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Jim Linderman
Justin McCarthy American Painter Outsider Art  
Posted 10/20/16

Justin McCarthy untitled Collection Jim Linderman Justin McCarthy "The Last Supper" private collection Slotin Folk Art Auction Justin McCarthy "Yankees Stadium" Private Collection Justin McCarthy "Goodyear Blimp" Private Collection "He didn't know he was painting quirky. He thought he was painting straight." So said Justin McCarthy's major benefactor the painter Sterling Strauser. "People often found it difficult to believe that he was a self-taught naïve,... [more]

In Situ American Folk Art in Place Book jim Linderman  
Posted 3/8/10

Original vintage photographs of folk art environments, vernacular architecture and early outsider artists at work from the collection of Jim Linderman. Available from BLURB. 260 pages. FREE PREVIEW HERE [more]

Antique American Folk Art in Place IN SITU by Jim Linderman  
Posted 7/7/16

American Folk Art in Place In Situ brings together over 250 pages of original vintage photographs of folk art environments, vernacular architecture and early outsider artists at work from the collection of Jim Linderman. Available in Paperback or Instant PDF Download from BLURB. COM FREE PREVIEW and ORDERS HERE. [more]

Eccentric Folk Art Drawings of the 19th and 20th Centuries BOOK  
Posted 10/26/15

250 works of outsider art or what have you! 200 pages of odd and unusual folk art drawings from the collection of Jim Linderman. Available in paperback or instant pdf download from Blurb. com. Sample works from the book follow, a free preview is available at LINK HERE [more]

Found Photographs Document the Birth of Rock and Roll (The BOOK)  
Posted 1/31/15

The Birth of Rock and Roll is now available for pre-ordering on Amazon. I received a copy and it turned out beautiful. A coffee table book, and a book about music unlike any you have seen. My vintage photographs were handled beautifully by the fine folks at the publisher DUST-TO-DIGITAL and the design by award-winning Martin Venezky and his Appetite Engineers shop is fantastic. Historian, essayist and music-writer Joe Bonomo contributes elegant prose. 160 pages and when they are laid open, each is 19" x 12" of striking jumping' and jivin' humanity! I am proud... [more]

The Dishonesty of Outsider Art  
Posted 10/30/14

HYPNOTIST COLLECTORS AND WALKING ANTIQUES: NYLA THOMPSON AND THE DISHONESTY OF OUTSIDER ART By Jim Linderman Pioneer folk art collector Herbert Hemphill, Jr. was on a mission in the early 1970s. The first director of the nascent Museum of American Folk Art and compulsive collector of same intended to disprove the commonly understood belief that folk art had died with the emergence of 20th century popular culture. Certainly there were artists working at the time using the same traditiona... [more]

Erotic Naive Drawings by PECS 1942  
Posted 10/24/14

Erotic Naive Drawings of Pecs 1942 Each 11 x 17 Collection Victor Minx BOOKS AND $5.99 EBOOKS AVAILABLE HERE [more]

BANNED by the SUPREME COURT Five Books you Never Saw  
Posted 9/24/14

It is again Banned Books Week, a noble annual endeavor which celebrates intellectual freedom and advocates against censorship. Yes, books are indeed still censored around the world on a regular basis. Banned Books Week is sponsored by a group of important organizations such as The American Library Association, The American Booksellers Association, and even the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. We are generally presented with the same examples of notable censored books every year. Native Son. The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Bel... [more]

Basil Merrett obsessive drawings circa 1945  
Posted 9/12/14

Basil Merrett was institutionalized at Bethlem Royal Hospital in London as a psychiatric patient. These drawings, each approximately 4" x 6" were done circa 1945-1950. They are a sampling of the some 1,000 works he created of this size, each heavily filled with handwritten text on the reverse. The work was created in series, each numbered, and included authors, musicians, religious images and prominent figures from history. Basil Merrett Drawings Collection Jim Linderman BOOKS AND EBOOKS BY JIM LI... [more]

