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Monet Clark

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L.A. county

Birth year

Lives in
Los Angeles

San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI)
SFSU (San Francisco State University)
City College of San Francisco

photography, conceptual, performance, video-art, installation


Monet Clark 

b. Los Angeles, U.S.A., 1968

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Monet Clark
b. Los Angeles, U.S.A., 1968

Monet Clark’s mediums include performance video works, performances documented with photography, drawings, collage, sculpture and more. She is a also a vocalist. Her pieces frequently reference how women are represented in media and subculture and her long standing cross cultural study of ritual. Her work is often semi-autobiographical. 

In her current ongoing performance video series she calls Look Books, she utilizes a performance minimalism to enact idealized, iconic and campy female characters objectified in American culture. These are shot against a stark brightly lit backdrop referencing the impersonal visual language of the fashion world in which she creates intimacy by utilizing methods such humor and/or direct gazes into the camera. Final pieces can have added effects such as text, animation and/or motion graphics. All are displayed on large flat screen HD monitors which run on indefinite loop and act as moving portraits. Simultaneously charming and repellent, personal and political, feminist and feminine, ironic and real, sacred and mundane, raw and refined, wickedly humorous and stoically serious, Clark’s works are rituals for transmutation.

Clark began photographing in grade school making still lifes with objects referencing pop culture and candid portraits of her class mates. During her teen years she photographed her Punk friends in a series of pregnant nude studies shot in their home environments. This work won her a scholarship to SFAI in 1989, while studying as a Liberal Arts major at SFSU. She received her BFA in Photography at SFAI. She was accepted into SFAI’s Performance/Video department for her MFA and began to exhibit her video works internationally. All this halted however, when she fell seriously ill from a toxic exposure which progressed into an autoimmune disease. She documented the stages of this experience in several bodies of works, framing real life events as performances which speak to the global ramifications of a personal circumstance. Subsequent to her decade long recovery she began exhibiting again.



Exhibition of her Poisoning/Phoenix series in Hollywood nightclub Safari Sams, 2008; Screenings at SF's Museum of Modern Art and Queen's Nails Gallery in 2010; a group show at 18th Street Art Center in Santa Monica in 2011; a screening in conjunction with the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive for their book Radical Light in San Francisco; and a solo show, California Girl a Retrospective/Debut, at Krowswork Gallery in Oakland in 2011. In 2012 she screened at Chicago’s RAPID PULSE International Performance Art Festival; at Los Angeles’ Synchronicity Gallery; at ATA in San Francisco; and hung a two person show with Dale Hoyt at Gallery Heist in San Francisco. In 2013, she exhibited at Portland State's Gallery; was featured by Krowswork Gallery at ArtPadSF; performed with seminal SF avant-Punk Psychedelic band Chrome in Chicago; her collage work was featured on their album cover 'Half Machine from the Sun, The Lost Tracks from ’79-’80'; Her vocal work & compositions are part of Chrome’s 2014 album, 'Feel It Like A Scientist', which is garnering an enthusiastic response in the press (see below), and her artwork is again featured on this newest cover. She played the lead in Dale Hoyt's latest experimental narritive film in 3D, FARM, which premeired at Krowswork Gallery 2016.

Prior to her infirmary, Clark exhibited in the early 90’s at The Academy of Arts, Koln Germany; WP8 in Dusseldorf, Germany; the Kitchen in N.Y.C., hosted by Electronic Arts Intermix; in a video installation exhibition hosted by the Amanda M. Obering Gallery at the Mondrain Hotel in Los Angeles; at SFAI in San Francisco curated by art critic Carlo McCormick; with Art in General Gallery at The Knitting Factory, N.Y.C.; Malmoe Konsthall in Malmoe, Sweden; and Galleri Rotor in Gothenburg, Sweden and more.


