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Ana Finel Honigman

Pray Harder: An Interview with Delphine Boël  

Brussels, Aug 2014: In Delphine Boël’s witty and thought-provoking Pray Harder exhibition at Guy Pieters Gallery on the Belgian coast throughout September an anonymous letter writer sends God a series of imploring, coquettish and frustrated letters. The only response this devotee receives, mostly conveyed in the form of sculptures, is “Pray Harder.” This series, like all Boël’s art, wraps fraught, raw and heavy content in cheerful colours, frisky forms and an upbeat... [more]

Stories in Song and Shadow: An Interview with Sahra Motalebi  

New York, Aug. 2014: Sahra Motalebi’s multimedia performance operetta, Intangible Heritages, Belief's Demise, staged at New York’s Sculpture Center in February, told the stories of neglected archetypical characters. Among the characters that Motalebi conjured from an ancient Eastern literary heritage were a prostitute, a warrior-prisoner, and an elderly recluse. She lyrically presented their interlaced narratives while they moved through a projected shadow play praised by curator Ka... [more]

Intimate Strangers: In Conversation with Matthew Morrocco  

Berlin, Jul. 2014: Matthew Morrocco’s “Berlin Series” depicts no-strings-attached encounters tied to the fabric of our most intimate human emotions. This tender photographic self-portrait series evokes the pleasure and pathos that can be embedded in online hook-ups. As a young New York artist studying in Berlin, Morrocco met older men and photographed them either alone or interacting with his nude body. He respectfully represents these men’s aged bodies and evident desires. P... [more]

Confronting the Body Con: an Interview with Ivonne Thein  

Berlin, Apr. 2014: Ivonne Thein creates polished and apparently unbiased images that confront our messy aesthetic prejudices. In 2008, she debuted a series of coolly composed and conceptually chilling photographs titled Thirty-Two Kilos. These images show impossibly thin models dressed in stylish white attire and contorted in yogic poses. Their bodies push beyond fashion’s waif aesthetic into a realm of real illness, desperation, and morbidity. Inspired by a rash of "pro-ana" websites, where eating... [more]

From Censored to Celebrated: An Interview with Betty Tompkins  

New York, Mar. 2014: Before Jeff Koons, Thomas Ruff, Terry Richardson and their raffish ilk appropriated porn for high-art settings, Betty Tompkins was meticulously reproducing scenes of heterosexual penetration in pencil, acrylic, airbrush and ink. Her monochrome images make it clear that porn, not real-life sex, is her subject and underscore the harsh binary responses to her controversial subject and artwork, and to her identity as a woman artist. Tompkins’ large-scale images of furry, shaved and pierced vagina... [more]

As Art and Magic: An Interview with Elijah Burgher  

New York, Mar. 2014: Elijah Burgher and I were at Sarah Lawrence College together. I remember sitting outside the cafeteria when someone asked for the definition of the word “puckish.” With Katharine Hepburn cool, Melissa Bent, later the founder of Rivington Arms Gallery, instantly replied: “Elijah.” I use “puckish” often and I always envision Elijah’s playful sexual spirit crouching over the word. Even if he weren’t part of my vocabulary, he&rsq... [more]

Magpie Sensibility: An Interview with Raven Schlossberg  

New York, Dec. 2013: Raven Schlossberg’s collages are comprised of images cut from vintage magazines and lacquered on birch panels. Like Richard Yates, Richard Hamilton, David Lynch and Gregory Crewdson, Schlossberg peels away the airtight plastic wrap around America’s fantasy iconography. Her glossy surfaces highlight the seductive power of slick magazine paper to blind readers to the social injustices and manipulative messages imparted through mass media. She assembles her images in... [more]

Grotesqueries and Caricature: An Interview with Ulrike Theusner  

Berlin, Dec. 2013: Ulrike Theusner paints monsters, beasts and brutes that are most frightening for being familiar. Her luscious watercolors, ink drawings and oil paintings are juicy with pictorial depth and detail while her characters burst and bubble with energy. Yet, despite these surface delights, her content is serious, dark and timely. Theusner’s images recall Goya’s grotesqueries and Otto Dix’s brutally seductive social caricature. Many of her characters wear historical... [more]

20131024152114-moore_fist_acrylic_resin_birch_30x40_2011_300dpi Epic As Fuck: Interview with Jazzminh Moore   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Posted 10/24/13

This interview was originally published on ArtSlant New York in March 2012. New York, 2012: Jazz-minh Moore paints chaos with meticulous delicacy. Her passionate portraits of her beautiful friends and siblings are rich with energy and affection. Her self-portraits represent her own warmth, vitality, beauty and powerful character. Raised in a hippie community in Redwood Forest, Oregon, and the outskirts of San Diego, Jazz-minh earned a MFA from California State University, Long Beach, a BFA from Cor... [more]

Dan Ma Chambre: An Interview with Lili Reynaud-Dewar  

London, Oct. 2013: Although we want more, the estimated hours that we spend in bed during our lives is 227,468. Yet only a handful of artists use this universal and vital forum as inspiration for their art. Lili Reynaud-Dewar is among them, and her installation for the Frieze Projects section of the 2013 fair addresses the manifold ways that beds represent our secret selves. Reynaud-Dewar’s commissioned installation for Frieze references work by writers who reveal their personal lives through poetic te... [more]

