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Alexandra Masson

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20120421062824-photos_seshadri_april_18_2012_004 Hello Alexandra,
How are you doing? I think modern art is a blind man’s profession. We do not paint what we see, but what we feel. The mediums we use are always imperfect What makes a good piece is the ability to execute an idea, regardless of the means or the proportions or the medium. I hope my artwork “Blue Sky Thinking” makes you happy. It should remind you of something that you enjoy. If it tortures you please let me know. All the best in the contest! Cheers!
20120421062824-photos_seshadri_april_18_2012_004 Season's Greetings.
Whatever is beautiful. Whatever is meaningful. Whatever brings you happiness. May it be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year * Good luck and smiles, good cheer and... A Happy New Year 2010!
Hi, Greetings from India ! How are you doing? It is again my pleasure to interact with you. For the Juried 5 competition, I have entered an oil painting “Conflict Resolution”. I thought that this would be an appropriate painting in the troubled times we are living in. Violent conflict seems never far from the headlines. I have also added a few more paintings to my portfolio. Mostly landscapes. I once again heartily welcome you to visit my artsite and let me have the benefit of your opinion and advice. Thanks for your time and support. All the best. Seshadri
Placeholder70x70-2 "Russian Art Week" International Exhibition & Competition
Hi. Welcome to the "Russian Art Week" International Exhibition & Competition of Contemporary Arts, which will be held in Moscow (27 September-4 October, 2009) and St. Petersburg (6-11 October, 2009). There are two ways to participate for the competition – online (IN ABSENTIA) and in person (INTERNAL WAY). Program and the competition include 6 international contests: 1)Painting Competition, 2)Graphic Competition, 3)Design Competition, 4)Photography Competition, 5)Sculpture Competition, 6)Crafts Competition. If you are interested in this project - please contact me Our Website: Fedor
Hi, How are you doing? It is again my pleasure to interact with you. Thanks to Artslant, we are able to get in touch and exchange notes. Learning is a never- ending process. I saw your Sep entry 'blue orchid' and other artworks. You seem to concentrate on the relation between the emotionally expressive power of esthetic form and emotional responsiveness. You have brought beauty in some ugly materials which normally we avoid seeing or don’t notice at all. Great. You are very expressive-both verbal and in art form. This time around, I have specially made a painting as a humble tribute to Michael Jackson. I have also added a few more paintings to my portfolio. I once again heartily welcome you to visit my artsite and let me have the benefit of your opinion and advice. Thanks for your support. All the best. Cheers Seshadri
Hello again, Those were very nice ( albeit ‘heavy’) words very nicely put.As a wise one once phrased it "A soul must never be pushed or driven, but allowed to unfold naturally, like a flower blossoming bit by bit in the sunshine". May be you have not created art, just realities we can't see. The emotionally expressive power of esthetic form. All the best. Seshadri
Hello Alexandra, Thanks very much for the nice words.Your works are unique and interesting. I like the colours and shapes. I would have loved to see your statement on what inspired you create them.Do you have your own website? Keep up the good work All the best Seshadri
Hi Alexandra Greetings from Mumbai! How are you doing? I have entered the Juried Competition once again. Painting is a process of evolution. This competition is incomplete without a sense of intrigue, which makes us interact with each other and connect with each other. Art brings us together. For this competition I have entered a topic which is on everybody’s lips. “Environment”! My painting been heavily influenced by the landscape. This is a pre-meditated painting. Colour and pattern make joyful viewing. My subject painted in the abstract and rich in emotion attune us with the sun, wind, water and earth. Please take time to view it and let me have your valuable comments and suggestions. Please forward this on to your friends and colleagues. Thank you for your support. I wish you All the Best in the competition!! Cheers! Seshadri
Hi , Greetings from Mumbai! I visited your gallery and found your artworks very impressive, creative and interesting.. Please accept my best compliments! I have entered The ArtSlant Juried Showcase competition. USA which is now is open for entries. Till 15th March closing hrs. My art work. "Thinking Out Of The Box" has been approved for entry by the curation team, My artwork has been displayed in "Vote the Showcase" and on the ArtSlant Profile. Please go to ,check my entry at Juried Showcase Entry .and click on "VOTE" tab! That is all. So simple and real fast! I am grateful to you for your support and many thanks in advance for your cooperation and time. Cheers Seshadri
Artist_pic2 great job
Its very nice, your work is superb.... i need your guideline and VOTE .because I AM 10 YRS.OLD ARTIST, plz visit my page.if you like my work, please cast your vote in my direction.i am doing my compaign alone are you with me??and trust me your vote is precious for me. thanx.
20111106060542-_______1 Hello Alexandra!
I love your work!! Wounderful shapes and colour!You are welcome to pop by my page and have a look at my work. I would really appreciate your opinion on it. If you like it - vote for it! Thank you for your time. Katerina
Me_bio greeting and invitation!
hi, i have been surfing artslant arts and i found your work was unique and inspiring. I would warmly like to invite you to have a look at my gallery. now my painting is in the juried showcase. please cast your vote for me if you like what you see. thank you.
About_pic Venezuela
Thank you for taking a look. Pounding the streets is tough but helps to put a face to the work. As far as getting shows it really helps to go to as many as you can. The network of people I have met at shows has been very rewarding. Other than that I would suggest having a website for your work and submitting it to all the galleries you are interested in showing. It may take a couple of months but almost every gallery responds. Best, David.
Interesting! Really Nice. Please visit my page and if you like cast your vote for my work. Best to you.
20130705045805-314878_3869249362593_247185597_n BEAUTIFUL
Aisha-razem-1 Art on this sad earth
There is a great beauty on this earth that deserves loving Life, there is a great people deserve also our love and belief, there is a dancing breeze touching all our faces by its sympathies!!!!! And you are one of this hand's tender fingers touching earth's face by your art. You can’t believe the happiness you plant in the dry vision’s soil which became painful and full of thorns, you just splash the God’s beauty faith seeds and irrigate by your kindness!!! Sad world needs screams of Beauty to awaken the sleeping faith towards one Beauty Creator!!!!And that helps all wounded and scared souls to rise up for forgiveness since God implemented his Mercy towards all creatures by beautifying earth’s paradise for all mankind!!! ............. please visit my work in the bottom of my profile , and cast your vote for me if you like mine , with many thanks !!
About_pic Plates
Glass w/ paint, very cool, like Schnabel.
Dsc_4383 Invitation to my gallery
I like your works they are very interesting . Please take a moment today and check out my art and vote for me if you like what you see. Thanks, Ilana

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