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Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)

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  • 20121104163213-__barcode_74__from_the_series__painted_barcodes__36x24inches_oil_on_canvas_2012year_by_painter_coded_ruta_bauzyte-jarosz_
  • 20160717192323-color_code_3
  • 20150628101938-color_code_1_20x20cm8x8inches_oil_on_canvas_by_painter_coded_ruta_bauzyte-jarosz_2013year
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  • 20130405180918-__sign_8___from_the_series___the_storage_of_21st_century_signs___oil_on_canvas_40x30cm_2010year__a_
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  • 20130418092231-__barcode_59__from_the_series__painted_barcodes__30x40inches_oil_on_canvas_2012year_by_painter_coded_ruta_bauzyte-jarosz_
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  • 20121104163330-__barcode_77___from_the_series__painted_barcodes__35x24inches_oil_on_canvas_2012year_by_painter_coded_ruta_bauzyte-jarosz_
  • 20121104180210-__barcode_50__from_the_series__painted_barcodes__oil_on_canvas_24x18cm_2011year
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  • 20140913105813-barcode_1_2008_70x50cm
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  • 20110217071127-__sign_10___from_the_series___the_storage_of_21st_century_signs___oil_on_canvas_40x30cm_2010year
  • 20120524174818-__sign_14__from_the_series__the_storage_of_the_21st_century_signs__97x97cm_2010year__2_
  • 20110511131152-__sign_1__from_the_series___the_storage_of_the_21st_century_signs___oil_on_canvas_49_5x35_5cm_2010year_painting
  • 20130412192552-__sign_8___from_the_series___the_storage_of_21st_century_bsigns___oil_on_canvas_40x30cm_2010year
  • 20140913103819-12_hours


Vilnius, Lithuania

Birth year

Lives in

Works in

Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts,Lithuania, 1998-2002year
Vilnius J.Vienozinskis Art School,Lithuania, 1996-1998year

Representing galleries

digital, modern, conceptual, abstract, oil on canvas, video painting, symbolic, color field painting


Since 2008 under pseudonym PAINTER CODED along with her real name as Painter Coded (Rūta Baužytė-Jarosz).


2016 ''OBJECTS TO TOUCH 2'', Janina Monkute-Marks Museum, Lithuania

2011 ''BIENNALE OF CHIANCIANO 2011'', Museo D'Arte Di Chianciano, Italy


2016 ''LIGHTWORKS 2016'', the 5th annual one-night festival of new media organised by We Must Create organisation, Grimbsby, UK

2016 ''ONE MINUTE FILMS'', The New Bohemian Gallery, (Franklin Arts Center),1001 Kingwood St, Gallery 226, Brainerd, MN 56401, US  

2013 ''PORTAS ABERTAS/OPEN DOORS'' (Curator: Claudia Giannetti). ''Portas Abertas/Open Doors'' is the result of an invitation to artists worldwide to present a work that reflected their vision of the dichotomy between the historical context of the space where it is presented and the current world, as a sign that art can open doors to dialogue, a foundation for building a fairer, more tolerant and inclusive society. Based on concepts of space-network, dialogue, decentralization, interculturality and inclusion, Portas Abertas embodies the philosophy and principles of this new venue for artistic and cultural expression as a contribution to a more cohesive and plural society. Centered on a concept of equality and on a clear reference to coexistence and dialogue between different forms of expression, until 6 October works by artists from 60 countries and 5 continents, will be on display, using exactly the same media and dimensions, in a universal discourse without frontiers.Largo Marquês de Marialva, Nº. 8 - 12,7000-809 Évora, Portugal 

2013 ''LIGHTWRKS 2013''  (curators: Chris Lillywhite and Patrick Holley), one-night annual international juried festival of film,sound and new media,Grimsby,North East Lincolnshire, UK. To watch a  video ''Fairy tale without an end SHOES''(1min.52sec.) shown at the festival, please click on

2012 ''BIENNALE OF CHIANCIANO 2011 IN LONDON'' (an exhibition of 40 artists selected by a panel of judges  from the Biennale of Chianciano organised by the Chianciano Art Museum,Italy), Gagliardi Gallery, 509 King's Road 509, Chelsea,London, UK

2011 ''LIVES SAVED, THANK'S TO THE DOCTOR/THE ARTS'' (curator Moritz Ebinger), De Nieuwe Vide Minckelersweg 6, The Netherlands