20130927151846-hivemind Interview with Molly Crabapple   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Posted 9/27/13

This interview originally appeared on ArtSlant New York in July 2012. London/New York, July 2012: Molly Crabapple is an artistic Molotov cupcake. Both she and her art first appear sweet and delightful as decadent confections but they are each subversively explosive. Her intricate illustrations resurrect the saucy, surreal exuberance of Toulouse-Lautrec’s dancehall drawings, Bonnie MacLean’s psychedelic posters mixed with a Busby Berkeley number. At the same time, her mesmerizing material... [more]

Only a Bore Explains Everything: An Interview with Dawn Mellor  

Amsterdam, Sep 2013: According to the public record on the gallery site: Galerie Gabriel Rolt is pleased to present an exhibition of new portraits by Dawn Mellor of members of the former collective The Austerians. This is Mellor's second solo exhibition at the gallery following 'The Conspirators' in 2010. Mellor is the oldest female artist never to have participated in a group exhibition nationally or internationally at many galleries, museums and public institutions in Europe, America and Scandinavia or... [more]

Sex and Death: Interview with Marlene McCarty  

London, Aug. 2013: The slippery separation between loving and killing is the theme linking Marlene McCarty’s rich and varied work. As a member of Grand Fury, the AIDS activist collective, McCarty challenged prevailing apathy, misinformation and homophobia by combining text and images for consciousness-raising public art projects. Following Grand Fury’s disbanding in the early 1990s, McCarty began producing a series of ballpoint pen drawings depicting girls who kill their mothers. Both... [more]

Escapes From Paradise: Interview with Elle Muliarchyk  

Berlin, Jun. 2013: Elle Muliarchyk understands the aphorism that “nothing changes if nothing changes.” For all of us, the process of productively parsing the superficial and profound demarcations between age and maturity can be difficult, or even impossible, without a change of scene. Elle needed to turn her car into a cocoon and drive across America. Elle’s first transformative pilgrimage took place after she was named a finalist for Miss Czech Republic at age fourteen. The Belarus-born daugh... [more]

Interview with Han Hoogerbrugge  

Brussels, Apr. 2013: Han Hoogerbrugge, in the tradition of Ron English, Molly Crabapple and Bill Plympton, takes his playful yet politically charged art to the masses. For Art Brussels, the masses will be those gathered for Belgium’s established art fair. At other times, the Dutch artist, illustrator and animator predominantly works with widely accessible forums online. His introspective Modern Living/Neurotica series ran on its own website from 1998-2001, followed by Nails (2002-2007), Hotel (20... [more]

Interview with Aslı Çavuşoğlu  

London, Oct. 2012: Artists are accustomed to being cultural commentators, not the objects of others’ creative imaginations. Yet, as Aslı Çavuşoğlu observes, artists are also subject to stereotyping and artists can be fodder for extraordinary mass fantasies. For Murder in Three Acts, part of the 2012 Frieze Projects series, Çavuşoğlu is directing a professional crime drama crew in a live performance during the Frieze vernissage. She is employing her research into the use of art settings, artists... [more]

Interview with Marinella Senatore  

Berlin, Sept. 2012: As the American elections loom ahead, many ArtSlant readers will be ruminating on how individuals’ values, allegiances and issues tie together communities. For anyone chewing on these concerns, Marinella Senatore’s art offers an inspiring example of people working together to create intellectual consensus by collectively investigating the nature of community. Her elaborate film projects involve masses of volunteers in various cosmopolitan cities who band together for a common cre... [more]

Interview with Molly Crabapple  

London/New York, July 2012: Molly Crabapple is an artistic Molotov cupcake. Both she and her art first appear sweet and delightful as decadent confections but they are each subversively explosive. Her intricate illustrations resurrect the saucy, surreal exuberance of Toulouse-Lautrec’s dancehall drawings, Bonnie MacLean’s psychedelic posters mixed with a Busby Berkeley number. At the same time, her mesmerizing material is loaded with political commentary, literary references and personal significan... [more]

Interview with Angela Liosi  

Berlin, Apr. 2012: Angela Liosi applies her creative curiosity to unearthing the passionate potential in banal settings. Like a sharp crime writer, Lios can reveal dark depth in everyday settings. Liosi’s 9 Scenes of Ordinary Murders series consists of a series of matchbook-sized murder scenes made from architectural model materials and red nail polish. Set in different domestic or cultured environments, these sculptures initially appear as genteel dioramas until their true narrative emerges.... [more]

Interview with Jazz-minh Moore  

New York, 2012: Jazz-minh Moore paints chaos with meticulous delicacy. Her passionate portraits of her beautiful friends and siblings are rich with energy and affection. Her self-portraits represent her own warmth, vitality, beauty and powerful character. Raised in a hippie community in Redwood Forest, Oregon, and the outskirts of San Diego, Jazz-minh earned a MFA from California State University, Long Beach, a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, a NYFA fellowship and an Elizabeth Gr... [more]