PRESS for CHROME'S 2014 release Feel It Like A Scienitst:  

(Collaborating as ANNE DROMEDA specifically on compositions and vocal work for the songs, “Prophecy”, “Lady Feline”, “Something in the Cloud”, “Unbreakable Fluoride Lithium Plastic", and “Nephilims (Help Me!)”; producer for the entire project as label owner of King of Spades Records Inc.; band photographer; album cover art)

UK’s, The Quietus Magazine 6/14 “Monet Clark is a performance and video artist and I haven't worked with someone with an art world background who also likes to rock since Damon. Its rare in the rock world and I really appreciate having that influence back in the mix. She goes by Anne Dromeda in Chrome, because that name for her just downloaded into two other band members' minds simultaneously after our last recording session. I think it was a sign”. —Helios Creed 

“Feel It Like A Scientist” manages to pull off the neat trick of mainlining the bizarre Chrome magick of yore without coming across as some Pixies-esque pastiche of the band's greatest era. Decadent and deranged, yet possessed of a sleek, unearthly allure and refined for a still more confusing new age, it's possibly the most welcome and fitting comeback album from a veteran avant garde artist since Celtic Frost's tumultuous Monotheist hit the racks in 2006". —Jimmy Martin June 4th, 2014


France’s, The New NOISE Magazine 6/14 “I met Monet in the 80’s in San Francisco, when she was still a teen. She took photos of me for Amphetamine Reptile (NDR: Many solo albums by Creed came out of AmRep) in the 90’s, but we didn’t start to make music together till 2012, after she asked me to participate in one of her performance video art pieces. I was already appreciative of her work from her incredible performance video solo show at her gallery called KROWSWORK in Oakland! Her work can be seen in the internet. She really is a great artist. I was so blown away by her talent and timing that I wanted her to participate in Chrome. She gives us a conceptual-art energy similar to Damon’s. For the project, she becomes Anne Dromeda…”

“I love the two covers she made for this and Half Machine from the Sun (Editor's note: The Lost Tracks from Chrome '79-'80). They was inspired by the work of Damon, and Chrome’s historical imagery, which she referenced and made it more sexy. This is both typical of the work of Monet and pure real Chrome at the same time. We only got compliments from our fans”.

"Prophecy”…Everyone in the group seemed to love it. I think it set the tone of the album serving as a model, because we all wanted each song to sound as good. I worked on "Prophecy" before the group joined me in studio to record the bottom tracks. Tommy Grenas composed the line of keyboards, which was inspiring. Then we recorded the top tracks, such as Anne Dromeda singing in reverse through the song. We then added other vocals and the guitar during the mixing session at Capitol Studios. Listen closely to the keyboard line that’s Anne Dromeda’s vocals on top of it. This song has gone through a lot of phases; the most of all the songs.”

“I know Anne Dromeda draws on her own life for her video work and she did the same for her words on the new album. But those she wrote for "Prophecy" are a mixture of various conversations that we had about Annunaki (Editor’s note: Anunanki : gods of Mesopotamian mythology) and chemical trails (Editor’s note: chemtrails). She added some Hopi prophecies as well as some mutual frustration about the overall state of the planet.” —-Helios Creed


UK’s Record Collector Magazine 7/14“…This latest installment in the Chrome saga is remarkable”. —Ian Shirley


USA’s, Thugbrarian Review 7/14 “Anne Dromeda adds and extra dimension to the songs and she has a beautiful voice when she is singing as well as a sinister edge when she brings the darkness” —Thugbrarian Review

Holy Grail from Hell 5/14  “...the most thrilling brand of Chrome’s music since the passing of Damon Edge. The brand new line up consists of: …Anne Dromeda (background vocals)… the re-formed ensemble captures the core of Chrome’s sound as old-school, genuine, and with all its rawness and experimentality - it’s all there with a touch of fresh ideas, like female background vocals.” —Ari Wilson