Jay Jackson African-American Illustrator and Cartoonist by Jim Linderman  
Posted 8/18/14

Jay Jackson isn't best known for superheroes, but he certainly was one. He was also fearless. Who but a hero would draw this image at a time when integration was unheard of, segregation was the unwritten law and yes, African-Americans were still being beaten when they dared to say the races should get along. Much less that they might interact in skimpy attire. At the time this postcard was drawn by Mr. Jackson, swimming pools were segregated. If you watch the news, you know we still have a long way to go.Jay Jackson was Black cartoonist who dre... [more]

B. E. Riddick Big in Back  
Posted 3/8/14

Well, you have to say he had a unique, consistent vision, which is the hallmark of a great artist. B.E. Riddick worked in the late 1970s and into the early 1980s, and most his several hundred works were created on the flattened paper of shopping bags. That isn't unusual for "outsider artists" who often work on found materials or whatever is available. Certainly African-American, which is of interest, but also certainly obsessed and driven. B. E. Riddick, presumed passed away until we learn... [more]

Joe Shuster of Superman Fame Bondage Illustration PRINT Available  
Posted 11/16/13

Poster size high quality prints of a drawing by Joe Shuster from Vintage Sleaze the Blog! Just in time for a "super" Black Sunday! ORDER TODAY! An original illustration by Superman co-creator Joe Shuster, who after selling the rights to his creation was forced to sell work to a minor member of organized crime to pay the rent! Shuster created bondage and S&M works to illustrated pornographic digest publications during the early 1950s. This image has not been seen since the book, House of Tears, was published in a edition of some 1,000 copies, nearly all of which have... [more]

19th Century American Landscape Painters on TIN  
Posted 8/16/13

Tintype studio backdrops try to overpower the sitters in this little photo essay of staying dry while visiting the falls. These all appear in my book The Painted Backdrop but it is too expensive now. So if you are interested, buy the ebook instead. The Painted Backdrop (EBOOK version) is HERE Group of Tintype Photographs, circa 1870 - 1890 Collection Jim Linderman [more]

Nyla Gladine Thompson Mouth Painter of Texas  
Posted 6/24/13

Original Paintings by Nyla Gladine Thompson by Mouth Polio Survivor Painter Collection Jim Linderman  Nyla Gladine Thompson Mouth Painter Small hand-painted works by a remarkable artist.  I've been collecting her original works for a few years, and always try to purchase them when I find them.  Do not be confused by reproduction postcards, which the artist also sold…these are all small oil paintings by a woman who painted with her mouth.Ms. Thompson painted flowers, landscapes, animals and more.  A family genealogical... [more]

REBUS ! The Victorian Puzzle Drawings of Anonymous Book  
Posted 4/25/13

The newest book from DULL TOOL DIM BULB (!)  The Cryptic Rebus Drawings of Anonymous  19th Century Picture Word Games from the Collection of Jim Linderman A modest little 40 page book for children or adults, a reproduction of miniature picture word puzzles from the Victorian age by an anonymous hand.  Available as an affordable ebook or in print. A remarkable collection of 19th Century original, hand drawn Rebus puzzles by anonymous! The practice of using pictures to represe... [more]

Secret Erotic Drawings of D.H. Erotic Primitive Folk Artist  
Posted 4/5/13

Often the artistic quality of an artist means far less than the story. This is an example, though I find the paintings, of which there are hundreds and hundreds, charming and accomplished in a perverted enough way. Yes, they are severely cropped here. I'm showing mostly the heads (when I can isolate them among the morass of limbs, hands and other body parts, most rendered WAY out of proportion) including enormous, almost comical huge erect phalluses. Trust they are, well...creative. All are unsigned, but I have the artist's... [more]

Ryan Heshka Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Profile #34  
Posted 4/1/13

