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20150403223139-uc_apr_invite_b_emanuel Abeyance  
Babak Emanuel at LA Artcore Union Center for the Arts > Los Angeles
April 12th 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Posted 4/13/15

ABEYANCE Paintings and Works on Paper by Babak Emanuel abeyance (ǝ bāy´ ǝns), n. temporary inactivity, cessation, or suspension. (Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Second Edition) There are many layers of meaning and material in Babak Emanuel’s art. His large-scale paintings in this exhibition combine various modes of image making: their first layer may be a field of precisely ruled vertical stripes, painted in surprisingly animated brushstrokes – an odd juxtaposition of predetermi... [more]

20150416190531-gorgypostcardwebevite Art About Art – From Da Vinci to Matisse and Warhol  
Adel Gorgy at Edward Williams Gallery > New York
March 30th - May 1st
Posted 4/16/15

Adel Gorgy, Icons in Time … Da Vinci to Matisse and Warhol, Pigment Ink on Metallic Silver Medium, 30 x 40 in., 2015 Picasso did it. Warhol did it. Rembrandt and Rubens did it. Da Vinci did too. Now, there's a chance to see how a 21st century artist revisits, revises and reinterprets masterpieces from the history of art. Adel Gorgy, whose photographic artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally in museums and galleries, has, for many years, found inspiration, moti... [more]

20150407180159-2015-mp-achangeisgonnacome1 A Change is Gonna Come  
Marco, pezzotta at Mixed Media by Marco Pezzotta > New York
April 9th 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Posted 4/10/15

A Change is Gonna Come Solo exhibition Marco Pezzotta (1985)Curated by Bogomir Doringer *** The artistic interest from Marco Pezzotta lays in examining different systems in which our identity is being either formed or changed. We stand in those systems as individuals or as part of a group. For describing and shaping these relations Marco Pezzotta uses objects that function as tools for a narrative. They appear from another space and time, floating between digital and physical. The artist creates... [more]

Art or Not?  
4/9/15 Posted 4/9/15

Art or Not? The question has plagued art since its beginning—what makes art valid? Should the message be understood without the crutch of the PR machine? Every week we ask our readers to take the art world just a little less seriously. This week: which piece of toast has been eaten and which has been displayed in galleries all around the world? #1 The making of art out of readymade objects is nothing new: the idea of somehow magically transforming an object into "high" art by placi... [more]

20150328200225-respiro_w3_1595 Some Reviews  
Stefano Losi at United Nations - New York > New York
April 17th 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Posted 4/4/15

“Timeless. On the contrary, inside time. And beyond. | Significant. Blunt. Stirring, most of all. | Strokes and shadows. Black. Intensity, liberty. And love. Thank you Stefano.” Marco Mathieu, Writer and Journalist - La Repubblica, Rome "This is a “splendid union”. In the words of these poems there is the same hope I cherish when I observe the world." Antonio Maria CostaUnder-Secretary-General of the United Nations “The most impressive work I have picked up in the past couple years. Such... [more]

Laysa Issam al Fannan - Curious Blend of Art & Ego  
Andy Bauch, Laysa Issam al Fannan, Deleir Georges, Luis Grane, Lisa Mansy at Art Share LA > Los Angeles
March 28th - April 11th
Posted 4/4/15

Laysa Issam al Fannan – Curious Blend of Art & Ego (Presently showing at Art Share LA in Los Angeles) This is possibly the second showing of Laysa’s art that I have found publically, showing presently in Los Angeles, with my first introduction to his work at a showing in Portland, Oregon last year. Having covered the international art scene for many years, I had never heard of this artist until recently, at first not quite knowing where he comes from or if Laysa Issam al Fannan is... [more]

Art or Not?  
4/2/15 Posted 4/2/15

Art or Not? Sometimes an artwork can spark outrage. An apparently harmless sculpture can cause a public riot that rages on for four decades... But after all, as the artist of the real artwork below once said: "Art isn't democratic." This week: One of the images described below is a pile of bricks. The other is an work of art. Can you tell the difference? #1 It is clear from the variety of materials employed by the artist in his sculpture and from the way in which he presents those materials... [more]