UK's, WIRE Magazine “Which brings us to the new Chrome… "Feel It Like A Scientist” adds…performance/video artist Monet Clark —aka Anne Dromeda —on vocals…The first single from the album is titled ‘Prophecy’…over a distant recording…channelled by Willaim Burroughs, Chrome tear into backwards phasing and reverse tape strategies before an uncanny unveiling of a narcotic, stripped down rockabilly performance…It reformulates rock via cut-up techniques and collage not as a hopeful nostalgia for the future (in the words of Brian Eno) but as an apocalyptic longing to bring the future to an end…Chrome’s organic/metallic dynamic remains Ballardian, fully eroticized. “Lady Feline” matches a sleazy Stooges-style riff and a vocal filled with dark sexual vibrato with a production style that takes the illogical, exaggerated approach of David Bowies Raw Power mix and rethinks it as a deliberate experiment in tone science. Wailing wah-wah leads are pushed to the point of sir raid sirens, and solos explode like depth charges…The title of “Something in the Cloud” suggests another attempt to waylay the future by second guessing it. It sounds more like a foreign country than the past, even as synth parts that match the remote emotion appeal of The Human League circa “Life Kills’ instigate a connection with romantic memories of 1980’s teenaged. Think The Buggles’ 1979 single “Video Killed the Radio Star” restaged as a hit by bounty hunters from the future. “Unbreakable Fluoride Lithium Plastic” is a heavy metal love song to the structural possibilities of inorganic compounds, complete with erotic auto-suggestive loop: “You’re hot sticky your skin feels rough and chafed”…Now into their fourth decade, Chrome are still chewing up rock 'n roll's past to regurgitate a dystopian future"”

UK’s Wicked Spins Radio Blog 5/14 “We have newer members working with us Monet Clark the performance artist (aka Anne Dromeda) who sings and is great at composing and brings this conceptual energy to the mix much like Damon..The album is coming out in April and its how I’ve always wanted Chrome to sound! Its what I always imagined Chrome could be post Damon ya know. I’ve been able to take it to the next level.” —Helios Creed


USA's Dunce Magazine 8/14 "And I really love how the record sounds with Anne Dromeda’s vocals on it, she’s got it. Without that touch it definitely would not be as great of a record, she tops off the record with a cap of coolness. I love her vocals their one of kind, they fit the vibe of the band really well. I was really surprised when she recorded ‘Unbreakable Fluoride Lithium Plastic’. I was sitting in the studio and she just went and did that in one take, it was incredible like watching a show. I love that song and her background vocals on other tracks at the beginning of the record. They added a much needed female energy, that completed the record, without that it would have been too male. We have a magical group." —Helios Creed


UK's, Soft Bodies 5/14 "This is Chrome. Chrome never sat still, never rested on their laurels. They kept going, kept evolving. That's what they've done since year zero and that's what they're doing now. And the result is the strongest album they've done in years…Helios Creed might be directing the ship, but this feels like a group effort. A band rather than just a would be visionary and some hired hands."


USA’s, Hellhound Music 5/14 “The music for 'Feel It Like A Scientist' is composed by Creed and the whole band, with lyrics by Creed, Anne Dromeda and Tommy Grenas, and features one track with lyrics by the late Damon Edge…Commencement of recording sessions for 'Feel It Like A Scientist began in 2012 with the addition of guitarist Lou Minatti (aka Keith Thompson) and vocalist Anne Dromeda (aka Monet Clark who is also a noted conceptual and performance/video artist… In Helios Creed’s own words from 2014 interviews: “I have the best band put together, finally.”


USA’s, Tiny Mixed Tapes “Now it’s 2014, and Creed has put together a whole new Chrome lineup and recorded a brand-new full-length. Entitled, Feel It Like a Scientist …the album began coming together back in 2012 with the addition of… and vocalist Anne Dromeda (a.k.a. Monet Clark). The album was composed by Chrome’s current iteration, featuring Creed, Minatti, Dromeda, Aleph Omega, and Tommy Grenas….“


USA's, Paraphilia Magazine 5/2014 “We work so spontaneously in Chrome we don’t always remember what we’ve recorded and I’m having that situation now where my current backing vocalist Monet Clark, laid down actually a lead vocal track on our new album, that she just told me last night she can’t quite recall how it goes because see she did it in one take on the fly. She made a masterpiece that day… She wrote the lyrics, while the band was laying down the bottom tracks. Then put her in the vocal booth and recorded her top track and she just went in and nailed it in one take. That is how to do it!”

