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The Bugatti Veyron in L.A. !

                                This is to be read after "The Bugatti Veyron and the Babe"! for continuity.

So we roared out of the airport, and i continued on my magical mystery tour, i was in what felt like a plane without the wings, this was truly a "Hypercar", (their NOT classed as Sportscars) that was only for the real officianado's though, with EXPERT driving skills!

Once on the freeway, she really let the Bugatti Veyron show her stuff off!

As you should know by now, i'm in the hands of people who i've yet to meet personally, though i've spoken to them on the phone, and have friends of friends, and now i'm on the L.A. freeways with a beautiful alien driving a US$1,650,000 ground torpedo, that just went from 0 to 60 mph in two and a half seconds, and took less than eight seconds total for us to be at 125mph!

When the Veyron got to about 135mph, it lowered itself to about two and a half inches from the tarmac, it's normally at about five inches, and then went into what's called "handling" mode, the wing and spoiler deploy and provided the car with noticably more "downforce" through active integrated systems, about seven hundred pounds more downforce i was told.

I look over at the driver, she's totally cool and calm, and totally hot, and with a quick and very discrete look at the speedometer, as i would not want her to think i was frightened at all by her driving, as i wasn't, I was totally enjoying the whole experience, i was stunned as the speedo read 150mph, it felt like we were maybe going half that, but with the cars noise cancelling system and a total beast of a super rocket engine, a W16 engine actually, 16 cylinders in four banks of four cylinders,  and the engine is fed by four turbo chargers, has a total of ten radiators just to cool off the 1000 horsepowered engine,..... seven gear automatic paddle shift i knew this was just the "proper" speed to travel for such a vehicle, as the Autobahn in Germany is more appropriate for this Hypercar, or the Nurbergring,  it could of gone much faster, try 100 mph faster, these cars can go over 250 mph(400kph)!!

We're on the L.A.freeways doing one hundred and fifty, and the few cars then are passing by at a phenomenal rate, this is going to be a fast trip  i thought, suddenly a head up display(HUD) popped up on the windscreen with a red flashing indicator warning that a Police radar had been detected, I thought that was pretty cool, she explained that the I-system was designed to detect speed radar and at the same time to "stealth" (very technical) the Bugatti's electronic field, which in effect, leaves the Bugatti's electronic footprint almost invisible, what the police radar picks up is useless, it's like a bird flight signature on radar, very discreet!

She told me not to be overly concerned, the sytem was automated to allow us to go by the stationary radar traps without even having to slow down.

She went up to 160mph to prove this to me, woaw, this is a really cool car i'm think'in right about now, this would piss all over the "Knightriders" KIT car!

Along we went at fast forward you could say until she said our turnoffs coming up.

                                                       To be cont.

This is Part 4, the Start is "96 hrs to L.A. and back", i've retitled and dated these as they may not of been seen before by most readers, i will try and ammend the whole story in continum from beginning, and will re-date them all aswell.

To be Cont.

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