Ryan Heshka We are pleased to have the participation of modern pulp painter Ryan Heshka for the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary series. Ryan is Number 34!  A noted illustrator who has worked his way into a most successful art career.  As you see, he is an artist who combines popular culture influences and artifacts which fit the esthetic values of the blog here so well.     It is fantastical work which manages to be challenging as well as entertaining.  Children love it (he has produced two children's books) and demented, j... [more]

Comic Foreground Photographs from Argentina? New Vernacular Photography Book  
Posted 3/5/13

Argentina Tintamarresque!  Comic Foreground Vintage Photographs.  The newest Book from House of Dull Tool Dim Bulb, and it is only $5.99 in Ebook form, and $21.95 in paperback.  66 pages of fun!  AVAILABLE NOW! Cutout novelty photographs were invented by the same guy who first painted dogs playing poker. That astounding fact may just be enough for you to purchase this, the most curious of books, but I will throw in a few more encouragements. One, all the photographs included in the book predate 1930, and two, all are from Argentin... [more]

Story of Candid Charlie and artist B. Gordon Guth by Jim Linderman  
Posted 2/28/13

Comic Book Photographica  and the first paparazzi Candid Charlie of Target Comics!For the record, I do not collect comic books, and I do not own those shown above.  For this post, I defer to the experts Steven Thompson and My Comic Shop, though in this case even they don't know too much.  Both are linked below.  Let's call this a query.  Who the hell was B. Gordon Guth, the artist who conjured up "Candid Charlie" a red-headed kid with camera?  Every boy with a handheld is Candid Charlie now, but back wh... [more]

Sunny Buick Artist and Tattooist for Vintage Sleaze Contemporary  
Posted 2/19/13

Sunny Buick Artist and Tattooist for Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Number 33 in the Series Artist Sunny Buick is a world traveler, a dice collector and a considerable canvas of her own.  Sunny would have been called a "triple threat" during the days men stupidly thought they were superior.  She juggles art forms like nobody's business…and ALL are in bright, living, peacock color and then some. (There is a peacock way down here which Sunny would love to tattoo on you.)  Ms. Buick... [more]

Tony Fitzpatrick for Vintage Sleaze Contemporary  
Posted 2/9/13

Tony Fitzpatrick for Vintage Sleaze Contemporary 13 minutes with Tony Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Number 32 Tony Fitzpatrick is a pit bull, but all dogs are welcome here.   We are pleased to have Chicago's favorite son participating in the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Series!  Tony is number 32.There has been much written about Mr. Fitzpatrick, so I will let him speak for himself…except to say a chalkboard portrait he did of Bettie Page in 1988 first made me love them both.  Bettie is now in a private collection.  Tony is HERE. Tony will like the... [more]

Hudson Marquez for Vintage Sleaze Contemporary  
Posted 2/9/13

Hudson Marquez Artist Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Number 31 I believe Hudson Marquez is the first participant in the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary series to have been voted into the Broadcasting Hall of Fame, but I first knew of his work without even knowing it…through familiarity with the Cadillac Ranch and the work of the Ant Farm Collective.  Cadillac Ranch is off the scale as far as environmental art goes…one of the most famous art installations in history, and one which makes t... [more]

Modern Fashion Photography Origins in the Camera Clubs of New York CIty  
Posted 9/7/12

They may look tame today, even odd, but the photographs which came from the original “Camera Club Sessions” in New York City during the early 1950s not only mark the beginning of modern day erotic photography, from them emerged an unlikely fashion icon and star, Bettie Page. Nude photography in the United States was taboo and virtually unknown in the 1950s. Of course, there are some exceptions. The six photo “strip sets” sold in the back of men’s magazines and from under the counter in Times Sq... [more]

Secret Nudes from Amateur Photographers The Vintage Early Photographs  
Posted 9/7/12