So this new album I’m talking about is actually Chrome’s most recent album… 'Feel It Like A Scientist'. … It couldn’t have happened without each of the members that are with me right now. I haven’t felt this kind of chemistry with a group since Damon and I added John and Hillary to our line up to play live. It is also magical….Tommy like Monet is another creative genius in many aspects. He also helps in composing the melodies for the choruses of songs etc. …Monet aka Anne Dromida is performance/video artist and she brings this art element to the mix much like Damon’s energy, which I’m just into. Plus she can sing! I knew her for years, but we never worked together until she had me guest in one of her video pieces where she did vocal work. I was blown away with her performance that day, so I invited her to do some work with Chrome…  We go into the studio and just write and create on the spot and what we’ve come up with in those sessions is the alchemical process that makes gold. I can’t tell you enough how pleased I am with the chemistry of this band.” —Helios Creed


UK's The Vinyl District 8/14 “On this latest effort, Creed has assembled a distinct lineup of old and new names. Joining Creed, …vocalist Anne Dromeda (aka conceptual/video artist Monet Clark)…After an extended passage of twisted shape-shifting psych, “Prophecy” settles into a galloping thud thick with distorted bass, swells of keys, and a dual guitar maul. The slow fadeout on Dromeda’s distant voice provides a nice touch…the spacey chugging of “Lady Feline,” the environment…further explored on “Something in the Cloud” through a beat so insistent it becomes legitimately infectious.…And “Unbreakable Fluoride Lithium Plastic” sounds just a bit like young Pink Floyd if they’d chosen to Hail Satan, the singing recalling not Syd but John Lydon. It ends with a loop of advertising-speak curdling into the ominous…”


Sweden's Orebrostad Magazine 6/14   “I’m always trying to invent new forms of music. I think I’ve found the perfect band finally and I’ve been saying that. I like the unique way our female vocalist sings, the artist Monet Clark. She comes from an art world background vs a music background which makes it even more beautiful and what I want, and she’s good at composing”. -Helios Creed 5/2014 A portal monitoring Örebro's entertainment and cultural scene!


USA’s, Jersey Beat 8/14    “Unbreakable Fluoride Lithium Plastic” is a pretty awesome one...""


USA’s, In the Key of Life 8/14 “One song that stuck out in a positive way was “UNBREAKABLE FLUORIDE LITHIUM PLASTIC”!chrome--feel-it-like-a-scientist/c1ntm


USA’s, Pittsburg In Tune 8/14 “There are some nice moments to be found…tasty nuggets like “Unbreakable Fluoride Lithium Plastic”…If you like your music on the more experimental/avant-garde side, “Feel It Like a Scientist” might be worth a spin or two.” —Jeffrey Sisk


Finland's, Psychotropiczone Blogspot, 6/14 "This album is really strong throughout...The songs are well crafted and after the first amazement you start to notice some pretty clever, catchy melodies"


UK's, Shindig Spacerock special 4/14   “Prophecy' is the first single from the album [Feel It Like A Scientist] & to call it a monster would be an understatement. The spirit of classic Chrome is intact, without being a retro rehash of days gone by. The song ROCKS hard… sporting a catchy riff, killer blazing dual guitars, & haunting keys & backing vocals....If the rest of the album is as good as 'Prophecy', this edition of Chrome is sure to make a splash in the post-millennium spacerock world’. —Jerry Kranitz


USA's, Rocktober Reviews Blogspot 7/14 "savage, funny, beautiful and wildly weird."


USA's, Paraphilia Magazine 8/14 “…a challenging and exhilarating work."


France’s, Le Canal Auditif, 8/14 "A very successful album…especially the punk extraterrestrial propulsion of…Lady Feline, Something In The Cloud and Prophecy.”


USA's, Heavy Metal Time Machine Blogspot 8/14 "That's the power of "Feel It Like A Scientist” close to greatness as one can come!"


USA's, Dangerous Minds  "...this stuff is worthy".


USA’s, Relix Magazine “an hour-long avant-garde spectacle…Creed remains a potent noisemaker, leading a nimble band through their freak-show paces.…”


Spain’s, Ruta Rock Magazine  “Chrome shows that even after almost 40 years and countless lineup changes, their hunger and curiosity are still as wild as when the project began".