2011 ''LIGHTWORKS 2011'' (curators: Chris Lillywhite and Patrick Holley), one-night annual international juried festival of film,sound and new media,Grimsby,North East Lincolnshire, UK. To watch video ''Lights of a Day''(1min.48sec.) shown at the festival, please click on 


2002 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting with a Teaching Certification, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania

1998-2002 Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania (under the supervision of prof.Kostas Dereškevičius)

1996-1998 Vilnius J.Vienozinskis Art School, Lithuania


2013 ''Harvests of New Millenium'' (juried multicultural, independent journal, traditional and nontraditional art and poetry), editor Dr.Santosh Kumar, India 

2011 ''Catalogue of Biennale of Chianciano'' (page 59), Italy

2011 ''The Art of Healing'', Behring Institute , Amsterdam, The Netherlands (page16)

2010 ''Harvests of New Millenium'', Art&Poetry,editor Dr.Santosh Kumar, India 


2011 Diploma by the Biennale of Chianciano 2011, Chianciano Art Museum, Italy (50 nations, 160 artists selected from 1600 applications)


USA, UK (Gagliardi Gallery), Hong Kong, Russia, Israel, The Netherlands (Behring Institute), Portugal (Fórum Eugénio de Almeida), Cyprus, Lithuania, Poland etc.


Please contact Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz) if you would like to purchase or commission her painting(s), she will be happy to send you more information.

Below are some of the comments from art professionals about Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)'s paintings

''For anyone familiar with the history of my own paintings as well as anyone who happens to love some of the great abstract expressionists (such as: Rothko, Barnett Newman, and others) along with conceptual art; you will love the work of artist Painter Coded(Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)!''Kristin Rafferty, FRANCE/USA​

''It seems you have a great sense of form in general. The idea of using barcodes as a subject for your paintings gives the conceptual feeling about it, the feeling of art as a matter of intellect as well as aesthetics.That is what I think art should stand for.''Andrzej Rafalowicz, POLAND

''There are only so many things that can really be done that haven't been done in art that is original,and at the same time not keetch or momentary...You've caught a human element that is in our everyday life that we all take for granted and developed that concept into a very interesting art form that can be used to expand a whole new train of thought...''Raimond Rickevicius, CANADA

''I like your compositions..very 'musical'.''Cesar Veloso, PORTUGAL

''You have a unique subject and an equally unique style so identifiable.I am very impressed.''Seshardi Sreenivasan, INDIA

''I love your work, I think is a smart way to use common life object in a new and different context.''Aaron Inker(Nicholas Ferrara), Biella/Venice, ITALY

''I like your intelligent artwork,and I like it''.Dan Lavie, ISRAEL

''I like the barcode as a subject, something unnoticed in every day life.''Catriona Robertson,London, UK

 The series ''COLOR CODES''

By painting the series ''COLOR CODES" I paint something inspired by Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko, something between ancient mosaic and modern color code, something between abstract and concrete.

The series  ''PAINTED BARCODES''


I paint black and white barcodes and their details changing them to polychromatical, ''reading'' them by my eyes instead of a scanner, using no computer program only human brain and hands, ''posting'' them to canvas with brush and oil. 

Thus, I am trying to enrich barcodes (printed by machines), to change them into paintings, trying to find colors in daily life.


''Sign#19'' from the series ''The Storage of the 21st century Signs'', oil on canvas, 63x15.7 inches/160x40cm      ©Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)

Ancient cave paintings inspired me to start painting that series. According to some theories, cave paintings were not just merely decorations of living areas and they may have been a way of communication with others.

As one of my goals is to paint a language, for me traffic and safety symbols as well as symbols found in shopping centres somehow relate to ancient cave paintings. They also are a certain way of communication and they tell a story of the 21st century humans in their visual images.


By making video essays, video haiku and video fairy tales without an end I make something between poetry and painting/drawing, something between painting/drawing and video, something between old and new, through hand and digital processes (from oil on canvas/markers on paper to digital art), ''telling''stories by images instead of words, ''writing'' them on a screen instead on paper. Above is one of them.  

Recent Exhibits

Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz) participated in these exhibits:

Sep, 2011 Biennale of Chianciano 2011
The Museum of Art of Chianciano

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