Vintage Vernacular Erotic Photographs By Jim Linderman 2 December 2011 9,907 views No Comment Shy Shamed Secret Shadowed Hidden SSSSH! – Vintage Vernacular Erotic Photography By Victor Minx with Jim Linderman Format: paperback or iPhone download.  EBOOK DOWNLOAD FOR IPAD ($5.99)   HERE Available from: Alliteration has been used before to describe exposed women. Think “Va Va Voom” from a 1950′s film as a walk-on looker passes by. In this case, it applies and forms an acronym of uncanny relevance... [more]

Marty Winters Portraits of Internet Escorts by Jim Linderman  
Posted 8/16/12

Marty Winters Certified 2 Satisfy Contemporary Vintage Sleaze the Series #26 "Busty Butterscotch Beauty" by Marty Winters "I Do It ALL Baby" by Marty Winters Private Collection "Very Busty & Voluptuous" by Marty Winters Private Collection "I Know You Want Me" by Marty Winters "Certified 2 Satisfy" by Marty Winters Private Collection Marty Winters found inspiration in an unlikely place, and he brough... [more]

Frank Wendt Book Hoofers and Sweethearts Wendt's Little Women  
Posted 7/16/12

Victorian Portraits of child performers by Frank Wendt, 19th Century Photographer.  The Newest Book by Jim Linderman Dull Tool Dim Bulb Books available from Announcing Hoofers and Sweethearts : The Little Women of Frank Wendt.  The newest photography book by Jim Linderman from Dull Tool Dim Bulb Books. Sideshow and circus freak photographer Frank Wendt had another line of work.  He made hundreds of cabinet card photographs of early vaudeville child actresses to be sold by the performers as souvenirs.  Collected for the first... [more]

Mexican Photographer Niuglo and Vea Magazine of the 1950s by Jim  
Posted 7/4/12

        BY JIM LINDERMAN from the site VINTAGE SLEAZE THE BLOG VEA is a pretty hard magazine to find copies of these days.   Vea ran in the 1940s and 1950s, and when you figure in acid-based paper, climate and censorship, you’ll know why they don’t turn up often. Do not confuse it with Vea the Puerto Rican gossip magazine, or Vea which came from Chile.  Search hard and you will see a few issues on Fred Seibert’s flickr stream, but that’s about it.  I found a handful  to purchase recently, and I wish I had t... [more]

Mexican Photographer Niuglo and Vea Magazine of the 1950s by Jim Linderman  
Posted 7/4/12

        BY JIM LINDERMAN from the site VINTAGE SLEAZE THE BLOG VEA is a pretty hard magazine to find copies of these days.   Vea ran in the 1940s and 1950s, and when you figure in acid-based paper, climate and censorship, you’ll know why they don’t turn up often. Do not confuse it with Vea the Puerto Rican gossip magazine, or Vea which came from Chile.  Search hard and you will see a few issues on Fred Seibert’s flickr stream, but that’s about it.  I found a handful  to purchase recently, and I wish I had t... [more]

Artist Carl Pfeufer by Jim Linderman  
Posted 5/23/12

Carl Pfeufer (1910 - 1980) was yet another of those comic book illustrators who proved the Kefauver Committee on Juvenile Delinquency was right to keep them out of kid's hands.  Although he had a long career in the "legitimate" comic book industry, his true colors were blood red and bruised black and blue...and they came to light in the illustrations he did for Off Beat Detective stories from 1958 to 1963.  The fine folks at Pontiac Publishing didn't think the current men's detective pulps... [more]

The 1950s Ruse of Nude Art Figure Studies Proto-Porn Pinup Cheesecake and Photographic Smut  
Posted 5/9/12

PROTO PORN: The Art Figure Study Scam of the 1950s NOW AVAILABLE CLICK TO ENLARGE Finally available for purchase in Paperback or Ebook for Ipad is PROTO - PORN: The Art Figure Study Scam of the 1950s by Jim Linderman.  The FIRST book on the mysterious and seldom seen soft-core smut pretending to be art and photography instruction manuals.  NEVER BEFORE covered in a book!  With over 100 illustrations, a rainbow of fugitive literature you never knew existed!  Another tale untold is... [more]

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