Italy's, Sentirecoltair 6/14 "Creed has achieved the goal of evolving the mythological sound of the early albums of this Californian group, making the new work current and listenable in the present, but at the same time true to the style of mutant creature that was the band...The initial 'Nephilims! Help Me' has a riff that attacks stoogesiano, with icy synth inserts and a voice shouted in a new metal style. 'Prophecy' switches to ominously stellar dark metal tones...with 'Lady Feline' we find a grunge android between a crazy wah-wah riff and a swirl of distorted background vocals…Solid guitar riffs are the basis of the experimental 'Unbreakable Fluoride Lithium Plastic', a sort of nervous breakdown-style free jazz from space around a single metal riff…a good result". —Thomas Iannini


Austrailia’s, I-94Bar “Nephilims (Help Me!) Ten seconds in and you’re dancing…Welcome back Chrome. Prophecy This is the single. And it takes off like you wouldn’t believe. Long slow monstrous introduction, demons playing in traffic, and then…well, fuck that vocal drags these bleeding slabs of guitar along. If the real world were real then MTV would come a-knocking, awed and acrying. I’ve been to too many festivals, seen too much ordinary posturing on the big stage. Chrome slay you. Lady Feline Another of those kick-you-in-the-head dance-or-die anthems Chrome seem to specialise in. Again, there’s just so much going on here you can hear the - hang on, just what is that anyway? Something in the Cloud Air of helplessness pervades this one, sad. Definitely the most Edge-like of the songs so far, it may as well be a memorial….You need this in your ears, in your gut, in your cells, parasites and in your fucking dna.” —Robert Brokenmouth


USA’s, Punk News  8/14“[Feel It Like A Scientist] is one of [Chrome’s] darkest, meanest releases to date.”


San Francisco, USA's SF Weekly  7/14"...satisfying enough to remind you what you liked about industrial music in the first place". —Ian S.Port


France's, No Compro Blogspot “a real gem” —Hans Cany


Germany's, 8/14 "This album has real class!...'",24475.html


Germany's, Slam Magazine 8/14 "...You'll get a full acid trip by Helios Creed and his bandmates…With the quality of the work, you get to understand why it took 2 years to make…”


Argentina's, Ergo Felix Culpa Blogspot 7/14 "Chrome overwhelming returns with a new album 'Feel It Like A Scientist'...a manifesto of the permanence of the Underground"


USA, All Music Review “…2014's ‘Feel It Like a Scientist ‘is a remarkably effective evocation of the sound and style of Chrome's late-'70s albums…This new edition of Chrome does have an aural fingerprint of its own…it generates a palpable excitement…” —Mark Deming:"



Oakland, CA 11/12-12/17 2011

Krowswork is very pleased to present Monet Clark: California Girl - A Retrospective Debut

Featuring two decades of performance/video by Clark, this is her first solo exhibition. Interested in using art as a vehicle for transmutation for herself as well as her audience, Clark throughout her career has often framed real life events as performance art presented as video and photographs. Simultaneously charming and repellent, personal and political, feminist and feminine, ironic and real, sacred and mundane, these works embody a host of contrasts that together provide an iconographic video portrait of 21st-century California culture and this one-of-a-kind California Girl. 

The retrospective features video made in the early 1990s when the artist was newly graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute, in which Clark, as both director and performer, exposes herself in ways ostensibly meant to engage the (male) gaze. Yet in each of them there is a built-in revulsion, and the expectation of a purely sensual, one-sided show is soon thwarted. 

The middle portion of the retrospective presents for the first time pieces made during Clark's decade-long fight against an extreme form of Environmental Illness (EI). These include a four-hour intensive piece titled 12 Frames of Isolation as well as photographic works documenting her emaciated body during the illness juxtaposed with her healthier form post-recovery.  

The most recent group of works, then, provides an aesthetic and energetic catharsis. Titled the "Look Book" series, these bold yet minimal videos date from 2011 and Clark's full return to artmaking, where she is "coming out" in her newly, emergent, healthy body. The resultant pieces are sumptuously spare, raw and honest, wickedly humorous, and hold a powerful intimacy. 

Read more about the exhibition and see more images and installation views




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Jan, 2013 See You Next Tuesday (CUNT)
Portland State University MK Gallery & Autzen Gallery
Aug, 2012 Horsies and Hippies
Gallery Heist
Nov, 2011 CALIFORNIA GIRL, A Retrospective Debut
Apr, 2011 Radical Light, That Little Red Dot
PFA Theater:Pacific Film Archive
Feb, 2011 Have You Seen My Privacy
18th Street Arts Center
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