project 88 with its multiple elements as a unitary work. The objective of&nbsp; &lsquo;&rsquo;Noise life&rdquo; is to sketch out a history of the different ways in which we develop knowledge about ourselves:&nbsp; economics, biology, psychiatry, medicine and penology. It seeks to analyze these so-called sciences as very specific &ldquo;truth games&rdquo; related to specific techniques that we use to understand ourselves.<br />&nbsp;<br />Apart from Project 88, Desire Machine Collective will also extend the exhibition to Galerie Max Mueller, Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai. The space will act as a buffer zone between the exhibition at Project 88 and the panel discussion scheduled for 28th August at MMB. The exhibition will primarily comprise of still photographs. These images were shot during the making of noise life and extend the idea of schizoanalysis. Some of the images have been primarily shot in super 8mm. The panel discussion on 28th August will comprise of an interlocutory introduction to the work displayed, by Dr. Kaushik Bhaumik (Asst. Prof JNU). The other speakers are Kamal Swaroop (Fimmaker) and Sandhini Poddar (Associate Curator, Asian Art, Guggenheim Museum).</p> Wed, 20 Aug 2014 23:48:23 +0000 - National Gallery Of Modern Art - NGMA Bengaluru - August 21st 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM <p>This exhibition aims to showcase 'Revivalism', an art movement started by Abanindranath Tagore in the early 1900s and the artists of the Bengal School.</p> Thu, 21 Aug 2014 00:22:18 +0000 Valsan Koorma Kolleri, Puneet Kaushik - Gallery Espace - August 23rd 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Thu, 21 Aug 2014 00:05:10 +0000 Astha Butail - GALLERYSKE - Bangalore - August 23rd 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM <p class="Pa0" style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: small;">GALLERYSKE Bangalore presents&nbsp;</span><em style="font-size: small;">Manifested Ratios</em>, a<span style="font-size: small;">&nbsp;solo exhibition by&nbsp;</span><span style="font-size: small;">Astha Butail.</span></p> <p class="Pa0" style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: small;">Astha Butail&rsquo;s formal minimalism is entrenched in Hindu philosophy. Stemming from her research on the Rig Veda, Butail&rsquo;s use of geometry is an expression of the basic building blocks that make up our spiritual universe. Central to her work is the pursuit to understanding how different composite elements of an entity relate to its whole. Using the square as a focal point of departure, she elongates and compresses lines in an act of meditation that results in myriad polygonal shapes.</span></p> <p class="Pa0" style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: small;">The exhibition will encompass wall installation, video, sculpture and an interactive project. The show opens with <em>Dwelling Houses </em>(2012), in which seven wooden constructions have adjustable outlines. The retractable frames measure changing levels of containment and contentment, metaphorically mapping fluctuations the self experiences through time.</span></p> <p class="Pa0" style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: small;">In <em>Everlasting Day </em>(2014), Butail uses pleated, creased and stretched pages of hand-woven cloth to represent frozen moments in life&rsquo;s forward march. In the same series, <em>Broadened Sky </em>(2012-2014) is an interactive installation that consists of ten blank books laid out on a table. These volumes are to be filled with contributions from the audience, who are invited to write, draw, engage and otherwise respond to a line of poetry. This idea of an open archive is echoed in <em>Embedded Memory </em>(2014), wherein the artist draws from the Vedic oral tradition of memorizing scripture for its preservation in the service of posterity. Made with parts of a wind instrument, the work references processes of speech and transmission - each &lsquo;peg&rsquo; a story to be told.</span></p> <p class="Pa0" style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: small;">This will be Butail&rsquo;s debut solo exhibition. She has shown previously at GALLERYSKE New Delhi (2014), Devi Art Foundation&rsquo;s Sarai Reader (2013) and Masquelibros Book Fair, Madrid (2013). In 2007, she received the Edida Award from the Elle D&eacute;cor Group for Fabric Design. She holds an MA in Economics from Punjab University, Chandigarh (2000) and a diploma in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing Management from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore (2013). The artist currently lives and works in Gurgaon, Haryana.</span></p> <p style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: small;">GALLERYSKE invites you to the opening of <em>Manifested Ratios </em>by Astha Butail on Saturday 23rd August, 2014, at 7PM. The works will remain on view until 4th October, 2014.</span></p> Thu, 14 Aug 2014 16:36:45 +0000 Desire Machine Collective - project 88 - August 26th 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM <p>Desire Machine Collective comprising of Mriganka Madhukaliya and Sonal Jain, are emerging as the most innovative experimental film-makers in India. Their masterful short film,<em> Residue</em> was curated by Sandhini Poddar as part of the <em>Being Singular Plural:Moving Images of India</em> show at the Deutsch Guggenheim Museum in 2012.</p> <p>Blending into the rhizomatic nature of the Project 88 gallery space&nbsp;<em>Noise Life</em>, following the heals of their masterly&nbsp;<em>Residue</em>, engages with modern singularities and virtual possibilities of a part of the world, i.e. North East India. Being able to confuse the high modern to Lyotard's dictum of the post-modern, the work creates a new becoming unseen in South East Asian art, merging sacral and profane but at the same time not doing away with ideology. &nbsp;</p> Fri, 25 Jul 2014 06:55:51 +0000 - The Loft At Lower Parel - August 27th 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Thu, 21 Aug 2014 00:28:06 +0000 MITA BRAHMA - Lalit Kala Akademi Galleries - New Delhi - October 26th 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM <p>An exhibition of oils and water colours celebrating the journey of water bodies through the earth. Depicting the flluidity and garce of flowing water.</p> Wed, 13 Aug 2014 06:25:37 +0000