Interview with Ry Rocklen  

Jan. 2012--All the earnest art historical writing about Duchamp’s breakthrough appropriation art often overlooks the obvious humor in presenting a urinal in a gallery.  Artist Ry Rocklen doesn’t downgrade the potty-humor part of the great legacy by the Grandfather of contemporary installation art. Instead Rocklen carries on the tradition of puckish social commentary with his cheeky re-use of discarded objects from the streets, dumps, or thrift stores. In collaboration with Sue de Beer, Rocklen is producing a... [more]

Interview with Jeremy Hight  

Dec. 2011 - When the internet emerged as a creative forum, scholars, artists and practitioners were hopeful that it would become an overwhelming artistic utopia. Although the internet has established itself in everyday life, internet art has not become a central force in art discourse. Computers contribute greatly to contemporary art creation but internet art is still somewhat marginal.  Yet the internet offers extraordinary platforms for discourse, discussion and innovation outside academia, whe... [more]

Interview with Joseph Akel  

Berlin, Nov. 2011- Joseph Akel’s collages are visually streamlined but psychologically dense blends of vintage visuals. In his XXX series, the Auckland-born artist dynamically juxtaposed architectural lines with classic beefcake images. The sharp lines and sparse draftsmanship cool the works’ erotic frisson and alert attention to the models’ graceful bodies. This composite of erotic and intellectually stimulating iconography mirrors Akel’s diverse engagement with art, as a critic and practitioner.... [more]

Interview with Nadja Sayej of ArtStars*  

Berlin, Sept. 2011 - For an industry whose only products have no objective use, function or value, the art-world takes itself pretty seriously. Thankfully Nadja Sayej, the creator and headliner of ArtStars* is here to sniff out bullshit, puncture pretension, deflate egos and delight lovers of lively criticism. ArtStars* is a vlog in the tradition of lost Gonzo-journalist public-access treasures such as Paul H-O and Walter Robinson in the Manhattan-based 1990s "GalleryBeat" public-access show.  Sayej pops up... [more]

Interview with Emilie Trice  

Berlin, Aug. 2011 - Berlin’s buzz as a hive for international art activity owes a great deal to Emilie Trice. As writer Gideon Lewis-Kraus describes in his forthcoming book: "Emilie did have actual jobs, a series of them – she was always yelling at someone in German customs, trying to get them to free up a six-foot carved totem from Uttar Pradesh in time for an opening that night…or she was curating a pretty good show featuring some of our friends and later written up on the style-and-art-blog... [more]

Interview with Jay Batlle  

Germany, June 2011 - Art is arguably our purest luxury. It has no inherent function, although it can enhance all other aspects of life. In contrast, food can simultaneously be a luxury and fuel all life’s functions, as Jay Batlle’s witty and thoughtful art demonstrates. Here, we discuss Batlle’s contribution to “Local Host,” a group exhibition at the Ausstellungshalle zeitgenössische Kunst Münster from 4 June – 18 September 2011. At Rita McBride’s invitation, Batlle created a festive performance invol... [more]

The Slant on Aziz + Cucher  

London, Apr. 2011: At Gazelli Art House, London’s fresh commercial gallery and seminar centre, curator Milla Askarova is launching a high-end program with a series of exhibitions, discussions and events inspired by the five earthly elements: fire, earth, water, air and ether. “Down to Earth,” an exhibition of international artists addressing the realistic and symbolic ramifications of earth in art, runs until April 21. The show includes a four channel video installation by artist team Aziz + Cucher title... [more]

Interview with Nicky Broekhuysen  

Berlin, 2011: Nicky Broekhuysen uses black 1 and 0 stamps on white paper to express life’s manifold complexities and contradictions. The Berlin-based South African artist graduated from University of Auckland in New Zealand before moving to Shanghai in 2006. She explores the ample range of cultures and philosophies that she has experienced through her radically reduced visual vocabulary, borrowed from Binary Code.  Broekhuysen juxtaposes the two understated forms, which computer scientists use... [more]

The Slant on Awst & Walther  

Berlin, Nov. 2010 - From December 2-19, 2010, the artist duo Awst & Walther will exhibit “The Hole” at Berlin’s Künstlerhaus Bethanien. Visitors during the exhibition’s daylight hours will encounter two large mirrored steel plates facing each other. The plates are pierced with holes interrupting their mutual reflection. This arresting minimalist sculptural installation is the remaining set from a performance that the Berlin-based couple directed at the exhibition’s opening. For the performance... [more]

The Slant on Maxime Ballesteros  

Berlin, Sep. 2010 - Maxime Ballesteros's photographs share the same DNA as Kurt Cobain's rough wail, Picasso's sketches, Bill T. Jones's walk and Raymond Carver's sentences. They arise from common acts that people regularly perform, yet when they are realized through uniquely talented artists, they become profound. Ballesteros is a Lyon-born and Berlin-based photographer whose gritty images of rough reality evoke the work of Nan Goldin, Corinne Day, Larry Clark and Ryan McGinley.  Like the produ... [more]

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