20140822222259-words_in_the_margins_boxed "Experiencing Rational Exuberance" by Kristen T. Woodward  
Chalda Maloff at Ceres Gallery > New York
April 28th - May 23rd
Posted 4/2/15

The luminous and enigmatic works of Chalda Maloff captivate the viewer with a confluence of art and science. Calligraphic lines course through her paintings before dissolving into pools of shimmering color, while elsewhere tiny ink droplets cluster in schooling formations. These spots call to mind metamorphic transformation, or Art Nouveau pottery and glass; semi-transparent and ethereal. There is the sensation of floating. Other more geometric works challenge the relationship between free associa... [more]

20150206074617-one_two_punch- Abstracted Life, Artists of Note interview by Joe Kovack  
Patricia Aaron at The William & Joseph Gallery > Santa Fe
May 1st - May 31st
Posted 4/1/15

Southwest Art magazine, April 2015 publication [more]

Georgia Fee Residency Announces Staff Resident  
3/30/15 Posted 3/30/15

Each year, we select one of our very talented writers to take up residence for a month at our Paris residency. 2015 welcomes Himali Singh Soin to the residency. See below to learn about Himali and her project. ArtSlant is also pleased to announce that we are now taking applications for the Summer 2015 term of the Georgia Fee Artist | Writer Residency. This term will take place during the months of July/August 2015 and includes a monthly stipend of $1000 USD and airfare to and from the resid... [more]

Art or Not?  
3/27/15 Posted 3/27/15

Art or Not? Do you ever get the feeling when you enter a gallery, that you just don't get it? Sometimes it seems that the art world is a big ruse, making the most of that fear of the equivocal. Every week, we invite you to turn your ironic eye on art and identify the accidental imposter of the two images below—you might be surprised. This week, abstract stains: which of the below is a work by a world famous artist? #1 of the pioneers of the post-Abstraction-Creation movement i... [more]

20150327213514-unnamed__1_ Centre Pompidou Acquires Former ArtSlant Prize Winner's Work  
3/27/15 Posted 3/27/15

The Centre Pompidou has added Michael Zelehoski's Open House to its permanent collection. The former ArtSlant Prize Winner is currently represented by Mike Weiss Gallery. With his upcoming show New Order opening on May 7th at Mike Weiss Gallery, this news could not have come at a more exciting time. Zelehoski starts with 3-d... [more]

Welcome to ArtSlant Editions Issue 1: Platform  
3/25/15 Posted 3/25/15

Theodore Darst, Untitled, 2015. Animated gif. We don’t have websites, software, online marketplaces, or editing tools anymore—we have platforms. In recent years the digital domain has seen once literal platforms—stages, plinths, furniture, buildings—proliferate into the immaterial and spread their surfaces everywhere. But what is a platform exactly? We hear the word all the time—in computing, fashion, marketing, politics—but has sudden ubiquity diluted its me... [more]

20150323233220-logo1 So fun!  
at Santa Monica Art Studios > Los Angeles
May 9th 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Posted 3/24/15

I've gone to this event for more than 4 years and it's so great! There are so many talented students there and their initiative is inspiring! I've bought some great art at a really good price [more]

Round 2 of the ArtSlant Prize Showcase Now Open  
3/23/15 Posted 3/23/15

$20,000 in Cash and Exhibition Awards Round 2 is officially open! Submit your work today to enter the ArtSlant Prize 2015 competition. Up for grabs are great exposure, exhibition and sales opportunities including inclusion in our brand new Amazon Art Sales Platform - not to mention cash prizes for selected ArtSlant Prize winners. See below for all the details. Check out the latest submissions from the ArtSlant Community on our Art page and the Juried Winners from Round 1. Click enter S... [more]

20150322152239-detvay_gabor_kecskes Opening reception - Jenő Eugéne Detvay Youtube channel  
Gábor Enikõ, Detvay Jeno Eugène, Kecskés Péter at MET Gallery > Worldwide Budapest
March 21st - April 7th
Posted 3/24/15

A MET galéria Háromszög című sorozatának első kiállítása"PROCESS": Gábor Enikő, Detvay Jenő, Kecskés PéterA kiállítást megnyitotta: Nagy Zopán költő, író, fotográfus [more]

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