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Woody Harrelson is cool !

                              This is the next part to be read after "Drunk Japanese living legends"!

We all go to the internal elevator and head down to the lower level, where we see through the security glass, this glass had an opaque quality that ran through the middle of the glass, and when turned on it very very quickly turns off, it becomes clear long enough for you to be able to identify who's on the other side without them being able to see you!

It wasn't Mr.Beckley but another friend here to see the "Noh crew" and it was someone i even recognised, as he played the part of Larry Flynt in a Movie about Larry, I can't recall the name of it right now, not important.

This "trip" had become now something far more interesting than just a trip to America to get a commission,...... far more than this!

So in he comes, i'm greeted as if i had been known to him for years though we had only just met, and am i surprised when he not only knows my name, but everyone else there, his Japanese pronunciation of their names was quite remarkable, i swear if i had closed my eyes, i would never of known that was anyone else other than a Japanese person was talking, Phenominal!

I was told later on by my friend that he actually has a pornographic memory,....... no, scratch that, it was a "Photographic memory", show him something once and he'll remember it for years apparently, "he did about a twenty minute monologue from the movie about Flynt for the Noh crew, they sat and watched with the alacrity of school kids waiting for the movie to begin!

It turns out that he's in town for this party aswell, it's now beome evident that people have been invited from all four corners of the globe to attend this "Gig", as he tells me lives full-time when he's not "doing movies" in Costa Rica, alot of his reasoning is Political, having to do with the loss of Democratic ideals, Freedom and Liberties in America, exiting the country during the period of the "Dumb" one, G.W.Bush!

We head back up the same way we all came down, and begin to head out onto the verandah. I look down to see in the driveway a Two tone Lexus LFA, that wasn't there when i turned up, ...... his beast, not quite the rig I turned up in, but  none the less, a very spectacular sports car,.......and i do enjoy the odd Sportscar or Hypercar now, something relatively new to me, they truly are works of Art, just incredible!

 These Lexus' were just out,..... they hadn't even been released "Officially" to the general public when i saw it!

I ask him abit about it, aswell as the Gumball 3000, asked to see if he might do a Gumball or something along those lines sometime,  he tells me his wife wouldn't let him even if he wanted too,..........instantly I'm thinking how pussy whipped are you?

Then again he's got children and his wife to consider, not to forget his acting career or his good health, all of which can be lost in a heart beat in an a high speed accident doing a Gumball,.................... shit happens and i've seen it!

I'm sure things would've been very different twenty years ago,  at his age and station in life it's not really the most responsible thing to do if there are others like family who need to be considered,  to be speeding at up to 180 mph on public roads in Foreign countries,............I'm thinking he's not pussy whipped, he's just got common sense!

To Be cont.

Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/12/12 | tags: woody harrelson is cool James DeWeaver Generation X Artist

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